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Dimension W: Season 1/ Episode 10 “Resurrected Nightmare” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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As Kyoma continues to recover more and more of his past, so does the details of the Easter Island accident become more clear.

Trigger Warning(s): Blood, Dismembered head, and body horror

Episode Summary (with Commentary)

From what it seems, whatever Silva’s plans were for obtaining what currently will be called the “Genesis” coil, seems to be unraveling. For it seems quite a few of the collectors, K.K. especially, don’t have as much of an interest in the ultimate coil as they do each other. Yet, amongst all the battles, it is K.K.’s vs. Kyoma which is of the most interest for K.K. has begun turning people into zombies using coils. Leading to Kyoma fighting his ally Doug who was a victim of the void. But being that Kyoma is adaptable, and a beast of Grendel, a zombified version of his friend is no match for him and he gets subdued, leaving Kyoma’s only target being K.K. who, if it wasn’t for Mira, would be dead.

Speaking of the dead, to backtrack, it seems one of the main focuses of Adrastea was space development and the sphere we have come to know what a portal which was to be used to transport things, and eventually people. Problem is, the whole transporting thing was flawed and usually it just led to massive amount of blood being spit out. However, despite Dr. Yurizaki condemning the project, it seems those like Haruka Seameyer wanted it to continue and lost their lives to the void because of it.

Leaving perhaps the final stretch being focused on Kyoma retaining his memories, maybe recovering some allies, and putting an end to the Genesis coil.

Things To Note

One of Lwei’s bodies die in the episode and it leads to a lot of blood, among other things. He dies at the hands of K.K.


More background into what happened during the accident and what happened prior to the void’s creation.

Some answers as to what happened to those who existed in the void, much less what New Tesla did after the incident, which is something K.K. talks about since he was part of the investigation team.

Low Points

While there are multiple battles going on and a new villain to watch out for damn near every episode, I must admit I’m starting to just want to know how this is all going to end. For, as of now, it feels like the show is dragging that out.

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