Gangsta.: Season 1 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Act. 10: Land of Confusion


Everyone is still recovering from the attack on Bastard, and seemingly not at all ready for what Corsica has planned next.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: The Talented Doctor – Dr. Theo

After the massacre at Bastard, needless to say the ones who survived aren’t in the best shape. Galahad is a bit messed up, Marco is in a sling, and it seems, once more, Nicolas damn near killed himself. In fact, according to Dr. Theo, he nearly lost a lung. Leading to us learning that, of all the doctors in Ergastulum, pretty much Dr. Theo is the main, if not only, one who really looks out for Twilights. Hence why the Handymen, no matter how small or menial the task, do as Dr. Theo asks. For not only does he help them after every single bloodbath, but he also refines his own uppers and downers for Twilights since Celebrer is far too expensive, and very much deadly [1].

Topic 2: One Thing After Another – Worick & Corsica

After Worick helps identify the bodies of the fallen twilights, next he is off to tell Delico that his sister Erica is alive. A surprise to him since, when they were children, an Anti-Twilight attack seemingly led to her death. Leaving us to question: Where, and with who, has she been for perhaps a decade [2]?

Though that isn’t the final question asked. One major thing which needs to be answered is, who are these people in Corsica’s employment? We know one is a turncoat who seemingly works under both Corsica and Mr. Monroe, then there is Erica and Mikhail, this Harley Quinn type who seemingly is on the hunt for Twilights this week, and a few others, of which includes Alex’s little brother Emilio. All of whom seemingly are going to lead to Corsica’s dominance, but with such a cast of outcast and potential psychopaths, you have to wonder how long will they stay under Corsica’s thumb. Much less, if Corsica succeeds, what will he do with them after?

Final Thoughts

Being that war is now on everyone’s mind, you have to wonder who may end up dying throughout all this. For, as of now, no one of great significance has fallen. Alex remains alive, Nic just brushes besides death each time he heads out the door, and as much as Danny Monroe and Loretta’s life may get threatened, they remain relatively unscathed. Yet, something has to give. Likely it will be Alex dying, since grandma forewarned her, but there is also Connie or Marco dying, especially since they established their love story, or even Nina. For while the main characters seem safe, you know between love interest, or children, there has to be someone who dies with impact. Otherwise, all this build will be for nothing.

Things To Note

[1]: From what Alex pulls from Worick’s desk, it is found that Celebrer maybe the life’s blood of Twilights, but it also is part of the reason they die around 30. For it has almost a dozen side effects, none of which scientist are trying to curtail for they believe the next evolution of Celebrer is beyond modern science. More likely meaning, they don’t wish to allow the Twilights to be stronger, and more independent, so the next evolution of Celebrer is just a bad idea all around.

[2]: It seems in the past, back when Worick, for whatever reason, was known as Ricky, Mr. Monroe owned an institution which catered to young Twilights. One which, by unnamed forces, was attacked. Leaving one child named Yang left alive, alongside Delico who only had his sisters stuffed rabbit to remember her by.

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