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Dimension W: Season 1/ Episode 11 “The Lost Genesis” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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As we dig deeper into what is known as “Project Genesis” we come closer to solving what is Mira’s purpose, why Kyoma lost his memories, what happened to Loser’s wife and had Haruka lost his mind.

Trigger Warning(s): Torture and Blood

Episode Summary (with Commentary)

After Lewi revealing his real body is maintained by a machine, and a real-time connection is allowing him to project himself onto a robot, Mira reveals how to free Salva and Scorpion Cat Cassidy’s partner. Leading to Salva’s revival and the question for the genesis coil continuing. Ultimately leading to what perhaps could be 100 robots awakening as Salva, Kyoma, Mira, and Lasithi jump into the door to Adrastea. A place where they find Loser and Ellie, fresh from him defeating Chrysler and taking his coil from him.

What happens next isn’t a battle, but a look inside Loser, or Julian Tyler’s, memories. Memories in which we see a saner Haruka Seameyer who is demure almost, and possibly just enamored by Dr. Yurizaki and wishing for nothing more than to make him proud. Making it seem that perhaps Haruka snuck his way in and was perhaps always evil, but this isn’t the truth. The truth is, it was Dr. Yurizaki’s betrayal which drove Haruka insane. You see, and excuse what maybe a weak attempt to simplify something complicated, Haruka, among others, was trying to figure out a way to move life using Dimension W, as mentioned in the last episode. Something which neither New Tesla nor Dr. Yurizaki approved of with time. Thing is, Dr. Yurizaki originally okayed the project and Haruka was under the impression he solved the problem before him and wanted to keep the answer to himself. One which would have answered far more than simply how to move organic matter by using Dimension W.

So, with his greatest work stolen from him by New Tesla, and his mentor betraying him, Haruka went insane and used Sophia, Julian’s wife, to fuel progress with the Genesis coil, based off the remaining research Haruka had. Leading to, long story short, Haruka killing many to get the coil calibrated just right, and Julian being the first, and perhaps only, survivor of the experiment and proof Haruka got the calibration right.

Now, as for how Kyoma is part of this? Well, he and the rest of the beast of Grendel stormed in just as Haruka was nearly done using people as lab rats and he ultimately grabbed hold of the Genesis coil and took it to another dimension, the one we see in his dreams which the living Haruka refers to as the smaller fragment of Adrastea. Meaning that Kyoma is the only one who knows where the Genesis coil is, but something either wiped or blocked said memories from him. Perhaps leading to why Mira is in his care for maybe she might be the only one who could unlock the memories?

With that said, the episode ends with Loser getting an unfortunate answer to his question of: Where is my wife? The answer? She has been warped by Dimension W, after attempting a double suicide to kill Haruka Seameyer, and is now some type of tentacle monster with that Easter Island sphere at the center of her would-be face.


In the episode we are given quite a few answers and the flashback provides more than enough information to help you understand how the state of Easter Island became what it is, while leaving just enough questions for what I assume shall be Dimension W’s season finale next week. For with Mira’s purpose still unknown, whether or not Sophia may turn violent, much less how Kyoma escaped going to another dimension and returning, without looking how Loser does, there remains a lot of unanswered questions.

While it mostly went over my head, like hearing Dr. Stephen Hawking talk about space, I appreciated how complicated Dr. Yurizaki made the concept of sending organic matter through Dimension W. If only because a lot of sci-fi anime to me just present things as if they have always been that way. Meaning, there is no reason to explain why this huge robot works or how someone came up with it, for everyone is so used to it that it is pretty much common knowledge. Which isn’t to imply they breakdown how Dimension W functions in simple terms, but certainly it is spoken on enough for us to fill in some blanks. But, again, there are somethings that still need to be explained.

Low Points

The reason behind Haruka snapping, and essentially turning into the show’s sole villain, to me was kind of weak. Granted, it is understandable that he would be upset since his employer and mentor betrayed him, but to become a murderous psychopath due to it just seemed like a stretch.

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