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Drifters: Season 1/ Episode 1 "Fight Song" [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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After death, three Japanese warriors find themselves oddly planted in a world of elves. Something which seems to just be part of the controllers of history being at war.

Trigger Warning(s):
Blood, Guts, and Decapitation

Characters Worth Noting
Toyohisa | Nobunga | Muraski | Easy | Yoichi

Main Storyline

There seems to be a battle brewing in the afterlife. One in which a blonde man named Muraski, who controls the doors to various realms, is facing off against a girl named Easy who seemingly represent the nothingness. They aren’t alone, though. Muraski has also let 3 Japanese warriors into a realm with elves and with the elves showing kindness to one of the soldiers named Toyohisa, he frees them from the tyranny of a local soldier named Aram. Someone who gets the hell beat out of him. But with this, and it seeming Toyohisa’s friends Nobunga and Yoichi planning a village takeover, there is now an imbalance. One which doesn’t go unnoticed by more than just Muraski, but also a 3rd party who seems to be prepping for something evil on the horizon.


To me, this OVA, which I believe is a mix of episodes 1 & 2 of the upcoming series, just doesn’t entice you to really continue the series. Now, let me admit I don’t mind some violence in my anime. However, there comes a point where I want to know the person behind the bloodshed and neither Toyohisa, Nobunga or Yoichi I found interesting. What they did in battle was eye opening, but I didn’t feel like when things were settled these were the type of characters you wanted to listen to have conversations with one another. Yeah, Nobunga is a 50-year-old man who you feel sorry for once he learns from Toyohisa what happened to his son, and maybe Yoichi, who I think is a girl, could bring an interesting perspective. However, with the show using chibi art, and trying to seem funny in that style, it takes away from these characters. That and how boring they are in comparison to the highs of the violence.

Though I’ll admit, the world outside of three Japanese soldiers seems like it could redeem the show. Easy and Muraski’s beef could be just what the doctor ordered, assuming they will get featured more. Heck, even this person who has his assistant watch over the Japanese warriors could bring something to balance out the violence. But I don’t have a strong enough belief they will to continue watching this.

Review Summary

Muraski is the type of mysterious character you want to see more of, as well as Easy and the majority of the cast.

Low Points

The main issue with this show is it is likely the three Japanese soldiers are the focus, instead of the show being an ensemble, and while they may make your eyes bulge with their acts of violence, they dull you to sleep when they have conversations. Not because what they are saying may not drive the story, but with how graphic the violence is on this show, we have yet to be introduced to a personality amongst the soldiers which keeps your interest level from looking like a heart monitor.

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