Back when this show was cute. (From
Back when this show was cute. (From

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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This episode focuses on trying to build up Koyuki’s status on the show through showing her and Yuu as kids and presenting her as a real contender for Yuu’s heart.

Topic 1: Puppy Love (Koyuki and Yuu)

For 1/3 of the episode, we watch Koyuki and Yuu as kids going on little adventures, him doing cute things like putting a bandage on her finger and making a snow couple for her, and us witnessing the first time the Tama and Nico nickname came about. Alongside that, we learn about Koyuki’s parents’ divorce.


I just don’t see it. This segment which is supposed to establish the foundation of their crush just does nothing for me. Which is weird in so many ways since I’m so into sappy romances, especially people discovering what it is to feel for another human being, but I got nothing out of this.

Topic 2: When You Can’t Say What You Feel (Koyuki and Yuu)

As many times before in this show, but especially in episode 4, there is a communication issue. One in which there is an assumption from both sides, after Koyuki’s sudden departure after Yuu reveals he had a crush on her when they were kids, that one hated the other. All of which for silly reasons. However, with Yuu praising Fuuka and her talent, once again Koyuki makes an abrupt exit rather than asking Yuu how he may feel about Fuuka.


At one point I could try to accept that these are teens, they don’t know how to express themselves or, similar to how Tulsa thinks in The Space Between Us, just figure that speaking how you feel is just not what normal people do. But it is getting annoying at this point. Especially with shows like Kuzu no Honkai in the same season which shows mature teens dealing with the complications of you having your first love.

Perhaps the best way to put it, Fuuka has the vibe of when someone old, and out of touch with what it means to be young, writes about young people falling in love. Kuzu no Honkai, on the other hand, seems to not be so dismissive or cynical about the idea of teenagers having strong feelings for one another. It actually wants to exhibit and explore how complicated feelings are while Fuuka takes the route of avoiding it whenever possible.

Topic 3: I Wanna Know What Love Is (Fuuka and Koyuki)

The ecchi of this episode deals with a lot of butt crack and side boob thanks to Fuuka running into Koyuki and Koyuki getting splashed by a puddle a truck hits. Leading to the need for them both to go to a bathhouse, get naked, and have a lot of eye-roll inducing moments.

Our weekly dose of ecchi aside, what matters here is Fuuka establishing that Koyuki is to her what the hedgehogs were to Koyuki and Yuu. Also, Fuuka noting, without blushing or anything, how she doesn’t have feelings for anyone. On top of that, her supporting Koyuki in her endeavor for love for she plans to learn from her.


So, is Fuuka out and Sara now holding the live triangle together? To be honest with you, I’m starting to not care because Koyuki I just don’t see her and Yuu’s chemistry at all. Also, I gotta admit the music of this show doesn’t tickle me what so ever. So with it becoming a stronger point of the show, I low-key feel like I’m suffering. For we have Yuu who is still a very unremarkable boy, Fuuka who is an extrovert who started off real cheeky and cute but has slowly been stripped (no pun intended) of what made her interesting, and then you got Sara and Koyuki. Sara is new but with her being this misunderstood amazon, the need for a side eye is heavily present. Then with Koyuki, she is just bland. In fact, I think as soon as Koyuki got added and this show became a harem, it started to lose what made it appealing. For if this was the first episode, I can tell you right now I wouldn’t have watched the second. Yet, I remember the good times so I’m hoping they’ll swing back around again.

It sucks to be an optimist.

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  1. Being an optimist is a good thing. I gave up on this show because it just wasn’t working for me but it might still do something good and then those of us who drop it will miss out. Of course, that’s usually my excuse for not dropping things and I end up watching some real ‘winners’ that I would have been better off letting go of.

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