Gangsta.: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Act 2. Hundemarken


New acquaintances are introduced, alongside us learning little by little about these tags which differentiate Nicolas from people like Worick.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The Little Girl & The Scary Man – Nicolas

This week’s case deals with helping a young girl, Nina, and her father, Dr. Theo, who are being harassed since Dr. Theo’s services as a doctor are highly wanted, especially in a world where there are people like Nicolas and Worick walking around. Issue is, Dr. Theo has no interest in these type of things, and unfortunately the person demanding Dr. Theo’s services, Arnold, is a tag just like Nicolas. Thus leading to Nina, Dr. Theo’s nurse and assumed daughter, asking the Handymen to help.

Thus leading us to see a rather cute back and forth between Nicolas and Nina in which we learn it isn’t just Worick who has learned sign language to communicate with Nicolas, and that despite how fearsome Nicolas may seem, he has a playful side to him as well. Really pushing the idea that, as Worick says, perhaps the tags aren’t mean to really represent their past, but be like dog tags to partly identify, but mostly warn. Meaning, while Nicolas can be friendly and even empathetic, at the same time he has the viciousness of a stereotypical pitbull if you mess with him, or those he cares about.

Topic 2: A Fight For The Ages – Nicolas

As noted, the handymen are called on in order to help the doctor, as well as protect his daughter from possibly being kidnapped. However, being that Worick is of no match for a tag, Nicolas goes on his own, with Nina’s hand in his, to go see these men pestering her father. Leading to a fight which isn’t as brutal as what we saw in the first episode, yet still satisfying enough to be entertaining.

Topic 3: The Legacy of Past Sins – Worwick and Alex

Though Nicolas’ match with Arnold is interesting, what is worth noting more is the hints and clues to the backstory of Nicolas. All of which is told by Worick as he speaks to Alex. Someone who seems increasingly curious about Nicolas, especially after watching him interact with Nina, and learning he is supposed to take pills. As for what the pills do or are for? This isn’t revealed. What is revealed though is that the samurai sword we see Nicolas carry he has had since he was a teenager. Also, we learn that many of the tag men are ex-mercenaries. However, again we are only given surface level details and aren’t told of what battles Nicolas, or the others, may have fought; where they were trained; or why they all seemed to have convened in this one district.

Yet, even with only hints and clues dropped, it is hard to not like this little mystery a bit.

Things To Note

  • We learn Worick and Alex aren’t from the area. It is hard to say whether Nicolas is.
  • Nicolas is a rank A/0 ex-mercenary and Arnold was a B/2 – both high ranked.
  • From a poster in inspector Adkin’s office we see Nicolas had a wanted poster citing mug, murder and blackmail as his crimes and and Worick had prostitution, mug and blackmail.
  • It seems Worick and Alex are having sex, at least it seems so since Nina catches Alex partly undressed with Worick half-naked in the same room with her.

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