Episode 1: Fallen Princess Overview A beloved princess discovers the world she thought was her oyster, was never meant for people like her. Trigger Warning(s): Uncomfortable scene dealing with clothes being ripped off and a physical exam Review (with Spoilers) When the episode begins, honestly I thought this was going to be another sci-fi/ fantasy…

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Episode 1: Fallen Princess


A beloved princess discovers the world she thought was her oyster, was never meant for people like her.

Trigger Warning(s): Uncomfortable scene dealing with clothes being ripped off and a physical exam

Review (with Spoilers)

When the episode begins, honestly I thought this was going to be another sci-fi/ fantasy anime which cares more about showing off a 16-year-old girl’s body over story and depth. However, with time, it does get better. Now, whether it gets good enough for you to stick with it, look below.

Characters & Story

Ange is a well-loved princess. One who seemingly is a model for department store ads, is a star sports player and is idolized by all who know her or meet her. However, Ange’s life is sort of a lie. You see, she is amongst the minority of the population unable to use what is known as “The Light of Mana,” an evolutionary trait which allows humans to use some form of magic. And with the discovery that she is a Norma, a viciously hated population who cannot use magic, she is taken away from luxury and seemingly will be placed into a life of not just being a soldier, but perhaps also someone’s play thing.

Overall: Stick Around

When the episode begins, we are presented with something very shallow. A girl fighting dragons and then us learning she is a princess who plans to exterminate Normas, even if they are babies. So with the discovery she is a Norma herself, we begin to see the show is going to offer some sort of complexity. Especially when you include her would-be brother Julio’s role in her being exposed. For with him exposing her comes death, a slight political uprising, and the show certainly letting you know that while there will be a lot of ecchi moments, that isn’t the sole thing it has to offer.

Episode 2: Unyielding Spirit


As Ange tries to push the idea that she doesn’t belong in Arzenal, she quickly finds herself on the verge of being broken in sexually, physically, and mentally.

Trigger Warning(s): Rape scene (mostly blurred)

Review (with Spoilers)

I honestly think this maybe the first mecha series I may like since Full Metal Panic! For, while Zola is very predatory, outside of her sexually assaulting the girls this seems like a good show. Though what I’m especially curious about is how Ange goes from rebelling against being at Arzenal to becoming seemingly on the level of deputy chief Salia? Is it to protect her former home, in hopes of maybe integrating Norma and Mana users? Or between Zola, Jill, if not Salia, will she learn her place? Only time will tell, but to learn about her first day in Arzenal look below.

Topic 1: Meet the Ladies – Ange


After a quick lesson on what Ange will be fighting while alive in Arzenal, she is quickly thrown into Captain Zola’s First Troop. A group who are usually the first ones dispatched to take down the dragons which somehow enter their world. And while the young ladies of the First Troop try to befriend Ange, with her disgust for Norma, and high and mighty attitude, she makes more friends than enemies.


We meet the 7 members of the First Troop quite rapidly and honestly, it was kind of hard to grasp who was who. I got Salia is the Deputy Chief, and second in command; the youngest girl is Vivian, who seems a little twisted; and then there is Hilda who seemingly is Zola’s favorite to mess around with. As for everyone else, there aren’t any real defining personalities. They just look different. And overall Ange comes off as the only one interesting in all this. I mean, Zola using her team like sex toys is an interesting angle, but I find it unfortunate we didn’t get to know any of the girls. Well, besides maybe Coco and Miranda.

Topic 2: Getting Acclimated/ Broken In – Ange, Zola, and Jill


As Ange deals with the consequences of seeming high and mighty with the girls of the First Troop, we watch as Jill gets her arm repaired by Jasmine, as well as deal with a pervy staff member named Maggie who seems to get off on other people’s pain [1]. Jumping back to the topic of Ange though, as much as she may have upset the First Troop, Hilda especially, one of the other new members, Coco, seems quite taken with her. Which is likely due to her being raised in Arzenal since she was a baby, making Ange’s claims of being royalty and all she says about her home making it seem Coco’s fantasies are real.

