Helluva Boss: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Loo Loo Land” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Octavia (Juliana Sada) and Stolas, as Stolas sings her a lullaby

We see a softer side to Stolas, not in a sexual way, as we are introduced to his family – or what it once was.

We see a softer side to Stolas, not in a sexual way, as we are introduced to his family – or what it once was.

Director(s) Vivienne Medrano
Writer(s) Vivienne Medrano, Brandon Rogers
Aired (YouTube) 12/9/2020
Introduced This Episode
Octavia (Teen) Barrett Wilbert Weed
Stella Georgina Leahy
Octavia (Child) Juliana Sada

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When Daddy Was There – Octavia, Stolas

Despite most of Stolas’ dialog being bleeped out, there is a soft side to him. No, we aren’t talking his genitals or his behind – his heart we mean. For years ago, he had a special place for his daughter Octavia who loved him dearly and he’d sing her to sleep.

A Dying Relationship – Octavia, Stolas, Blitz, Stella

But that was before Stolas became a whore for Blitz, and who knows how many others, which meant, instead of sweet nothings, Octavia woke up to the alarm clock which was her mother yelling. After all, they are rich, royal, and yet Stolas decides to be messy. And after so many years of his nonsense, yet seemingly no desire to end the hell that is their relationship, she has cathartic releases by throwing things and eventually calms down.

Stella (Georgina Leahy) yelling at Stolas
Stella (Georgina Leahy)

Now, as for how Stolas reacts? Well, he doesn’t fight it. He knows what he has done, will do, and is planning. Yet, this doesn’t mean he wishes to not have a relationship with Octavia just because his relationship with Stella is in the garbage.

Hence him calling up Blitz, and his team, to escort them as they go through Looloo Land – the last place Stolas remembers Octavia being happy. Which, considering how old she is now, means she hasn’t been happy in a long time and this trip down memory lane doesn’t help. In fact, it makes things worse as Stolas flirts with Blitz and Stolas deals with attempts on his life.

Just Don’t Ever Leave Me – Octavia, Stolas

In the end, Stolas eventually wakes up to what Octavia needs, and that’s her dad. Her dad and some feeling that he is willing to make an effort and not abandon her for Blitz or someone else he fancies. Because that’s a growing fear.



A Softer Side To A Usually Explicit Demon

Stolas is an eye opening character. For while you can’t read his beak, and the bleeps barely give you enough to follow along to what he wants Blitz to do to him, with him, or to receive from him, he has been nothing but shocking. Yet, through Octavia, we’re reminded that his presence isn’t solely about shock value.

Which, in many ways, enhances Helluva Boss. We’ve seen there is more to Moxxie and Millie, even Blitz to a certain degree. Not yet Loona, but with Stolas, it seemed like he’d be a permanent running gag. The bird, with the funny looking penis, that made your jaw consistently drop.

Octavia (Barrett Wilbert Weed) in her father's arms
Octavia (Barrett Wilbert Weed)

Yet, through Octavia, so comes the need to recognize that while this is a cartoon, and generally they are meant to be funny, depth can be served here. Just don’t underestimate the team.

The Music

Another reason “Loo Loo Land” is a shocker, but in a pleasant way, is the music. A lot of the music usually is about traumatizing or playing with the idea of these playful looking characters saying some messed up things. Most of which we enjoy, especially from Hazbin Hotel.

However, it seems to have been decided Helluva Boss was going to catch up to its peer and we got multiple songs and nearly each one leaves an imprint on you. Especially Stolas’ song to a young Octavia which sets up the first surprise of the episode.

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