Dimension W: Season 1/ Episode 5 “The Possibilities of the Dead” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview In “The Possibilities of the Dead” we find ourselves really getting to see the power of the Numbers coils, as well as learning the truth about what happened in the past and how they influence the present. Trigger Warning(s): Torture, Attempted Sexual Assault, and Exposed Bones Characters & Story (with Commentary) Topic 1: What…

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In “The Possibilities of the Dead” we find ourselves really getting to see the power of the Numbers coils, as well as learning the truth about what happened in the past and how they influence the present.

Trigger Warning(s): Torture, Attempted Sexual Assault, and Exposed Bones

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: What Happened In The Past (Mira)

To make a sort of long story short, 21 years ago Sakaki, Enamori, and their friends, planned to use the Numbers coil in order to prove that the dam wasn’t needed for coils could provide limitless energy. Problem is, those who wanted the dam decided they were going to discharge it in order to scare off the villagers. Sakaki over hears this, warns Enamori, who just murdered someone trying to assault her, and then Sakaki is off to attack the dam operator as he thinks Enamori shall warn their friends.

Unfortunately, though, Enamori slips, falls, and is knocked out, thus leaving their friends unwarned and her with serious amnesia. As for Sakaki? Well, he gets the privilege of watching everyone he cares about dies. But, he does save Enamori. As for how he saves her? The version in his head and reality are two different takes on the same situation.

Topic 2: The Fight Against Water Demons (Kyoma & Mira)

While Mira figures out what is going on in the past, and how the coil and Dimension W deals with such, Kyoma is fighting for his life. For as the fog rolls in, so comes these water like demons trying to drown him, Albert, Elizabeth, and whoever else they encounter. Which, so Albert learns, can be stopped by using natural water. Reason being? Well, what maintains these demons is the water of Lake Yasogami and the fog allows them to travel. So with the water sprinkler being activated, so ends the onslaught, at least in the hotel.

Thus allowing Kyoma and Mira to begin to make their way to confront the group which kidnapped Marisa, and ultimately Sakiki. But, before moving onto the next topic, it should be noted that it is revealed that Albert was a sniper in his Grendel days, and often would protect Kyoma, hence why he has such a strong connection to Kyoma. Also, it should be noted Elizabeth, or Ellie, may very well be Loser’s daughter or, at the very least, a subordinate of some kind.

Topic 3: Dimension W and Its Ability To Create Multiple Worlds (Mira & Kyoma)

As Mira and Kyoma come face to face with Sakiki, and Kyoma fights him for a while, it becomes more and more difficult to understand how is all this possible? Well, Mira attempts to break it down. To paraphrase her explanation, due to the number coils power, and perhaps instability, they create cracks in Dimension W when activated and create copies of reality. In these copies, each have a different possible reality. Now, generally these realities disappear but be it a malfunction, the strong emotion which is guilt or the fear of death, or what have you, this coil remained active and the crack became its own, semi-permanent, reality.

Something which makes some sense, but considering it has been 21 years, you have to wonder what in the hell was keeping it on? Much less, how did Dimension W maintain this world? One theory is that Dimension W is some sort of otherworld, like hell, hence it either maintaining horrific things, or spitting out grotesque beings or demons, but there is not enough evidence for this to be more than a theory.

Either way, with Mira cracking this weird encasing that Enamori is in, which she sort of isn’t, for Sakiki has reconfigured her memories to be in there, so ends the façade. For, in reality, the one we thought was Marisa is Enamori, and she was actually saved by Sakaki. Thing is, between the amnesia, and Sakiki’s abandonment, and name change, she didn’t seem to know much about what happened or who she was. All is revealed in the end and with Mira using her tail to use the coil to converge Sakiki’s world with reality, this case comes to a close. With the coil being destroyed after Mira is done.


Some Insight Into The Vast Capabilities of the Numbers Coils: Thus far we have seen the Numbers coils warp reality, and fuse organics with inorganics, with disgusting results, and now we have seen it create its own reality and maintain them within Dimension W. Thus helping to push the idea why Kyoma, and Mira’s, job is so important. For while it doesn’t seem illegal coils have yet reach the heights of the Number coils, there is always the possibility with time.

Loser & His Team: With Elizabeth revealing she is likely working with Loser, based off the screen appearing to have Loser’s mask, and her calling him father, it makes you wonder how big Loser’s team may just be? Much less, considering the technology already at Loser’s disposable, what would happen if he got his hands on more powerful coils?

More Insight into Kyoma & Albert’s Relationship: While the only thing mentioned in terms of the legendary Beast of Grendel is that Albert was a sniper, and would watch Kyoma’s back, even little bits of information like this feels pertinent. If only because it explains the back and forth of their relationship, as well as why the usually morose Kyoma would even bother listening, or having a conversation, with Albert. For he is more than some former comrade turned corporate stooge, he is the man who likely saved his life a few times.

On The Fence

A Slightly Satisfying End: While quite a bit was revealed, when it comes down to Sakiki’s story, I must admit that, in total, I was left only satisfied. Partly because we didn’t really get to know the people who kidnapped Enamori; didn’t get to learn much about Elizabeth, especially in comparison to how we were introduced to Loser; and with Sakaki’s end being so peaceful, it makes all the violence and drama before it seem like just fodder to keep you interested versus it building to an epic conclusion.

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