Gangsta.: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Act 05 – Sanctions


As the mystery behind Nicolas and the twilights unravel, so comes the question of what in the world is going on with these mob families? Much less, considering Alex has some serious PTSD, what will her storyline ultimately be since she doesn’t have much interaction with the boys nowadays?

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Going Against the Three Laws – Nicolas

After wondering for quite some time about the background of Twilights, we are given a good amount of information. First off, what seems to separate Twilights from “normals” are them being subjected to the bio-enhancement drug known as Celebrer, which seemingly limits the ability to feel pain, alongside genetic effects. As for how this plays into the ranking system? Right now I can only fathom that it means the higher the rank, the higher the Twilight’s pain threshold and ability to overdose on Celebrer.

Now, digging deeper into the Twilight background, an additional thing we learn is that a war is what led to the breeding of these beings, and before what is known as the “Three Laws” they damn near had slave status. However, after what is known as the Four Fathers made a way for at least minimal rights for Twilights, they seemingly, like Nic, became contracted employees. As for what the Three Laws are? They are: No actions against normals, obey your master, and defend yourself.

As for what all this has to do with Nicolas, besides him being a Twilight, well his issue is that local guild leader Gina Paulklee, who seemingly is the boss of all local Twilights, isn’t fond of him overdosing on Celebrer, nor his combatant Doug, the kid, going after Danny Monroe. For not only is Danny a normal, but he is one of the reasons there is balance in Ergastulum, and with him gone it means chaos and perhaps a collapse of the Three Law system protecting Twilights. So, to punish both of them, she shoots them repeatedly with downers which makes them both groggy and feel pain. Leaving Worick to have to take them both to see Dr. Theo, who currently is out, but luckily Nina was still in the clinic.

Topic 2: The Odd Relationship between Mr. Monroe and Worick – Worick

Being that Worick, aka Wallace, is a heir to Ergastulum’s mob world, one could only assume that the name Worick is solely being used to hide his real identity, and that probably only Chad knows the truth. With that said, it seems more and more, despite us seeing Nicolas in the middle of what looks like a massacre, Mr. Monroe had to have played a part in Worick’s family being killed. To the point, a part of me thinks the banter between Worick and Mr. Monroe is meant to hint to them, maybe, knowing who the other person is, but knowing the playing field is a bit too equal for one to make a move on the other.

Either way, it seems like there might have been a time, before Doug tried to, when Mr. Monroe’s life was on the line due to a Twilight. Granted it was a C/3, who for a moment I thought may have been Nicolas but, alas, that Twilight failed and unless Nicolas stole someone’s tag, or made a new one, said theory wouldn’t make a lick of sense.

Topic 3: Where In The World Is Alex’s Head At? – Alex

With Alex pretty much having almost no interaction with the boys, and pretty much being in her head, I was hoping she would look into Veronica [1]. However, all that happens, once more, is her being haunted by a dead man’s face. At least, that is what it seems like at first. For with a man in her former alley, looking like Dr. Theo, presenting himself, before being seen as the dead Barry, and then someone at the door, it does appear a new storyline for her may present itself soon. One which likely will show why Granny warned this girl about who she associates with.

Final Thoughts

With every faction revealed, with every piece of someone’s backstory gone into, and with the show still maintaining this unique balance of action, storytelling, and some sense of emotional depth, I am truly amazed. Though, I must admit, being that we are only given little by little, at least to me, I do find this show a tad frustrating.

At the same time, however, perhaps what frustrates me about this show is its appeal. For if it just spend a few episodes diving into Worick, Nic, and Alex, then what would be left? I mean, not that I don’t enjoy the little bit of mob politics we see, and the action, but the question of what happened from childhood to now is what is really intriguing me. So maybe I’m just being a little too inpatient and not letting the production company Manglobe craft their tale in a way which, obviously, works.

Things To Note

[1] In the episode, we learn from Gina that Veronica took too many uppers, and this reveals Veronica was a Twilight. One which may have very well been Nicolas’ legit girlfriend. Unlike Alex who, at one time, seemed to be Worick’s, but now just seems like the unsupervised receptionist.

What happened to what looked like a brother/ sister combo in episode one?

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