Gangsta.: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Act 7: Birth


One of the big mysteries, dealing with how Wallace/ Worick lost his eye, is revealed, and alongside that we watch as the balance of Ergastulum seems to slowly become unraveled. Partly thanks to the workings of Mr. Corsica.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Out of Revenge or For His Safety? – Worick and Nicolas

Some of the final missing puzzle pieces dealing with Worick and Nicolas’ backstory are put into place. To summarize, the reason why Worick only has one eye is because his father blinded him with a lit cigarette. However, the reason that eye is likely no longer in Worick’s head is Nicolas. Leading to how things get a little bit complicated.

You see, being that Wallace took pity/ believed he befriended Nicolas, and learned his father didn’t give a damn about him, meaning Nic, because he was a Twilight, it seems Wallace bought off Nicolas’ father. Thus leading to Nic not being beaten on as much, or anymore, but losing his father in the process. Making it so when Wallace’s father was beating on him, and Nic was in the background, an argument can be made that Nicolas took away Wallace’s abusive father just like Wallace took away Nic’s. Though whether it was due to malice or friendship remains to be seen for the question of “why?” hasn’t been answered.

What is known though is that Nic did try to commit suicide after killing Wallace’s parents, but Wallace stopped this for he believed Nic should suffer. Yet, 20 some odd years later, the two are roommates, co-workers, and best friends.

Topic 2: The Four Fathers’ Meeting – Mr. Corsica and Mr. Monroe

With all that has happened, including 12 dead Twilights, a meeting between the four fathers is held in order to hope for some sort of peace. After all, it is assumed in Ergastulum that nothing happens without Mr. Corsica, Mr. Monroe, Gina, or this 4th party’s permission. And while we already know Mr. Cosica has a hand in the massacre of the Twilights, and is accused of participating by a representative for one of the now dead fathers, Corsica not only laughs this off but reminds everyone how vehemently against Twilights he is.

Which, so it seems, covers him from a universal assumption of guilt, but doesn’t end the issue at hand. Though considering Nicolas, in passing, sees Erica and Mikhail, the ones murdering the Twilights, as he walks with Alex back home, it seems it is only a matter of time before something goes down.

Final Thoughts

With the show shifting back and forth between Worick and Nicolas’ childhood, and the pending mob war, I have to admit I’m finding my focus wavering. For while the show still is my favorite anime of the season, I can’t say the drama between Mr. Corsica and Mr. Monroe is exciting me at all. This is mostly due to Mr. Monroe and Mr. Corsica largely being background players until now, and their storyline not strongly connecting to Worick or Nicolas. For while, granted, Mr. Monroe’s death would have an affect on Worick and Nicolas, since Worick owes Mr. Monroe due to a favor in the past, and it would cause imbalance, I just feel like between the details still left of Worick’s teen years, much less the Veronica mystery, can they fully go into those details and cover the mob falling out?

Which you may think shouldn’t be a problem since the season, or series, does have 12 episodes, but considering there really should be some flashbacks to Mr. Monroe’s and Mr. Corsica’s rise to power, will they have enough time over the next 5? I mean, Mr. Monroe’s and Worick’s we already know goes together, but unless they dedicate one or two episodes to the past, I think covering Mr. Monroe’s and Corsica’s background may end up feeling rushed.

Things To Note

  • Doug we learn is going to be 21 and went against guild rules for he wanted to go up against a high quality opponent. Also, he has no love for the guild and doesn’t wish to be a part of it but, alas, he is forced to for work. Though, after fighting Nic, much less learning he is from the west gate, it seems Doug wants no more interactions with Nicolas.
  • Alex seems to be in better mental health than before and is hallucinating less. Also, she asks for a little more time to get on her feet before leaving Nicolas and Worick, which it seems Nicolas is ok with.

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