Gangsta.: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Act. 9 – Siblings


The Anti-Twilight raid comes to an end, but then comes an appearance from Erica and Mikhail, and one more person introduced who may become a problem for Twilights.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Calm Before The Storm – Alex

After Alex’s song, things seem to be ok. Her performance was praised by Loretta, whose mom, a fellow former hooker, was Bastard’s former diva, and it seems she may have found a career. However, while the conversation goes on, a gift is made to Loretta. One which is a suitcase with quite a bit of money, and supposedly it is from “Uncle Danny.” Though the person who gives it to her, Ivan, seemingly may not be a member of Danny’s squad.

Topic 2: Faker/ The Shot Saw Around – Nicolas and Worick

In fact, it seems he maybe one of the people involved with the massive amount of Twilights dead. For, never mind him not trying to protect Loretta as one crazed Twilight goes after her, but then he speaks to Erica on his way out and says “Kill Them All.” Though Erica doesn’t step in the building, at first. Mikhail is the first one in and he spends most of his time going back and forth with Marco and Galahad, putting on quite a show which pushes both men to their limits.

Though, as soon as things get bad for Mikhail, Erica steps in. Leading to her pretty much nearly killing Marco and this leading to Loretta and Alex getting involved, and Alex nearly getting killed. Thankfully for her though, Nic heard all the racket from a distant and, after once again overdosing, goes after Erica, despite her reminding him of someone [1].

But with Nicolas acting as if he is the toughest man around comes Galahad revealing Nic is actually a faker. How so? Well, despite the A/0 tag Nic has, he technically is a B/5 [2]. It is just when he ODs that he is capable of fighting on a A/0 level, or beyond. But, as we have seen, even with the boost he sometimes is no match for the natural speed and strength of true top level Twilights. Leading to him, eventually, nearly being killed by Erica until Ginger shows up.

Now, as for why Ginger, of the Guild, much less Doug and Chad, get involved? Well, it is because Worick fires off a flare gun alerting them to the situation. Thus leading to us seeing Ginger, a S/5 rank, pretty much handling Erica like she is nothing. All the while, Alex, Loretta, and Loretta’s crew, get away. Unfortunately for Ginger and the rest however, Erica and Mikhail also eventually get away once Ginger gets distracted as Worick begins to chat with Nic, Doug speaks on seeing the Handymen again, and etc.

Topic 3: Welcome to Esminets – Corsica

Leading to us meeting what shall be known as the Esminets. A group which, under Corsica, seemingly will wipe out most of the Twilights and tip the balance toward Corsica’s favor. Now, as for members? It seems Erica and Mikhail are the main ones we know of, but there might be other Twilights among them. Though perhaps the most interesting member is Emilio. Someone who, until his last name is mentioned, is someone who seemingly isn’t worth making a big hub-bub about. However, once you realize it is Alex’s brother, there comes a bit of shock.

Things To Note

[1]: From what we are told, Erica may very well be Delico’s sister. As for why Delico, Mr. Monroe’s Twilight, perhaps doesn’t know where his sister is, or if she is even alive, that isn’t revealed.

[2]: Before this episode, it seemed those of the A rank were the top of the Twilight class, with assuming 0 being the highest, but with Ginger blowing Erica away, who is quite the bad ass, it seems the S class maybe the top rank.

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