But while Ange seems to have made a friend, that isn’t the point of her being in Arzenal. The point of her life is fighting dragons and with it being day 1, she is thrown into a simulator. Which, to the surprise of many she excels in. Mostly due to her sports background. So with her doing well, getting a suit, and getting her own room, it seems Ange may not like it there, but at least she might be able to rise in the ranks fast. Especially since Zola takes to her and seems to want to use her body for her pleasure [2]. Well, at least until they are interrupted.


Once more I feel like we seriously need some background information. When was Arzenal built, were Normas really that dangerous to Mana users, or did Mana users overthrow Norma rule? Also, what is with the staff and high-ranking officers here? I mean, are deviant Mana users sent here alongside the Norma or what? Plus, what is Jill and Zola’s background? Much less, how did they rise in rank and how come Zola’s seemingly known sexcapades don’t get her in any sort of trouble? Are Norma considered that low, that Mana users don’t try to protect them? Never mind fellow Normas not trying to protect one another.

Outside of those questions and thoughts, I must admit I was glad Ange questioned how scandalous the battle suit was. For it seems in so many anime they just wear the skimpy clothes without issue and it is quite nice to see someone wonder why the hell they have to wear something which not only is revealing but doesn’t offer much protection.

Topic 3: The First Fight – Ange


With a dragon on its way, Zola and Ange’s session gets interrupted and they have to get suited up. Thus leading to Ange’s first real fight and her getting her own aircraft which, naturally, she tries to use to escape. Something which leads Salia to try to bring her in, but Ange seems determined to get out of there so the threat of being shot doesn’t faze her. However, as Coco tries to follow her to wherever she plans to go, a drag kills her. Thus leading to Ange seeing not only what she is fighting against, but what could very well happen not just to Normas and those at Arzenal, but also her friends and family.


I find it sort of weird that Cross Ange pulled a The Hunger Games here and killed off the first person to really bond with Ange. Though, unlike in The Hunger Games, there isn’t really any impact made from losing Coco. I mean, there is for Ange, but we don’t get to know Coco enough for it to matter to our person. But, at the very least, maybe this will push Ange to find a reason to stop rebelling and fight off these dragons. Leading to us learning how she became the bad ass we see with the short hair.

Things To Note

1. Making it seem finding someone normal on this show will be like finding a needle in a haystack.

2. Well, the full story is that Hilda needed a moment because she can’t keep up with Zola so Zola went looking for Ange. Someone at the commander’s deck because she wanted to send a letter to get released out of Arzenal, something neither Jill nor Emma was going to honor. So, before Jill put Ange through another dehumanizing lesson, Zola shows up and begins the process herself. However, before getting pass 2nd base, the dragons come.

Episode 3: Villkiss Awakens


As Ange’s spirit breaks, so does her hope for a better tomorrow.

Review (with Spoilers)

Ange reaches a breaking point this episode, and it isn’t necessarily due to the death of CoCo. If anything, the little bit of hope that remains in her when it comes to leaving Arzenal is decimated. Though what especially makes this episode interesting is a Game of Thrones type of feeling in which it seems anyone could possibly die in the fight against DRAGONs. As for what, or rather who, that is in reference to: look below.

Topic 1: Two More Bodies To Bury – Ange


Due to Ange’s escape, as seen last episode, Coco died. However, as the DRAGONs become too big of a threat to ignore, Salia is forced to let Ange attempt to run away. Which she does try to, but being that she has limited fuel, and the dragons are going after everyone, what ends up happening is not only does Miranda die, but Ange ends up costing Zola her life too. Thus leading to most of the girls really hating Ange, as well as Salia and Hilda getting promoted by Jill.


Considering how bad ass and sort of polarizing Zola was becoming, seeing her die was quite the shock. For while, I just noticed, she isn’t in the episode’s opening credits, at the same time I don’t think anyone could have guessed she would die. Well, unless they read the manga anyway.

