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The focus this episode is on Machi, the Dullahan, and her developing feelings for Takahashi-sensei.

Topic 1: Just Hold Me Close (Takahashi and Machi)

Machi and Takahashi have a chat in his office and she, like Hikari before her, tries to dispel some myths and assumptions. One being that the flame coming out of her body is hot and the other dealing with the distance her head can be from her body. The example used is the distance between Tokyo and Okayama, which is roughly 400 miles.

But aside from getting to know about Dullahan’s, which apparently are a part of Irish folklore, we also learn there are only 3 left in their world. Also, possibly because there are so few, it is hard for Machi to really connect with people. She feels they avoid what she is and while friendly, it makes things awkward.


Thus far there is no drama, nothing dark or even slightly depressing, yet strangely I’m enjoying myself. Machi and Takahashi sensei’s conversation was sweet and while I’m sure there has been a monster’s high type of show or movie, I wonder if there is a live action one like this? Not that I would watch it since it would probably be corny, but this show does lead me to wonder if maybe such a gimmick could be good?

That aside, as noted in the Questions below, I feel like Takahashi missed on some real vital questions that needed to be asked.

Topic 2: The Dating Experiment (Hikari, Machi, and Takahashi)

After their conversation, Machi develops a crush on Takahashi. Something Hikari, partly for her own amusement, decides to exploit. She sets up Takahashi to help Machi with an “experiment” on what it would be like to go on a date or outing with something. Leading her to have her head carried by him and experience what it would be like if they were together. All the while, Hikari monitors the body and watches it react to certain moments of the date.


During their initial conversation, Takahashi speaks on what is and isn’t appropriate. So Hikari seemingly calling him, meaning she has his number, him going to her house, then going around town with Machi’s head, that seems highly inappropriate. Especially because, and maybe this is just the mind of a person who has grown up in my generation, he is in a prime position to take advantage of these girls. Demi’s are touted as “other” and with how shy and sort of vulnerable Machi is, there is no way of looking at this and not wanting to side eye it a bit. For while Takahashi hasn’t shown any signs he is a creep, that doesn’t mean others can’t take a grown man with minority teenagers as anything but worthy of suspicion. Especially since he meets with them in a room alone.

That aside, I wonder if Hikari was jealous of Machi spending a day with Takahashi? When she poked Machi’s breasts it seemed she wanted to make it so the date wasn’t going too well. That something weird could be noted in Takahashi’s psyche. Plus with her talking about sex, in terms of what someone could do to a Dullahan which is unique to them, who knows if any feelings she may have are as innocent as Machi’s.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What does it look like under Machi’s head? Where her neck should be? Also, how does the food go from her mouth to her body?
  2. Yuuki seems uncomfortable with Machi. It’s not really made a point yet if that is because she is uncomfortable with other demi, perhaps the ones which can’t pass as regular humans, or if maybe she is just shy like Hikari says.
  3. The succubus demi/teacher seem to be warming up to the idea of not being weird around Takahashi. If only because he advocates for Machi to be allowed to use a backpack so she can use both arms to support her head.

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  1. I liked some of the developments this episode but found the episode itself kind of dull (also, really have to question the whole student getting a crush on the teacher trope that shows up so often). Still, I am curious as to how this show will develop or whether it is just going to keep doing what it is doing.

    1. I low-key fear it is going to become a harem type of show. Just because of how Hikari and Machi are acting, and how the teacher was looking at him at the end of the episode.

      1. Definitely m worry as well at this point. Not that harem shows are all that bad, but this didn’t seem to set it up as a harem from the start and looked like it could be a bit more interesting than that.

        1. I agree that harem’s aren’t bad, but there is a certain creepiness that these teenaged girls maybe the ones filling it. Luckily, it seems all feelings are one way.

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