Overview The show takes an interesting twist as it seems to take on a multi-episode story. One which is a bit of a murder mystery with a numbers coil in the center of it. Trigger Warning(s): Body Horror (exposed bones) & Self Harm Characters & Story (with Commentary) Topic 1: Some Background on Lake Yasogami…

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The show takes an interesting twist as it seems to take on a multi-episode story. One which is a bit of a murder mystery with a numbers coil in the center of it.

Trigger Warning(s): Body Horror (exposed bones) & Self Harm

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Some Background on Lake Yasogami

From what we learn in the episode, Lake Yasogami is a manmade lake. One created by building a dam, and seemingly it is named after a village which used to exist where the lake is now. The dam has been around for around 21+ years, and its creation caused a slew of deaths. Of note are a handful of college students, of which the main one is Haruna Enamori, who had access to Numbers Coil 189. One which seemingly brought everyone into Dimension W and trapped the tragedy, and their pain, within the dimension. Leading to the question, what capabilities does Dimension W have outside of supplying unlimited energy?

Topic 2: Ghost & Coil Dectective Kyoma (Kyoma, Mary, and Albert)

Thus far we have mostly seen Kyoma face off against gangs, and people like Loser, in order to find illegal coils. This time though he is going against a completely unknown force and is without an exact target. Leading to us seeing a different side to Kyoma which shows his investigative skills. But while showing Kyoma be a detective is interesting, I feel there is also the need to discuss his relationship with Mary.

Now, between Albert and Mary handing the assignment to Kyoma, we are led to question what power she has over him? Granted, she does have access to giving him cash and gas, but it’s doubtful she is the sole proprietor of such things. But then, during dinner with Albert at Lake Yasogami, he reveals that it is Mary which brought Kyoma out of being a shut-in and into being collector. Which is a bit weird to me since with Kyoma pretty much being off the grid, and Mary not seeming like the type who would be out there looking for collectors, you have to wonder how she made Kyoma’s acquaintance, much less convinced him to rejoin the world?

Well, Albert is part of that answer, since we discover he is a Beast of Grendel too, but considering how much Kyoma doesn’t like him, I think it might be a stretch to believe he was the one who got Kyoma into this line of work. For, to me, Kyoma seems like the type who’d rather die of starvation sometimes than deal with people.

Focusing on the investigation though, Kyoma doesn’t find much, but does learn that even before the coil was activated, there were a series of unfortunate events happening with the coil just being the icing on the cake. Which, as noted, pretty much incased the area in this tragedy. Thing is though, until horror author Shijuro Sakaki came around, the place went 10 years without incident. Yet, upon his return, so comes his death, one other, and now collectors, like a small young lady like Elizabeth who Mira seems to know, swarming the place.

Topic 3: Bridging The Gap (Mira)

For most of the episode Mira seems a bit useless, for I think she is still learning critical thinking skills. So, to try to understand things better, like Shijuro Sakaki, she reads his books. A bad idea for as she mentally images everything, it causes her anxiety and such a great amount of fear. But then comes this weird glitch. One which seemingly is caused by Shijuro’s sister Marisa, who seems to be part of the reason for the murders. Now, the exact reasons I can’t say for sure, because it seems the writers wanted to stretch this one out a little, but it seems when she goes to sleep it allows those stuck within Dimension W to interact with our world. Thus why they can drown someone and not show on any video monitor, unless the video is manipulated, as Koorogi does.

However, it remains unrevealed how the collectors known as Blue, as well as possible Kenjiro Kuroda, found out about this? Much less how they found out about the coil. But, like many things with this show, you can only assume we will understand sooner or later.

Reminding me! Mira, likely during the little bit of sleep Marisa gets, finds herself slipping into Dimension W and discovering it is seemingly like how Lake Yasogami would be if the accident still happened, but the village still existed. Meaning, all the people who died, they exist, and are warped and crazy, but one. Said person who has maintained their humanity is Shiro Kamiki. Someone who reveals themselves to really be Shijuro Sakaki.


A Murder Mystery and Slower Pacing: Kyoma taking part in a murder mystery is a slight change of pace. For, thus far, everything has been about him fighting gangs, chasing odd fellow collectors, and this arc slows things down a bit in a strangely welcomed way. If only because, now, there is the need to talk about things. Thus why we learn Albert was part of Kyoma’s Beast of Grendel group and that Mary is a strong reason why Kyoma is no longer a shut in.

The Complexities of Dimension W: As of now, Dimension W is mostly touted as method of having an unlimited supply of energy. Yet it seems it is also capable of drastically warping time and space, as well as maintaining people, and a location, during a certain time period. Then, add in that it seems Kyoma was at one time stuck within Dimension W, and you have an increasingly growing interest which makes you scratch your chin a bit.

Low Points

Naked Mira: Being that Mira is a robot, I have no idea why she would need to shower. Especially considering she doesn’t seem to sweat and was just in the mansion reading all day.

On The Fence

So Many Names and Such Little Time Dedicated To Them: It likely is preemptive to say, but I do wonder when it comes to characters introduced like Loser, COO of New Tesla Claire Skyheart, and the others, will we get some form of development with them? Granted, this is episode 4, but with this likely only being a 10-12-episode series, it makes every episode seem all the more important in terms of storytelling. For, outside of reading the manga, what you don’t get sort of doesn’t exist. Leaving you with more questions than answers, and a bit of frustration.

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