Gangsta.: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Act 6 – Thorn


As the topic of war becomes less about the possibility, and more so when, we continue to dive into Nicolas and Wallace’s past.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Let’s Talk About Alex – Alex & Worwick

As we already know, Alex is a bit messed up in the head. As for why? Well, Dr. Theo, who we saw at the end of the last episode, explains. Basically, people of Alex’s profession were given these pills called TB which made them more submissive, but did lead quite a few to suicide. As for why? Well, it isn’t because of addiction, for it isn’t addictive, but more so the withdrawal symptoms deal with hallucinations. Hence why Barry kept popping up.

What this whole situation doesn’t fully explain though is, why exactly did she go to meet a John? I mean, granted, ghost Barry could have told her to, but with Dr. Theo meeting her at the door, you’d think he would have sedated her. Much less, acknowledging she scratched the hell out of him, you’d think he wouldn’t be so non-chalant about it when Worick showed up and started asking questions. Either way, with a devastating headbutt, it seems Alex isn’t as lost in her thoughts now. However, Worick’s headbutt may only be a temporary fix for a huge problem.

Topic 2: Back to the Past – Worick and Nicolas

Once more we venture into the past, as Nicolas recovers from the downers he was shot with [1]. During this time, we see some images of what assuming is Veronica, which include her seemingly losing a limb, but the main focus is Nicolas’ time with Worick, then Wallace, as a teen. Most of the major things worth talking about is Worick teaching Nicolas how to write and do sign language, us witnessing that part of what bonds them is their mother’s being the other woman, or a sex worker, and them having abusive parents.

Though, alongside watching them bond, we learn of the Anti-tag movement which seemed to ravage Ergastulum during those times, without much in the way of explanation. For while we do know the Twilights were used for war, I’m left unsure how they became such a hated figure by the people in the process. That is, unless they were used to oppress them.

Topic 3: An Imbalance of Power – Danny, Corsica, and Worick

Being that Danny is one of the main champions for Tags, as Gina stated last week, naturally his death would cause a great imbalance in Ergastulum. Which, from what it seems, is what Corsica (the man with the huge forehead scar) wants. As for why? Well, it is rather hard to say but, being that they are all part of the mob, money and power are likely the answers. Though, that perhaps is the issue. For while there is talk about balance, the 3rd party which makes this “balance” is under Danny, so pretty much it is Cristiano and Danny vs. Corsica.

Hence why Corsica has been murdering, en masse, Tags for with the abilities we have seen from them, what fair fight could Corsica get? After all, as said, they flock and admire Danny for what he has done, and continues to do, for them. Hell, even when it comes to someone like Worick, and maybe even Chad, while you recognize Danny isn’t a saint, he seems to be the most charitable of sinners. Leaving the question of what may happen to the balance of Ergastulum, and whether or not those siblings from episode 1, or 2, may end up appearing again?

Things To Note

[1] As does Doug who, we learn, has a high tolerance for downers. Hence why Gina shot him up with them so much.

  • It seems Nina has a crush on Worick, at least, based on her saying how she can hear and recognize his voice despite the pounding rain before he came into the clinic, it seems like she has a crush. Though her looking down and blushing sort of makes this idea seem more like a fact than opinion.

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