Gleipnir: Season 1 Episode 11 “The Price of Resolve” – Recap/ Review with Spoilers

After the massacre of Madoka’s group, all eyes are on Clair and Shuichi. Which leads to the question of what started all this, and must it end in bloodshed?

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Uchuujin holding a coin.

After the massacre of Madoka’s group, all eyes are on Clair and Shuichi. Which leads to the question of what started all this, and must it end in bloodshed?

Director(s) Yoneda Kazuhiro
Writer(s) Inotsume Shin`ichi
Aired (Funimation) 6/14/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

The Aftermath – Clair, Shuichi, Yota, Isao, Koyangi

Everyone is pretty shaken by what Clair, and in extension Shuichi, did. Koyangi for it forces her to realize what those two are capable of and because they led her to compromise her morals. However, Isao seems to be the most effected since he grew all the plants and isn’t handling the devastation well.

In fact, as he recounts and cries over what happens, it makes him question not just Claire, but Shuichi. Especially due to Shuichi’s memory lapse, which raises all kind of questions that still are unanswered.

Leave No One Left Alive – Shuichi, Clair

But while many of the group question the sanity of Clair and Shuichi, they are left wondering who might be left alive. An idea that forces Clair to realize, in having Shuichi help her kill at least 5 people, she may have altered him.

Granted, at his core, he is still the boy who she likes to tease and is closest to. However, his innocence is either gone or slipping away. Case in point, Shuichi kills one of Madoka’s lieutenants after initially letting him go.

What Could Have Been Avoided – Uchuujin, Shuichi, Elena

Elena noting how lonely Uchuujin might become.

At the end of the day, Uchuujin is the reason this is all happening. We learn the reason this whole quest for coins happened is because he was too lazy to save his friends, and Elena gave him the idea. Yeah, Elena discovered the first coin, might have been the first to transform and is the source for all that is happening.

Which might be why Shuichi is drawn to Uchuujin for answers. From what it seems, some part of his memory knows Uchuujin is the source of his memory loss and while Elena is hard to track down, never mind ask questions of, Uchuujin doesn’t go anywhere. Heck, Elena threatens his life, and he still doesn’t leave that old mattress or vending machine. He just waits and hopes a human will come by and entertain him.


Shuichi Has Been Broken

Well, Shuichi has long not been fully there, but it seems we’re finally addressing that. But let’s not discount in showing his loyalty to Clair, he didn’t kill a man in cold blood. Which leaves you to wonder, is what Elena erased maybe this person who we’re seeing? A Shuichi capable of murder and maybe, just maybe, Elena had Uchuujin erase every bit of Shuichi which would enable this being capable of killing someone?

On The Fence

There Are Only Two Episodes Left

Elena crying.

Uh, it feels like there is way to much to cover for, roughly, two half-hour episodes. I mean, we barely know Elena’s crew, the Shuichi memory issue is still barely touched, and with it usually taking forever to get a second season, if we get one, it makes possibly not getting the full story alarming. Especially since the show is just really getting good on a consistent basis.

So here is hoping they find a way to handle things without rushing them or leaving us on the type of cliffhanger we don’t deserve.

Shuichi Has Been Broken - 83%
There Are Only Two Episodes Left - 75%


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