Yaguchi, one of the men Sayu slept with, decides to initiate an uncomfortable conversation that leads Asami and Yoshida to act.

Episode Name Starry Sky
Directed By Yūya Horiuchi
Written By Satoru Sugisawa
Aired (Crunchyroll) 5/10/2021
Newly Noted Characters
Yaguchi Kyouya TBD

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A Man From My Past – Yaguchi, Sayu, Asami

Yaguchi and Sayu come face to face, and he is rather aggressive about knowing her, despite her attempts to save face. Luckily, at least at work, Asami can keep him in check but afterwards? He pretty much threatens to expose her if she doesn’t allow him to know where she lives and getting to talk to her in private.

Good Timing – Sayu, Yoshida, Yaguchi

Sayu allows this, out of fear, and lets Yoshida know, and thankfully Yoshida shows up before Yaguchi coerces himself onto Sayu. This leads to Yoshida kicking Yaguchi out and having a talk with him about Sayu that reiterates how illegal it is for her to be in Yoshida’s apartment. Now, Yaguchi having sex with a minor isn’t brought up, despite how proud he is of it, but that seems to be a separate thing.

Yaguchi being a creep
Yaguchi being a creep

All that is for sure is Yoshida, despite a very uncomfortable and threatening situation, isn’t going to abandon Sayu. He increasingly feels protective of her, and this situation only confirms that he needs to be.

You Got A Friend In Me – Sayu, Asami, Yaguchi, Yoshida

But Yoshida isn’t alone. It seems Asami will be protective of Sayu at work and when she leaves work, even though Yaguchi apologizes but holds to his word of not saying anything, thanks to seeing where Sayu lives. This leads to her laughing since he is a creep, yet he keeps his promise.

Though, if it makes you feel better, just getting a hint that Yaguchi did anything leads to Asami smacking the mess out of him. Which he probably can’t do anything about for with us learning Asami’s dad is a politician and mom an attorney, the chances of her parents owning that convenience store is high, if not able to bury Yaguchi if he did try to retaliate.

All that aside, it seems that Asami and Yoshida truly have an unspoken deal for with Yoshida staying out late, maybe with Gotou, Asami steps up to spend the night with Sayu. Thus, she won’t be alone in case Yaguchi decides to double back.

Commentary/ Review


All The Theories You Can Develop From Seeing How Sayu Reacts To People Protecting Her

What is it that happened that would have Sayu be with men like Yaguchi, be shocked by the kindness of men like Yoshida, and seemingly not have a friend in the world? The shock is high, and even though I’m DYING to know why she ran away, the show is starting to remind you that what she has done to escape what happened is just as important. For between sleeping with a multitude of men, likely blanking out as we saw with Yaguchi, to utterly lacking the stable ground she needed to grow, it really isn’t about why Sayu ran anymore. It’s about how she survived and the danger she put herself in to get this far.

Higehiro: After Being Rejected, I Shaved And Took In A High School Runaway Directory

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All The Theories You Can Develop From Seeing How Sayu Reacts To People Protecting Her - 82%


With getting a taste of who Sayu has delt with to survive, so comes the staunch reminder that Sayu may have had a hard time before she ran away, but it has likely gotten worse and Yoshida has given her the ability to reset.

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