Gangsta.: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Act 3 – Ergastulum


In the episode we get quite a bit of backstory when it comes to Worick, and a little bit on Nicolas. It isn’t anything huge, and breaks down any question you may have, but enough is given for you to begin to understand Worick. However, what certainly doesn’t make sense is how in the hell he and Nic became friends, but more on that below.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: You in Danger Girl – Alex & Nicolas

Due to Worick focusing on what is mentioned in topic 2, and Nicolas needing help to do deliveries for Dr. Theo, Worick asks Alex to help Nicolas for the day. During this time she tries her best to communicate with Nicolas, but it seems because Nicolas doesn’t want to get too close to her, he doesn’t engage her much. Mind you, he notes she is his girl and vouches she is a nice person, but with Granny breaking it down that all of Worick’s woman ended up claimed by Nicolas, due to Worick’s side work, it isn’t much of a compliment.

With that said, as Alex steps further and further into Worick’s world, it seems she is seeing more, and hearing more, than perhaps someone in her position should. Leading to the reason perhaps Granny warned her of spending too much time around the boys. For while they seem nice now, with what is mentioned below, and considering the fact Worick has had women in the past, and Nicolas has mob ties [1], maybe sticking around might not be a good idea.

Topic 2: A Gigolo for 20+ years – Worick

Quite a bit of information about Worick’s past is noted, but perhaps the most curious part is that since Worick was 14, he is now an estimated 35, he has been a gigolo. One which now might be freelance, but when he was 14 he was working in a brothel for a woman we meet called Big Mama.

Now, as for why he is a Gigolo? Well, originally it seems to have been because his family, the Arcangelo, which might have been a mob family, was murdered. Thus leaving him without a source of income and, as we have seen, the city is corrupted enough for a teenager to make a living on sex work. As for why he continues to do it, especially considering he has some sort of sexual relationship with Alex? Well, he can’t say. Something which you can see bothers Alex, for there is curiosity in her about the whole thing, but I guess with her knowing she isn’t his girlfriend, and considering she is a stranger in a foreign place, it seems while she is comfortable enough to ask questions, she isn’t going to push.

Topic 3: Enemies Turned Friends? – Worick & Nicolas

Building off topic 2, here is where we come to the peculiarities of Worick and Nicolas’ friendship, at least if you take things on surface value. At 13, as noted, Worick’s family was murdered, and that is also when he lost his eye. However, what should be noted is that it seems Nicolas was the culprit. Then, to add onto the oddness of the situation, Nicolas was working for Worick’s family.

Leading to the question: why are these two friends? Well, one feasible answer is that perhaps Worick was being abused by his father, and got tired of standing idyly around so he killed Worick’s father. Issue with this theory is though, it doesn’t explain why Nicolas would murder Worick’s mother and sibling. Leading to the other idea being Worick asked Nicolas to do it, offering him freedom in the process, and sacrificed his eye so he would seem like a victim. However, again there is an issue with the theory since Worick seems sort of traumatized by the whole situation, and Nicolas seems a bit guilt ridden. Making it seem that, who knows, maybe Nicolas was being abused, maybe Worick spoke in passing about killing his family and Nicolas took it seriously, or a slew of other ways it could have went down. Either way, I’m intrigued.

Things To Note

[1]: From what we learn, Nicolas in the past worked with Mr. Monroe and Mr. Monroe would love for Nicolas to comeback to working with him. Something Nicolas has no interest in, for he seems to like his new line of work and working with Worick.

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