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Dimension W: Season 1/ Episode 12 “The Future Reached” [Series Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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Episode Overview

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Dimension W comes to an end and brings closure to many of the topics brought up since the beginning.

Review Summary

While Dimension W’s assumed series finale is better than GATE’s assumed season finale, again there is this feeling that more could have been done. Yet, considering Dimension W was a good show which didn’t have a real villain until its later episode, and didn’t really layout the Easter Island arc well, it is better than what it could have been. However, I must note, it still leaves us with some missing information and a handful of moments which could have been beefed up or altered for more impact.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Does Dimension W deliver an epic ending? Well, it depends on how you define epic. We do learn how and why Kyoma no longer has the Genesis coil, and are given some semblance of insight as to how Miyabi lost her head. Well, at least we are given enough to present a theory, in which it seems she sacrificed herself so Kyoma could live, if not the world. But as for the battle against Seameyer, much less Loser trying to save his wife? That is where the final episode sort of falters.

When it comes to the Seameyer battle there isn’t much of a fight since most of the time is dedicated to Kyoma’s memories, as well as Dr. Yurizaki, Mira’s “father” and Seameyer’s mentor, having a final moment with those two. Leaving us without Loser having one more epic battle, and only seeing his wife as a ruse so that Seameyer could knock him out.

Yet, in the end, as we see Kyoma speak with his sister in law, see Salva and Lwai off, and perhaps grow closer to Mira, there is a sense of closure. Granted, in the final battle Loser had to sacrifice himself so now Elizabeth is without both parents, and seemingly has no bond with Kyoma, and the ending doesn’t really say much on how New Tesla feels about Salva’s debacle, but you can’t have everything right? I mean, at the very least Easter Island is now habitable and while the mistakes of the past aren’t fixed, at the very least everyone can now begin to honestly, and steadily, move on.


There were a few emotional moments here and then. Granted, not the type to make you weep and question if you are drinking enough water, but it was touching to see Miyabi and perhaps learn her death was to save Kyoma. Then, on top of that, Loser sacrificing himself to free his wife was touching, much less Ellie giving Kyoma the coil which contained the last bits of her father to do so.

Though the lesson didn’t hit home as perhaps intended, you have to appreciate the idea conveyed that no sacrifice is in vain. For while Miyabi died, she was the catalyst for every single android on the market, including Mira. Someone who is appreciative of Miyabi’s sacrifice, even though her intentions were not to be a prototype for future generations of robots.

Low Points

Even after rewatching Kyoma’s scene with Miyabi, I’m still not 100% sure how she lost her head. The best thing I can come up with is that she consumed the damage which was being caused on Easter Island as she herself was, inevitably, dying. Hence making it so that while she was in Dimension W, due to issues with her coil, she contained as much as possible from Seameyer’s madness, and was able to save Kyoma from being trapped. Which, again, is but a theory.

While we are given a decent send off for everyone, I feel like Ellie got the short end of the stick for her ending. Her mom she sees for a moment, when Seameyer is using her image to combat her dad; her father dies before her and mom is released from Seameyer’s prison thanks to that; and all we are left with is seeing her stand tall on a roof. No funeral, no hanging up her father’s costume, much less maybe becoming a scientist. She just stands on some roof and that is her ending.

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