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While the show takes a slight step back with the inclusion of more ecchi than seen in recent memory [note]there are ass shots galore[/note], it makes a lot of hasty moves so it can wrap up the story.

Episode Focus: Trying To Get The Band Back Together (Yuu, Fuuka, Sara, Nachi, and Makoto)

With Fuuka signing a contract with Mogami and effectively quitting the band, everyone is prepped to move on. Nachi is getting back into focusing on track, Sara is using the social tools she learned to join a new band, and Makoto has decided to just follow the path his father set out. However, after a chat with Koyuki, Yuu decides to push for the band to reunite. Something he is able to convince most of the band to agree to, but Fuuka is going to take some work.


It is a bit frustrating, to be honest, that as much as you can recognize the growth in Makoto and Sara, maybe Nachi to a point, it isn’t what it could have been. To break things down, Sara was an introvert and someone volatile. Yet, through Falling Moon, she mellowed out. However, we didn’t get to fully see that process. We didn’t get her getting over whatever feelings she had for Yuu or maybe even defining them as a sort of brother/sister vibe. She just, behind the scenes, became someone who learned how to be social.

Then with Nachi, his transition to being so gung-ho on track to the point of harassing Fuuka to just dropping it for the sake of the band, in retrospect, I find weird and to be a bit of a plothole. How are you going to go from a recruiter, seemingly the leader of the track team, to someone who seemingly outright ignores it? Yet, despite that, you can just return and your coach has no issue putting you up for college scholarships? I may not have done sports in high school, but I know that during the season, and part of the offseason, they are big time consumers. So I can’t fathom why the coach would let this kid disappear, return, and offer him the same benefits of those who have been making track their first choice?

Lastly, there is Makoto. Out of all the characters, including Yuu and Fuuka, he had that one storyline worth taking seriously. He is a gay young man rebelling against his father. Now, at this point, it seems his sole form of rebellion is playing music rather than taking over his father’s business, but can’t you see how they could have built him up? Built a connection between music and the love of his mother, maybe his first love in general? It being this escape from the stringent life his father planned? Hell, there is also his relationship with his little sister which could be noted. How maybe she loved hearing him play and they could have had her sneak to his concerts but no. Nope, this show focused on a romantic love triangle which ends this episode in the biggest *facepalm* way imaginable.

Subplot 1: The End of an Era (Yuu & Koyuki)

Koyuki decides to make her move. She and Yuu have been chummy, going on what looks on dates, but she wants to make sure of something. So, she decides to unbutton her blouse and offer herself to Yuu. Leading to her being rejected. Not because he isn’t ready or anything like that, but because he isn’t into her. Something Koyuki suspected for awhile now. But, with her confessing she knew of Yuu’s feelings, he comes to realize too that he likes Fuuka and decides to write a song to express it. Perhaps a response to the one Fuuka wrote.


The show is named Fuuka, so it seemed natural she would likely be with Yuu in the end. However, it is quite frustrating that they first force fed Koyuki down our throats, finally figured out a natural way to get her and Yuu together, then they have Yuu curve her like he does. I mean, I’m still passionate enough about this show to get through the final episode, but I need them to really pull out all stops in the last episode. Because I honestly feel kind of cheated at this point. They had us invest into Fuuka then that fell off. They pushed Koyuki heavily and then that ended in a whimper. So this reconciliation with Fuuka better be so beautiful it leads to tears. [note]Was Fuuka’s sister walking around with nothing but a towel covering her breast, around her brother, appropriate at all? I can’t imagine having a sister in her walking around like that. Though, Sara’s shower scene was also very unnecessary.[/note]

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