But with Zola dying, there comes the idea that anyone could be offed. Well, Ange is probably safe since she firmly is considered the lead character, but as for Salia, Hilda, and maybe even Jill, I do feel as if anyone could die in battle. Making this series a bit more interesting.

Topic 2: Ready To Die – Ange & Jill


With Ange causing the death of two new recruits, one of which was 12, and Captain Zola, she is in deep trouble. Though seemingly not to the point of suffering the type of abuse we have seen her deal with before. If anything, her punishment is mostly monetary and through giving her guilt. To elaborate, Ange has to pay for the headstones, and funeral costs, of the three people she caused the deaths of and has the weight of their deaths on her.

But her issues don’t end there. It seems her petitions to get out of Arzenal have all been denied and her name hasn’t just been erased from the history books, but also the Misurugi Empire maybe no more. Which perhaps could be a lie orchestrated by Jill, or maybe not. It is hard to tell. However, with the royals hiding a Norma amongst them, a revolt could have possibly happened.

Either way, with Ange thinking she has nowhere to escape from Arzenal, and her refusing to accept she is a Norma, she is ready to die. So, rather than Jill just killing her on the spot, she forces her to go into battle once more. Though, to make things interesting, she puts Ange in an old Paramail known as Villkiss which, at first, Ange seems ready to use to fly into the mouth of a dragon.


The sole interesting thing that comes from this topic is the idea that Misurugi is no more. For it currently is impossible to say if Jill said this solely to break Ange, or if it is true. Though if it is true, it leads you to wonder: what happened? Did her brother’s uprising not succeed as planned, or did he succeed and did a drastic overhaul?

Topic 3: The Breaking Point – Ange


As Ange goes to commit suicide, she remembers the lives lost trying to save her, especially her mother’s. So with her close enough to death to see the iris of the grim reaper, she decides to fight for her life versus ending it. Thus leading to the birth of the bad ass we met in the first episode. For with Ange accepting her life has forever changed, she cuts off her hair and commits herself to the purpose of Normas: Fighting dragons till the day you die.


In the episode, we are reintroduced to Ange’s principal maid Momoka, who is in the intro for the show, and I’m wondering if she is going to end up coming around, and how is she going to be introduced. For with Ange now appearing as she does in the show’s open, now Momoka is the only thing missing.

Aside from that thought, I’m very interested in whether there will be a power struggle between the girls. For with Salia freezing up for a moment when the girls were fighting dragons, and Hilda seeming like the type who would have no issue starting trouble, I can see some behind the scenes politics happening. For while Hilda seemed like Zola’s play thing, who says Hilda wasn’t more like Zola than perhaps we have given her credit for?

Episode 4: A Loner’s Revolt


As Ange further upsets her squad, Hilda’s group does whatever they can to make Ange anywhere from less comfortable to knocking on heaven’s door.

Review (with Spoilers)

With Ange’s 180° turn complete, it has led her to be kind of a hot shot amongst the Arzenal upper ranks. Unfortunately, though, while she is no longer trying to escape, her attitude remains unchanged. Though to add insult to injury, she is not only making more money now than the rest of the squad, and stealing some prestige Salia thinks she deserves but really does seem like a loner without a cause. Something which just may end up being detrimental to everyone’s safety.

For more on “A Loner’s Revolt” look below.

Topic 1: The Star Player – Ange, Salia, and Jill


With Ange commanding Villkiss with such panache and accuracy, she has quickly gained the attention of everyone. Thus leading to a bit of jealousy, at various levels, from Salia. Someone who was promised by Jill that she could ride the Villkiss. The jealousy doesn’t end there, though, for with the girls paid seemingly by how many DRAGONs they kill, likely among other things, it seems while Ange is making millions, everyone else is lucky to reach anywhere near 200k. An issue because it seems Jasmine’s Mall is anything but cheap.


When it comes to Salia’s jealousy, I must admit it has me questioning whether most of the girls, due to lack of men at Arzenal, may have a prison mindset? For while Vivian finds Salia having a heterosexual book amongst her things, Salia seems to take Jill’s words seriously. And, mind you, it could be solely out of respect, but with the way Zola’s former girls make things seem, it does lead you to wonder if maybe Salia is bi or not.

