Overview A possible villain named “Loser” comes out of the shadows once again to attempt to steal a priceless piece of art and Kyoma is tasked with taking the illegal coils Loser uses in his heist. Leading to the reveal that Dr. Yurizaki’s story isn’t as unique as one once thought. Trigger Warning(s): Body Horror…

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A possible villain named “Loser” comes out of the shadows once again to attempt to steal a priceless piece of art and Kyoma is tasked with taking the illegal coils Loser uses in his heist. Leading to the reveal that Dr. Yurizaki’s story isn’t as unique as one once thought.

Trigger Warning(s): Body Horror

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Better With Than Without (Kyoma & Mira)

With it becoming clear to Mary that Mira is a bit too green to be on her own, and with her hell-bent being on becoming a collector, she decides to stick her with Kyoma. Someone who of course isn’t fond of the idea of having a partner, since that means he now has to worry about someone’s survival and well-being, but in the end her partnership maybe the best thing to happen to him in years.

Lest we forget, Kyoma is an analog man in a digital world and while he is very powerful with his knitting needle like weapons, and his Attack on Titan type of harness, his opposition are using illegal coils which make a water gun lethal. So he has to have some sort of compensation for his commitment to fighting old school. Which Mira provides for, just in this episode, her ability to scan using her eyes, and ability to jump far beyond human ability, leads her to become quite a little asset.

Topic 2: The Key Coils and a Loser Seeking Vengeance (Loser and Kyoma)

Upon initial discussion of who Loser is, some flashy anti-hero who broadcasts his failed robbery attempts, it is hard to take the dude seriously. That is, until you realize the man is far from a joke. First off, he knows that using fireworks can jam electronic signals, keeping others from hacking his equipment, and body. Then, with his son in the sky, he is able to have a man on the outside direct and guide him to wherever the target is.

But what makes Loser truly interesting is his past, as well as what he is seeking out. For once it is revealed he is missing multiple limbs, has a face as burnt up as Deadpool, and has a dead wife who, more than likely, was killed by New Tesla, it leads you to wonder who this man is, and what is he trying to do? Something which doesn’t get fully answered even when we learn he is looking for what is known as a “Key Coil” which could be one of the numbers. Which one can only assume might be one of the original coils, if not special coils perhaps Dr. Yurizaki, his wife Dr. Seira, and their peers, might have made. Maybe with the intention to make robots like Mira a norm and not an anomaly.

Switching focus, something is also revealed about Kyoma as he chases Loser through the art exhibit. Said thing being, apparently Kyoma was once a soldier. In fact, he is the last remaining soldier of his unit named Grendel, which Loser touts as some sort of legendary radical unit. Thus explaining why this man without a coil in his body is damn near able to match the agility of someone who is nearly robotic. However, perhaps the most interesting bit of this exchange is the hint that, like Dr. Seira and her daughter, as well as Loser’s wife, New Tesla may have been involved in the destruction of Grendel. Leading to the need to increasingly scrutinize what happened with Dr. Yurizaki’s organization to take it from a lofty goal, and the level of a human savior, to an almost draconian organization which wants to not only control all coils on the market, but also destroy anyone who can present alternatives to their creations. Hell, considering what they did to Grendel, maybe they also want to destroy, or recruit, anyone not dependent on coils as well. For while there isn’t any proof yet that New Tesla may have this ability, but I’d imagine they would love to have the world threatened by the power of one button doing as Dr. Yurizaki did. As in, with the touch of one button, all coil appliances and limbs would instantly become useless.

Topic 3: Dimension W (Kyoma)

Alongside us getting some backstory on Kyoma, Loser, and learning about these special coils worth the threat of being arrested or dying, we also get to see the dangers of coils. Which, up until now, we have only seen amplify the power of items, and short circuit like a modern day appliance could. However, it seems they are far more dangerous than once understood, making the idea that someone from Dr. Yurizaki’s team has to be the one making these illegal coils. For when the curator of the art gallery tries to stop Loser and Kyoma, using two robot like figures and, once those two robots are defeated, he jiggles their illegal coils, something monstrous happens. You see, the coils begin to warp the curator as they become unstable and cause a flux in dimensions. Leaving him this disgusting monstrosity which has pieces of his body in multiple places, mixed with the two robots, and looking like some sort of deranged tree. All of which Albert, Kyoma’s acquaintance from episode one, designates as a Class C accident. Leaving you to wonder what a more serious accident would look like.


Backstory (Kyoma): Being that Kyoma dresses differently, is pro gas, and is against the use of coils in his personal and work life, there becomes a strong desire to know why. Something I think may have been touched on with the reveal of his military group Grendel being wiped out. For more than likely either a coil user, or malfunction, had a role in their destruction. Leading Kyoma to either abandon the use, or reaffirm his beliefs that they are worthless.

Introduction (Loser): With him being seen in the opening credits, it was only a matter of time before his appearance would come and I think it was pulled off well. Loser is a father of a pre-teen kid, is for the most part coil driven, and presented not only an interesting backstory for himself, and Kyoma, but also introduced this Key Coil concept. A topic which not only made good for his introduction, but helped push the story forward.

Dimension W: The science behind Dimension W, as well as how energy is harnassed from it, still perplexes me. But with this episode showing the dangers of messing with coils and how they can warp dimensions and cause monstrous transformations, it makes Kyoma’s hunt for illegal coils about more than simply gangs increasing their power. Also, it helps build a case for New Tesla to fight against these illegal coils, and even want to control the market. Plus, it builds up the hype of eventually meeting who is this person, or group, making stable, but illegal, coils.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

If one of the 60 towers which stabilize the energy from Dimension W were to be destroyed, what would happen?

How many times has Loser tried to get, what I assume, were other Key Coils? Where are those coils now, and do most of the people who shelter them, like the curator, not know what they have in their possession? Much less, what can these coils do?

Is it still a silly idea to have to assume Mira must have either the memories, or something, from Dr. Yurizaki and Dr. Seira’s daughter? After all, she, Mira, was born on the day Dr. Seira and her daughter died and while Dr. Yurizaki has yet to be noted for robotics knowledge, who is to say he didn’t piece together his daughter into Mira. I mean, look at Loser. Likely most of his body is robotic.

Who is the person who overthrew Dr. Yurizaki and turned New Tesla into some type of evil organization?

Are problems like Japan is having with illegal coils happening worldwide?

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