“Goblin Slayer” makes a brief return as we join on a winter adventure and catch up with his crew as they venture on a new journey.

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“Goblin Slayer” makes a brief return as we join on a winter adventure and catch up with his crew as they venture on a new journey.

Director(s) Ozaki Takaharu
Writer(s) Kagyuu Kumo
Aired (Crunchyroll) 7/28/2020
Introduced This Episode
Reijou Kenshi Uesaka Sumire

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

The Nobleman’s Daughter – Reijou

The focus of “Goblin’s Crown” is a young woman, a nobleman’s daughter who, similar to Onna, had a fantasy about what it would be like to be an adventurer. A task that, seemingly, she and her crew were well equipped for, at first. However, by having a plan to starve out some goblins, which led to her people starving, and maybe going crazy, it all backfired.

How so or rather, how far? Well, her companions ended up decapitated and as for Reijou? Well, you remember what happened in the first or second episode of season 1, right? No more needs to be said.

Reijou’s Trauma Is Both An Asset & Liability – Onna, Goblin Slayer, Reijou

Reijou Kenshi (Uesaka Sumire) looking upset and with a fire in her eyes.
Reijou Kenshi (Uesaka Sumire)

With being a nobleman’s daughter comes the request for Reijou’s safe return. However, the mention of goblins, despite the likely prize, doesn’t necessarily attract much attention – as usual. But, say goblins, and you know who shows up!

Leading to largely what you expect in terms of him and his crew cutting, shooting arrows, and using magic to get to Reijou. Someone who is found naked, bruised, and even branded. Now, what exactly does this brand do? That’s hard to say. All we learn for sure is that, under certain conditions, it can burn and render Reijou immobile.

Hence why, rather than stay behind, Reijou decides to fight. Which is fine by the Goblin Slayer, though others have slight reservations. But who are they to deny themselves an extra hand? Never mind Reijou is talented at swordplay and has lightning magic! That’s an asset right there!

At least until she gets triggered on the journey and either kills without being instructed or ends up slowing down like she wants to die. However, luckily for her, Onna is right there for her and gives her the means to open up after all she has previously experienced.

An Avalanche Of Emotions – Onna, Goblin Slayer, Reijou, Yousei

Leading to them defeating a Goblin Paladin but, as usual, nearly losing the Goblin Slayer in the process. How? Well, this time, it was by an avalanche. He almost died after getting Reijou’s sword back, wanting the sheath, instructing Reijou to use her lightning spell, and not being where he needed to be so Onna could protect him.

Goblin Slayer (Umehara Yuuichirou) about to go into overdrive.
Goblin Slayer (Umehara Yuuichirou)

But, again, he lived, and afterward there is a new year’s party. One in which the ladies plan to make a pen pal network and the men? Well, they enjoy their usual cheese and beer. As for the Goblin Slayer? He watches out for an ambush. This may sound silly to some, but considering his ten years of experience, and the escalation he has seen from goblins, he might be one of the smartest for not letting his guard down.

Lucky for him though, Onna, as always, doesn’t allow him to be alone. Which he is thankful for and hopes, in the coming year, she’ll continue to stay by his side.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. The first 25 minutes are about reintroducing you to what happened in season 1 of “Goblin Slayer.”


The Mix Of Violence & Character Development Remains

What has always been one of the best things about “Goblin Slayer,” and this remains to be true, is that it knows how to present brutality but not use that as a crutch. Case in point, Reijou’s trauma, the first we’ve experienced from a female goblin survivor, was a lot. Yet, rather than keep it simple with bloodlust and a vie for revenge, we saw her connect with Onna, Yousei, and others, and learn to trust again. Thus giving us the best of both worlds that still, for so many shows, and movies as well, is a huge challenge.

Excitement About Goblins Still Evolving

With noting goblins are making better weapons, holding fortresses, and seemingly are growing in intelligence exponentially, it makes you wonder how much longer can the Goblin Slayer outwit them? Especially if it is true that a literal God is aiding them, without restraint?

Can you imagine them learning how to use bombs, scrolls, and all the destructive tactics the Goblin Slayer uses?

On The Fence

Kouhito and Tokage Felt Underused, Outside Battle

Kouhito (Nakamura Yuuichi) talking to Reijou
Kouhito (Nakamura Yuuichi)

Kouhito and Tokage, while useful in battle, mainly acted as comic relief. With that in mind, it makes you wonder what will be done with these two to bolster their position? Not to downplay how both try to lighten up a situation, but considering Onna’s journey, the Goblin Slayer, and you can even see Yousei having evolved as a person, will that spread around more?


Trajectory – Plateau

Who knows when we’ll get a second season, but this is a nice reminder of what we’ve been missing. For “Goblin Slayer” remains on its own pedestal with very few peers who have reached heights beyond or see eye to eye.

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Kouhito and Tokage Felt Underused, Outside Battle - 75%
Excitement About Goblins Still Evolving - 82%
The Mix Of Violence & Character Development Remains - 83%


Who knows when we'll get a second season, but this is a nice reminder of what we've been missing. For "Goblin Slayer" remains on its own pedestal with very few peers who have reached heights beyond or see eye to eye.

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