We finally learn why Sayu ran away from home, but there is the question of whether or not Issa can get her to return.

Episode Name Past
Aired 5/31/2021
Network Crunchyroll
Directed By Akira Katō
Written By Yūsuke Kaneko
Newly Noted Characters
Sayu’s Mom TBD
Yuuko TBD


Can We Talk? – Issa, Yoshida, Sayu

While Issa could have gone to Yoshida’s home, caused a fuss, and forced Sayu home, he doesn’t want to do that. He’s thankful she ended up somewhere safe, Yoshida hasn’t taken advantage of her, and even that she is now sticking up for herself more. However, this cannot last forever, and both Issa and Sayu know this, as well as Yoshida.

The Truth About What Happened – Issa, Sayu, Yuuko, Sayu’s Mom, Yoshida, Asami

Yuuko looking astonished
Yuuko looking astonished

So what led to Sayu running away from home? The answer is in three parts. First, there is Sayu’s mother, who is also the star of the third part, and secondly, Sayu’s friend, Yuuko, in the middle. You see, Sayu never had a good relationship with her mother and because of it, her form of rebellion was not being the star child Issa is. For with Sayu’s mom so worried about what people would think, this would be the best way to get back at her.

However, Sayu never expected someone, Yuuko, to see through her lack of interest in things and not only approach her but befriend her. Which, in the long run, caused issues for Yuuko. How? Well, Sayu might not have had friends, but she was popular with the guys and that made her a target. But not one the other girls could easily bully. Though when Yuuko came around, they found a way to hurt Sayu without getting the ire of the guys.

So, Yuuko was bullied to the point she decided to commit suicide. Take note, she did not commit suicide because of the bullying. She did because she could see Sayu’s smile fading and Sayu getting depressed because of what was happening to her. So, to relieve Sayu of the pain and herself of the guilt, Yuuko killed herself.

Issa helping Sayu run away
Issa helping Sayu run away

But that isn’t why Sayu ran away. Remember, everything begins and ends with her mother, and what led to Sayu running away was her mother hinting at the idea Sayu was to blame. That was the last straw, and with Issa fronting her some money, Sayu ran away on a sponsored, nearly $3,000 vacation. Which, once the money ran out, she decided to have sex to keep a roof over her head than go back.

Mind you, that wasn’t the initial plan. It’s just some guy who seemed nice took her in, pushed that she needed to do that to stay, and thus the cycle began.

All of this is told to Asami and Yoshida, who are shocked but with a better understanding of why Sayu did what she did, they now have the full picture.

So What’s Next? – Yoshida, Asami

With hearing Sayu’s truth, so comes the issue of what’s next. Yoshida sees this as a family issue, and after the week Issa has given to think things over and say their goodbyes, Yoshida is okay with Sayu leaving. Asami, on the other hand? Well, with hearing what happened and how callous Sayu’s mother was, she feels differently. Yet, you hear nothing about her taking Sayu in.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Um, did we need to see that sticky stuff in Sayu’s hand when she was staying at a hotel? Was that necessary?
  2. Am I the only one who thinks most of the men Sayu slept or stayed with look similar to her brother?
  3. So, what happened to Sayu’s dad?

Commentary/ Review


Finally Knowing Why Sayu Ran Away

Sayu's Mom before accusing Sayu of being involved with Yuuko's death
Sayu’s Mom before accusing Sayu of being involved with Yuuko’s death

Why Sayu ran away has been delayed for quite some time, almost to the point of losing interest, and while we do think they could have spent two episodes answering the question, at least it is finally answered! Now, whether or not you think Yuuko’s death combined with Sayu’s mom questioning her involvement justifies Sayu running away and sleeping with random, older men? That’s a whole other thing.

On The Fence

Wondering What’s Next?

We have three episodes left, and there are things left to cover, like Sayu maybe reconciling with her mom, but what about beyond that? Are we going to focus on Yoshida’s relationship with Gotou and have that progress? Perhaps his male best friend might make an appearance and gain a backstory of some kind? Considering this episode feels like a peak, is it all downhill from here?

Sayu in a state of shock
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Finally Knowing Why Sayu Ran Away
Low Points/ On The Fence
Wondering What's Next?

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