Gangsta.: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Act 8 – Evening Dress


As things get progressively worse for Twilights, Alex’s memories slowly begin to come back to her.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Forgotten Memories – Alex

With the TB slowly wearing off, one of the positive affects is Alex is starting to remember her life in the East Gate before she came to Ergastulum and she became a sex worker. The main thing worth remembering though is her little brother. Unfortunately though, alongside remembering her little brother, comes remembering she had to act as the boy’s mother since their mother was nowhere to be found. Also, of course memories of Barry come with the territory.

But with her memories slowly coming back to her, so does her ability to perhaps stand on her own. So Worick offers the Handymen’s sofa to her for as long as she needs, and it seems once her memories return, she might just be ready to move on.

Topic 2: The Four Fathers – Worick

After 7 episodes, we finally get a thorough breakdown of who the Four Fathers are and what their duties are in the grand scheme of things. To begin, the Paulkee Guild, ran by Gina Pulklee, handles the dispatching of mercenary twilights and, as we have seen, often deals with punishing Twilights who break the Three Laws; then we have Danny Monroe, who deals with Twilight business not associated with the guild; then there is the Corsica family which deals with weapons and vice; and lastly there is the Critiano family, currently ran by Loretta Cristiano, which handles the supply routes for Celebrer.

Thus explaining why Corsica is trying to subtlety take down the Twilight problem. For, as it stands, they don’t benefit from them being around at all. Granted, weapons wise, they probably do make some profit from them, but otherwise they are cut out of the major profits from them being around. Also, it seems that with the fall of the importance of Twilights, it means Corsica is granted an advantageous position. After all, all the other families rely on Twilights, one way or the other, to maintain their strength. So, if the Twilights die out, so do the powers of the other families. Meaning, all Corsica would have to do is deliver the final blow once the Twilights are nearly exitinct.

Topic 3: Blood On The Streets – Nicolas, Alex, and Worick

Within one of the Cristiano’s clubs, Bastard, there is a party happening in which there is strangely a large amount of Twilights. All of which are being sheep herded by Worick as Nicolas handles anti-Twilight people. As for why? Well, the word “Evacuation” is mentioned, but not heavily touched on. What is known though is that Alex’s singing abilities is being used as entertainment, and a boy who may just be her brother tries to get into Bastard but seemingly is denied since he doesn’t have a tag.

All the while, in the distance, Mikhail grows inpatient and it seems he is just waiting for the go head from Erica.

Final Thoughts

The politics of Ergastulum are starting to more and more come to the forefront, and it remains a struggle to take interest in them. For while we have come to know Danny Monroe quite well, and Corsica seems like he could be an interesting villain, with there still being a decade of Nic and Worick’s life not covered, and now this new piece of Alex’s life revealed, it is hard to create any sort of desire to see this mob war play out. Though, who knows, maybe this show could balance all the different storylines I hope it covers before the season reaches its end.

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