A new monster which is the combination of Shuichi and Yoshioka.

As we encounter a member of Elena’s crew, Shuichi not only creates a new monstrous transformation but reveals what may have been a suppressed memory.

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As we encounter a member of Elena’s crew, Shuichi not only creates a new monstrous transformation but reveals what may have been a suppressed memory.

Directed By Yoneda Kazuhiro
Written By Inotsume Shin`ichi
Aired (Funimation) 5/17/2020
Introduced This Episode
Koyanagi Itou Shizuka
Yota Terashima Takuma
Subaru Taichi You

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Different Views Of The Same Girl – Elena, Clair, Koyanagi

Koyanagi (Itou Shizuka) reacting to Elena's kindness.
Koyanagi (Itou Shizuka)

Koyanagi, the one who was about to have sex with Clair in the last episode, she further’s her backstory by revealing she knew Elena. In fact, she was in the same class as her and had a crush on her. And with Koyanagi seeing Elena as a nice person, she is struggling with reconciling who Clair says she is with the person she knew. Making it so, when it comes to possibly taking down Elena, Koyanagi may not be a reliable ally.

Battered & Broken, But Not Dead – Yoshioka, Shuichi, Subaru

Subaru (Taichi You) with an attitude.
Subaru (Taichi You)

In pursuit of Yoshioka’s wallet, she and Shuichi come across Subaru, who we learn is a young hothead. Someone whose monster seemingly is their parents, and with Shuichi and Yoshioka ticking him off, it appears that he kills them. At least, at first.

However, within minutes of becoming mangled flesh, broken, battered, and almost unrecognizable, something strange happens. Shuichi seemingly combines with Yoshioka into a new creature. One that is rabid, and gives Subaru a run for his money. This is a big deal since Subaru claims he is a rare being. Why? Well, it is hard to say. The only thing we learn about Subaru is that he has a temper, and his monster might be his parents.

The Missing Piece – Yota, Clair, Elena, Shuichi, Yoshioka, Subaru

Yota (Terashima Takuma) being volunteered to escort Clair.
Yota (Terashima Takuma)

As Shuichi’s fight with Subaru rages on, there comes a point where it seems Shuichi’s rage may allow them to defeat Subaru. However, with Elena appearing and ending the fight, shock waves happen. Specifically, between Shuichi or Yoshioka tapping into Shuichi’s memories, we see scenes that imply Shuichi and Elena might have been a thing. Meaning, rather than her longing for him, from a distance, they may have hung out or went on dates. Leaving you to wonder if Shuichi has repressed, or erased, memories? But, either way, between those memories and Yoshioka stopping him from letting his rage continue to consume him, Shuichi passes out and is left alone.

As that fight happens, by the way, Yota, one of Koyanagi’s fighters, escorts Clair to find Shuichi and hits on her all the way into the forest. Something that she doesn’t take kindly to at all. Not because she and Shuichi are dating, but with her calling him her other half, it seems there is a connection Yota can’t compete with. Which will definitely make Shuichi allowing someone else into him an interesting conversation.

Worth Noting

  1. Is there a possibility Clair killed her parents, and Elena is accepting the blame because it would be easier for Clair to deal with?
  2. It seems anger and bloodlust are the key to a monster’s strength, and when if their human form is strong, that is just a bonus. But, as for whether the coins they give Uchuujin have any influence, that’s hard to say.


Is Shuichi’s Memory Incomplete?

There is something fishy here when it comes to Elena and Shuichi’s relationship. Maybe I missed something, but I thought Shuichi didn’t know Elena, but, based on the flashbacks we saw, that didn’t seem like a fantasy, they knew each other. They, at the very least, hung out a few times. Now, why did they stop and what led to Elena feeling the need to seal Shuichi’s fate so they can be closer, who knows?

But, what is clear is that we’re missing some essential details here.

Shuichi and Yoshioka Combined Their Monsters

Shuichi and Yoshioka's monsters Combined

Look at Shuichi full of surprises. Between knowing Elena and apparently having the ability to fuse his monster with others, this could become very useful in the future. I mean, imagine him combining with Sanbe, or one of the stronger monsters out there! Heck, imagine if that ability isn’t exclusive to him! This could lead to some awesome battles in the future.

Clair’s Commitment To Shuichi

I’m not sure whether or not what Shuichi and Clair have can be seen as romantic. I know they have a bond which, partly due to them saving each other, and her repeatedly going inside him, is incomparable. Yet, it has long been established that Shuichi both feels responsible for Clair but is also slightly uncomfortable with what she is capable of. So it makes you wonder, if and when this whole coin thing is over, what may become of their relationship?


Is Shuichi’s Memory Incomplete? - 84%
Shuichi and Yoshioka Combined Their Monsters - 85%
Clair’s Commitment To Shuichi - 85%


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