Gangsta.: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Act. 11 – Absence


The Treity Esminets nearly destroy Paulklee’s Guild and definitely have put the other limb of Ergastulum on notice.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Goodbye Baby – Alex, Connie, and Marco

Despite all the commotion happening, Loretta finds the time to get Louis, the orphaned baby, a foster family. Though, as she gets ready to take him from Alex, a new flashback happens. One which implies that something is certainly amiss when it comes to the two of their lives together, never mind the separation.

Leading to an equally mysterious storyline, but one which we may get actual details on sooner rather than later. For, as we already know, Marco and Connie are quite the item. Though, with Marco involved with Loretta, and Connie a local arms dealer, it makes their relationship beneficial, but dangerous. Especially since one of the Treity Esminets, Beretta, takes an interest in Connie. Not in the form of stalking her, but with them having a chance encounter in front of Granny Joel’s shop, and Beretta saying Connie smells like a familiar old man, something happens. Leaving Marco with only Connie’s hat as a clue that something may have happened to his beloved.

Topic 2: She Has To Be Stopped – Delico

With Erica becoming a hunter, and being part of a mass devastation which is causing imbalance within Ergastulum, it seems Delico will take it upon himself to stop her. Something which isn’t highly regarded as a good idea, but being that the members of Mr. Monroe’s team understand Delico’s position, no one stops him. In fact, Yang, a normal, decides to help. Though, despite their search, they don’t end up finding Erica. However, a young Twilight girl named Heather might point them to the right direction.

Topic 3: The Tretiy Esminets vs. Paulklee Guild

Being that Corsica is trying to destroy the balance of Ergastulum by weakening all matters which deal with Twilights, naturally taking out the quantity of Paulklee’s Guild was on the list. So, by the hands of Sig and Colt [1], at least 100 of Paulklee’s men die. Of which, upon discovery, she sort of hunches at. If only because they were B level and below soldiers, as opposed to some of her top soldiers like, her lover, Ginger.

Still, with Sig rather bored with killing minions, she really wants to face off with Paulklee. Something which she would have done if it wasn’t for Emilio reminding her that was not Corsica’s objective for the day. Leading to us seeing a war beginning but only pawns and foot soldiers being amongst the dead.

Final Thoughts

It seems what was said in the last episode’s “Final Thoughts” may come to be. For with Doug dying, Connie being possibly kidnapped, and the Handymen taking a week off, it means something potentially major may happen. Especially since this is yet another 12 episode series which, very likely, we either won’t see a season 2 for at all or, if one does happen, it won’t be for a year. Meaning this may end more so with a bang than a whimper, while leaving so many questions unanswered about many characters’ past.

Things To Note

[1]: The members of Treity Esminets are: Beretta, the one that may have kidnapped Connie; Sig, the one who seems like Harley Quinn; Colt, who eventually meets up with Sig, and seemingly killed Doug; Striker, who is the one who Nico saw in the last episode; and then there is Emilio, who seemingly has expertise in the realm of explosives.

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