For while I’m not really much for the fan service, since there isn’t really anything sexy about most of what is shown, it does taint the idea that Salia could just want to get ahead. Never mind become respected by her superior solely due to skills she believes she has.

Topic 2: Mean Girls – Ange, Hilda, Rosalie, and Chris


With Ange remaining stuck up, and Zola’s girls all wanting to avenge her, for most of the episode we see Rosalie and Chris try to get one over on Ange. Which includes trying to give her a laxative, expose her for some sort of slut, and just do a bunch of petty little things. All of which, strangely enough, Ange somehow spots or avoids each and every time.

But while the girls fail, Hilda seems to have a master plan. For alongside her promotion came Zola’s room, and with Zola’s room comes Hilda taking on the position of using Chris and Rosalie as her lovers. So, like Zola, she decides to make sure her girls are taken care of and lifts the burden of avenging Zola off their hands.


The Hilda, Chris, and Rosalie situation is what really has me questioning Salia, to be honest. For they make it seem so much that people solely get ahead due to sexuality that it sort of brings into question how Jill got into her own position? But what is really worth noting is Hilda’s actions in the episode, which include throwing Zola’s eye into the ocean. For, at least to me, it seemed like Hilda when we met her was more a puppet than anything else to Zola. So with all we see this episode, it does make you wonder how deep was their relationship? Much less, was Zola perhaps new when they started and they grew up together?

Also, I’m starting to wonder: how the hierarchy in Arzenal is orchestrated? For right now it seems people solely get promoted by surviving more than anything. Plus, I do wonder how come the Norma never rebelled? After all, the magic of the Mana folk, like Emma, has no effect on them and it seems the Mana folk are highly dependent on their powers for everything. So what is keeping those of Arzenal from either taking over or claiming independence?

Topic 3: If You Want Things Done Right, Do It Yourself – Ange & Hilda


After Chris and Rosalie repeatedly fail to do anything against Ange and end up getting themselves hurt, Hilda steps in to deal what could have been the final blow. She decides to do something to the thrusters on VillKiss and with this Ange has issues staying in the air. Thus making it when a DRAGON attacks her, it seems she and Villkiss may drown. Something which saddens Salia for she so badly wanted to prove herself worthy of Villkiss.


Right now I feel like I need to know the history behind Villkiss for with none of the other paramail having names, it makes Villkiss sound like something we should know the background of. Was it Jill’s old vehicle, perhaps some legendary paramail rider’s, or was is some experimental paramail that killed all the users before Ange? Either way, consider me intrigued.

As for Ange, and the situation she put herself in, well we see near the end of the episode her tied to a bed naked, so it seems she finally got away. Now, as for what the young man may have done to her, and where she is at? Well, we’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out. Heck, maybe we’ll learn if what Jill said about Misurugi was true.

Things To Note

1. Vivian and Salia room together and Vivian tried to befriend Ange to no avail.

2. I’m wondering, when is Ange going to get a roommate?

Episode 5: Ange, Lost


As Ange mellows out, we are introduced to a boy who seemingly has connections to Jill’s past.

Review (with Spoilers)

All the fan service and ecchi moments aside, this was a good episode. If just because, for the first time since the beginning, we saw a male on the show and were led to question their role in all this. After all, Normas have fathers, brothers, and with Tusk’s appearance we are left questioning who is he? Especially since he has some sort of connection Jill, he lives on a deserted island, and seemingly his mother was a Norma. For more on “Ange, Lost” look below.

Topic 1: Someone Has To Accept Her – Salia, Hilda, Jill, Vivian, and Ersha


With Ange defeated by a DRAGON, Hilda looks at it as good riddance. However, with Salia wanting Villkiss; Jill wanting Ange’s body back, dead or alive; and Vivian and Ersha wanting to help find her, it seems Hilda’s hate isn’t mutually shared. If just because, in Ersha’s mindset, there was a time Hilda was like Ange, but with time and acceptance she eventually came around. So, I guess Vivian and Ersha are just trying to extend that same olive branch they did to Hilda and hope for the best.


