Cross Ange: Season 1/ Episodes 1 to 8 – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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Episode 1: Fallen Princess


A beloved princess discovers the world she thought was her oyster, was never meant for people like her.

Trigger Warning(s): Uncomfortable scene dealing with clothes being ripped off and a physical exam

Review (with Spoilers)

When the episode begins, honestly I thought this was going to be another sci-fi/ fantasy anime which cares more about showing off a 16-year-old girl’s body over story and depth. However, with time, it does get better. Now, whether it gets good enough for you to stick with it, look below.

Characters & Story

Ange is a well-loved princess. One who seemingly is a model for department store ads, is a star sports player and is idolized by all who know her or meet her. However, Ange’s life is sort of a lie. You see, she is amongst the minority of the population unable to use what is known as “The Light of Mana,” an evolutionary trait which allows humans to use some form of magic. And with the discovery that she is a Norma, a viciously hated population who cannot use magic, she is taken away from luxury and seemingly will be placed into a life of not just being a soldier, but perhaps also someone’s play thing.

Overall: Stick Around

When the episode begins, we are presented with something very shallow. A girl fighting dragons and then us learning she is a princess who plans to exterminate Normas, even if they are babies. So with the discovery she is a Norma herself, we begin to see the show is going to offer some sort of complexity. Especially when you include her would-be brother Julio’s role in her being exposed. For with him exposing her comes death, a slight political uprising, and the show certainly letting you know that while there will be a lot of ecchi moments, that isn’t the sole thing it has to offer.