The person who is creating all the “monsters” is properly introduced as well as their motive.

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The person who is creating all the “monsters” is properly introduced as well as their motive.

Directed By Yoneda Kazuhiro
Written By Inotsume Shin`ichi
Aired (Funimation) 4/26/2020
Introduced This Episode
Uchuujin Sakurai Takahiro
Mifune Itou Miku

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

The Truth About Mom And Dad – Clare, Elena

Why did Elena kill her and Clare’s parents? Well, because they always talked about it. Plus, according to Elena, they were horrible people. Their father, a legislator, was corrupt, and their mom was having affairs with younger employees. So when she had the power to do something she did and according to the news, it was an accident caused by gas.

Now, as for the whole Shuuichi situation? Well, that gets swept under the rug. Meaning, Elena’s crush and how that all started, and why she didn’t pursue Shuuichi after she got her wish? Nothing. That can gets kicked down the road.

A Man After Many Coins – Uchuujin, Clare, Shuuichi

Uchuujin (Sakurai Takahiro) reading a manga.
Uchuujin (Sakurai Takahiro)

With his head ripped off and it not being clear what would happen if he went back to being human, the one gift Elena does give is a coin and directions to Uchuujin. Who is Uchuujin? Well, he is an alien (an actual alien) whose people crash-landed on Earth and, from what we’re told, each coin is one of his people. How do you ask? Well, to make a long story short, these aliens find it easier to travel in a non-physical state, so they become data, and the coins represent their unique data. So, Uchuujin, to get off Earth, needs to collect his friends, especially those smarter than him, to fix their ship and get them to their destination.

But, while on Earth, in exchange for coins, he is assisting humans with transforming themselves and shows how easily he can do so himself. For with eating one strand of Clare’s hair, he mimics her form with ease. Thus creeping her out a bit and making her feel violated.

Oh, and as for Shuuichi? With the coin Elena gave Clare, he is able to reattach his head and is only left with a gnarly scar.

The New Normal – Shuuichi, Clare, Mifune

Mifune (Itou Miku) looking confused.
Mifune (Itou Miku)

While Shuuichi has been trying to hide how he has changed and Clare’s influence on him for some time, it seems literally losing his head has changed him. Now he doesn’t hide his strength and comes off more mature. Something most don’t say to his face, but Mifune, the pink-haired girl, she catches Shuuichi alone on the roof and talks to him. Leading to the reveal she noticed how he is different, and he uses her approaching him as an opportunity to get some normalcy. For with Clare making it clear how much she feels life is better now, even with her parents dead and sister a monster, that’s too strange for Shuuichi. Making Mifune’s response to a question about a destructive alien being what he needed to hear comforting.


Finally Learning What Allows For The Madness

Uchuujin has existed and been seen, but it wasn’t made clear what this dude who climbed out a vending machine could do, why he was there, and how the coins played into everything? Those questions were answered this episode, and while Uchuujin seems rather ambivalent to the problems he is causing, we’re able to roll with it.

It Feels Like The Introductory Period Is Over

For any and all protagonists in shows like this, there comes the point they stop pushing back and eventually learn to get with the program and embrace their new normal. Thankfully, Shuuichi is doing that fairly early on, and hopefully, we’re moving on to the other gatherers who we’ve seen in the show’s intro, but not on the show yet. Because, I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to see another fight. One hopefully, that isn’t over as quickly as the one between Elena and Clare.

Clare with Shuuichi's head beside her.

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