Gangsta.: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Act. 04 – Nonconformist

Initial Thoughts

As the series touches on Worick and Nicolas’ initial meeting, and how they slowly started to become something to each other, it does lead me to wonder how Worick went from a spoiled mob kid to this almost carefree blonde who runs around killing, and hooking, for a living. Alongside that, there is a mention of the Twilights, and a new high level one roaming. Leaving me wondering, who in the world hired him?

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Call In The Handymen – Nicolas, Worick, Chad, and Mr. Monroe

Being that Worick and Nicolas are the cause for so much death and blood on the streets, naturally they make good fall guys for when anything happens and Chad has to bring someone in. As for what is the issue nowadays? Well, in district 6, within a warehouse, there are a huge amount of dismembered bodies. Which Chad doesn’t necessarily believe the Handymen caused, but being that they are the ones who do his dirty work, he expects them to handle it.

Though all that happens is Worick uses his genius level memory to give Chad a few leads, and afterwards finds himself at the beck and call of Mr. Monroe. Someone who calls Chad directly and gets the boys so quickly that you’d think he was paying into the cops’ pension fund. Leading to perhaps one of the most interesting adversaries to be introduced in the series thus far.

Said person? Well, like Nicolas they are a twilight, and a blade user. However, rather than one samurai sword, this child, yes child, uses two blades. Ones which lead to many people with lost heads and limbs. Now, as for why he is after Mr. Monroe? Well, that isn’t revealed. What we do know though is that someone certainly did hire him, and said person wanted Monroe’s forces decimated, but Monroe left alive.

Which is just what is done. This A/0 level child goes through Monroe’s men like it is nothing, but cannot get a hit on Monroe. Showing that despite Monroe’s age, his “Gunslinger Danny” persona is alive and well. But when it comes to the boy’s mortality, capture, or defeat, such a fate rests in the hands of Nicolas. Someone who begins his battle with the child before the episode ends

Topic 2: But He’s Defective! – Worick and Nicolas

Like with the last episode, we find ourselves in the past getting to know our protagonist. This time though, we aren’t seeing Worick walking around with PTSD and seemingly like some weak child who was born into the Arcangelo mob dynasty. No. The Worick we meet is Wallace, and he is a pompous, and perhaps spoiled, brat who is rude and all of the staff dislike him, and seemingly his father as well. The only reason we hear about the father not being like though, is simply because he cheats on the lady of the house. Outside of that, it seems the staff don’t mention many reasons to hate their employer.

As for Wallace though? It seems there is no love lost between him and his father. For be it neglect, the cheating, or for other reasons, it seems Wallace not only doesn’t care for his dad, but thinks his dad maybe out to get him. An idea which is really implanted with Nicolas being one of the main people who is supposed to guard Wallace. After all, Nicolas is a child, who seems to get beaten by his peers, and is deaf. So really, what can he do? Granted, he has a sword, but why would someone like Wallace believe someone his own age is worth what his father pays?

But, despite an initial distrust toward Nicolas, it seems Nicolas being deaf is what leads to Wallace warming up to him and asking his name. That and Nicolas speaking to Wallace in such a way which isn’t like the adults. Granted, very little is said, but with it seeming Wallace is isolated from other kids his age, for he is home schooled, maybe it is realized that Nicolas maybe all he may get for a playmate, so he better make the best out of it.

Final Thoughts

With us already being aware of the end product, I do wonder if the show may go step by step showing how Wallace Arcangelo became Worick, lost his eye, and ended up killing and being a sex object for a living? For, I have to admit, Wallace and Worick seem like completely opposite people, and unless a mental breakdown is what caused Worick’s birth, I’m quite confused. Much less, being that the Arcangelo family is no more, I am quite curious to learn whether between Chad, Mr. Monroe, and the mob boss we saw in episode one, were they involved in the Arcangelo family massacre?

Alongside that, being that Veronica’s name is dropped, I do wonder if, while the boys are away, will Alex’s focus be discovering who Veronica was, as well as what led to her death? For I doubt the boy’s directly caused it, for if anything it was likely she was used as a hostage or for the purpose of revenge. Though, with her playing a possible detective, comes a look into the enemies the Handymen have had. Which could make for additional good storylines. So, needless to say, I remain quite interested to see what is to come around the corner for this show.

Things To Note

  • We see Alex is still haunted by Granny’s warnings, but with Barry in her thoughts, and not much opportunity maybe being out there for her, it seems her leaving the boys won’t happen no time soon.
  • We learn the Handymen’s former girl/ receptionist was named Veronica.
  • Chad is 56.
  • Nicolas is Asian.

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