In Episode 6, “The Wind of Africa” we are introduced to what maybe our first consistent villain. Someone who brings up the possibility of war and whose subordinate may bring Kyoma, and others, to Easter Island. A significant place in Kyoma’s past.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: “There is no reason for being born, you know. Not unless you’re a tool.” (Mira)

Together with Koorogi, Mary still tries to figure out what Dr. Yurizaki may have done when it comes to creating Mira. Something which, despite their efforts, still doesn’t lead to any extraordinary discoveries. For while it is understood her brain is mostly organic, and we are led to believe it is more efficient than the average human mind, unfortunately not much else is understood. We, based off the last episode, know her tail likely was made just for the Numbers coils, but they remain in the dark about that.

For Mira though, she doesn’t see their attempts to understand her as intrusive, but more so helpful. After all, she herself is searching for a reason behind her birth and the vague reasoning she has been living on isn’t enough really. But, as of now, it is all she has and no one alive can give her more direction besides hunting those illegal coils.

Which I’m sure sucks for while Mary assures her she isn’t a tool, in many ways that is what she is treated as. Kyoma doesn’t treat her like a person, more so as a liability, and Mary pretty much is using her for her assistance.

Topic 2: “In the end, what I understand the least is myself.” (Kyoma)

For Kyoma, his story is split between the battle to come and a fight to remember the past. Something we get more information about in this episode than the last 5 combined. The two major points of interest though are the names Miyabi and Easter Island, talked about more in topic 3.

Focusing on Miyabi, as we have seen thus far Kyoma is very much into the old way of doing things. He drives a gas powered car, uses old fashion money, and even the way he dresses is from another era. Leading to the question of: If Mary is his provider of gas and physical cash, where would a man like him get his clothes? Well, the answer is a woman named Tsubaki who owns a shop which specializes in the type of clothing Kyoma wears, as well as other classic Japanese fashion.

Now, as for why this place is important, in terms of Miyabi, well it is because the way Miyabi is spoken on pushes you to believe she was something significant to Kyoma. Problem is, there aren’t exact details to explain to us how she was significant? One could naturally assume she was a love interest, but with the end of the episode showing her like some sort of child, that doesn’t seem likely. So based off Tsubaki speaking to Kyoma like he was a brother, you can only assume that perhaps he took Miyabi under his wing as a senpai of sorts. Unless the flashback was of when they were kids.

Either way, Miyabi seems to be dead now and Kyoma is somehow involved in her death. Which, both fortunately and unfortunately, he can’t fully remember how.

Topic 3: “As long as we are alive, we can meet again.” (Kyoma)

Central 60’s COO Prince Salva, and his subordinates Lasithi and Lwai, come to Japan and seem ready to cause a fuss. It begins with Lwai running away, and spending a good part of his day with Kyoma, who discovers Lwai is likely one of Central 60’s top robotic products, and then comes Prince Salva’s conversation with Claire.

Leading me to clear some things up. First and foremost, Prince Salva is of African descent and Central 60 is the top robotics company in the world. He is a man who seemingly is a bit twisted, based off him setting some weird trigger in Lasithi which easily makes her orgasm, and he has Lwai for perhaps the opposite reason Dr. Yurizaki made Mira.

Refocusing on the conversation with Claire though, it seems Prince Silva has come to Japan to perhaps start a war to prevent one. A strange concept, but it seems this war he wants shall be set on Easter Island. A place we are familiar with only in Kyoma’s dreams, but now it seems we are to see it up close and personal. Especially after Lwai practically sends a challenge to Kyoma by destroying Mary’s famous robotic bodyguard.

Perhaps leading you to wonder if Kyoma even cares to be bothered? Well, he does. For his memory remains fuzzy about the events of his past, and while he likely doesn’t care about 4, Mary’s robot, being torn to pieces, likely Prince Salva and Lwai invoking the topic of Easter Island, and issuing a challenge there, maybe the excuse Kyoma needs to go to this mostly restricted place.


Finally a Real Glimpse Into Kyoma’s Past: Between us going to Easter Island, where Kyoma seemingly lost most of his memories, to the mention of this person named Miyabi, and us meeting Kyoma’s tailor Tsubaki who seems like more than the person who makes his jackets, we, as noted, got more information out of this episode than the last 5 combined. Which sort of saddens me, but at the same time now we are presented with this rather interesting girl who can’t easily be pinned down. I can’t imagine Kyoma being her father, he is too old to be her lover, and yet you know she is significant. Then comes Tsubaki who throws another monkey wrench into the situation by saying she is his sister and I find myself unsure if she means that because of how close she feels to him or perhaps how they are connected through Miyabi.

Perhaps a Long Term Villain: As of now, New Tesla has been portrayed as less than scrupulous, but not necessarily as an evil corporation Kyoma is going to fight against. So with Prince Silva coming on board, one can only hope he and Lwai not only serve as credible villains, but can also invoke Kyoma’s past to the point that, by episode 12, he doesn’t remain a sort of aimless character, as a commenter said.

A New Look For Mary: While it is minor, I like how they switched up Mary’s look. If only because there are so few heavyset characters like Mary in anime and she, thus far, seemed like she never changed out of her clothes once since we met her.

A Whole New World: While Prince Silva calling Africa the Land of Bloodshed gave me pause, I must admit I’m glad to see some diversity. For while I know Japan isn’t like America where there is a melting pot, you’d be hard pressed to find in most animation diversity. Especially in terms of animation which arguably was made for people who aren’t legally considered children.

On The Fence

Loser & His Team: While Loser was introduced strong and fast, the way he has been placed in the background has made him a second thought, if one at all. For while we did meet his daughter in the last few episodes, and he has the potential to be interesting, I do feel the show dropped the ball with keeping up the ante when it comes to this character.

Collected Quote(s)

“As long as we are alive, we can meet again.”
“The Wind of Africa.” – Dimension W

“In the end, what I understand the least is myself.”
“The Wind of Africa.” – Dimension W

“There is no reason for being born, you know. Not unless you’re a tool.”
“The Wind of Africa.” – Dimension W

“Beauty is knowledge and discipline. Without knowledge, beauty cannot understand. Without discipline, there can be no knowledge. The world is beautiful because there is discipline.”
“The Wind of Africa.” – Dimension W

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