Gangsta.: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Act. 12 – Odds and Ends


What seems to be the end to Gangsta. leaves us without a proper ending. For while we know Ergastulum is likely doom to fall into chaos, the full extent of which that chaos may be is left to question. At least if you haven’t touched the manga.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Where Have We Met Before? – Alex

As the TB drugs continues to have less of an effect on Alex’s memory, so comes the vague imagery a Twilight. One which raped her, memories of maybe one killing a family member, and then she wakes up and looks at Nicolas questioning if maybe, just maybe, it might have been him. However, being that the memory isn’t clear, and Nicolas is strong, she doesn’t accuse him of being that man in her memories, she just asks if they met before. Though as soon as that question is asked some of Loretta’s men ask for Nicolas and he is off, telling Alex to stay at home base.

Topic 2: Vtoroy Esminets – Marco

With Connie gone, granny Joel pays Marco a visit at Bastard and, on sight, begins beating the hell out of him. Reason being? Well, it seems, because of Marco, and his line of work, Granny Joel has lost quite a few members of her family. Now, whether said family members were innocent bystanders, or simply worked under the Cristiano family, that isn’t made fully clear. Either way, it seems Marco has some sort of connection to their mortality and she holds him fully responsible for whatever Connie’s fate maybe.

Now, as for what the topic title is about? Well it deals with Marco, 15 some odd years ago, being a hunter and working alongside Striker and possibly the others of Esminets we have come to know. Which of course leads to many questions, such as: Why Marco leave, why did Esminets regroup, much less how in the world do these handful of normals have Twilight level abilities, and beyond, but like many things with Gangsta., we are informed about possibilities and given surface level information on backgrounds, but sadly time isn’t allocated for full on investigations.

Topic 3: The Fall of Worick – Worick

Being that madness and chaos have consumed Ergastulum, naturally Worick is somewhere in the middle of it all. Unfortunately though, primarily for him, the location he meets the madness if within Mr. Monroe’s home. A place where Striker, one of the leaders of Esminets, decides to visit. Thus leading to Worick facing off with a man who has all the power of a Twilight, and beyond, and being damn near killed for his involvement [1].

Which, all things considered, may not have done much. If only because Vlad, the man we met a long time ago who delivered something to Bastard before Mikhail and Erica showed up, we learn is without a doubt a turncoat. One which, perhaps at a moment’s notice, may betray Mr. Monroe and end his operation. After all, unlike the Cristiano family, it doesn’t seem like there is naturally someone next in line. I mean, perhaps Worick could become one of the 4 fathers, but that doesn’t seem likely.

Things To Note

Delico sees, for a moment, his sister Erica as she hops rooftops going who knows where.

[1]: Together with Miles, Worick tries to buy some time for Mr. Monroe who seemingly is trying to squash all the dramatics which are quickly taking over Ergastulum. Issue is, as noted, Vlad is a traitor and with Striker seemingly not coming to Mr. Monroe’s mansion for a friendly chat, he rips through Mr. Monroe’s men and while it seems Worick may have ended things with two downer shots to Striker, Worick gets stabbed in the guy and thrown out a window. Something, strangely, Nina senses like a vampire with a personal connection to her ward.

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