The one thing I hope we see more of, especially since the season seemingly will be 26 episodes, is the back stories of everyone. For with what Ersha says, it does lead me to wonder who these people were before they became DRAGON fighters. Especially Jill based off what is talked about in Topic 2.

Topic 2: Two Nice Teenagers With A Violent Past – Ange & Tusk


As Ange wakes up, she finds her hands tied and a boy over her. Thus leading to a few odd moments, of which he multiple times ends up in her crotch, and then Ange tying him up. However, from what it seems, as goofy, and like your general male anime protagonist, Tusk seems to be, he is more than meets the eye. For while he comes off like some island boy who learned to live away from the world, the truth seems to be he comes from a line of soldiers. Ones who seemingly died in a DRAGON attack when he was a child. But, possibly thanks to Jill, who lost her arm in the fight, he found refuge on this island.

As for Ange, well she never fully learns of Tusk’s soldier background but, with him repairing VillKiss, she knows he is hiding something. However, with them growing close, and her really wanting to get back to fighting DRAGONs, she doesn’t question him much. Though, from what it seems, this likely won’t be the last time these two will meet.


The main thing I got from this is Jill’s past. For I don’t know if Jill is a relative, the one who saved Tusk, or what? However, based on how things look, it makes it seem that DRAGONs one time made it to the city and Jill undoubtedly played a hand in taking the DRAGONs down. Now, whether or not that is the reason for her high ranking position? I can’t say. Nor can I say VillKiss is possibly her former vehicle. What is known though is that Ange’s ring makes it so VillKiss not only responds to her but also seeks to protect her. Something very curious to me.

Topic 3: A New Attitude – Ange, Vivian, and Ersha


With a lesser DRAGON attacking a transport carrying an encased mother, or father, DRAGON, the transporters die and the parent dragon falls to the ground. As for the lesser DRAGON? It comes across Ange and Tusk and chases them to the beach. Thus leading to us watch Tusk finish fixing VillKiss, leading to the moment mentioned in Topic 2’s commentary, and us getting to watch Ange get up close and personal with a DRAGON.

But after VillKiss injured the DRAGON, and Ange goes ballistic on it with a hunting knife, she uses VillKiss’ radio for a rescue. Thus leading to a goodbye from Tusk, who changes into his military gear, and Ange heading back to Arzenal. However, things seemingly will be different now. If just because Tusk has mellowed out Ange to the point of her not only being accepting of Ersha giving her food, but her being nice to Vivian. To the point, she even asks for the trinket Vivian offered in the last episode.


A part of me wonders if Tusk works for Ange’s former brother. For while Jill could have brought him to that island, and maybe helped provide for him in a way, at the same time with the vehicle he has, and experience with Paramails, it does make you wonder if maybe he was just a soldier on vacation.

Also, when it comes to DRAGONs, this topic leads me to wonder what creates the opportunity for them to come into the human world? Are they as naturally dangerous as they seem and also, are the larger DRAGONs considered their parents? After all, the smaller dragons are pink little things and usually, such a pink or rosy look is symbolic of babies.

That thought aside, what I’m looking forward to is not just Ange’s revenge against Hilda, but how she and Salia may get along. For not only did Ange survive a defeat in battle, but you can tell Jill is impressed by her. Add in Ange getting along with half her team, plus her Paramail skills, not to mention being able to handle VillKiss, and it does make you wonder if perhaps she may end up snatching Salia’s title. After all, being a former royal, and sports player, has given her leadership experience, so once she masters the paramail what is to stop her from becoming a leader besides seniority?

Episode 6: Momoka’s Here!


With Momoka coming to Arzenal, Ange is reminded of the life stolen from her.

Review (with Spoilers)

With Momoka’s arrival comes the question of whether what was said to Ange about Misurugi was true. For, despite no money to give Momoka, or power within the Arzenal hierarchy, strangely Momoka is still loyal and admires Ange. Thus making it seem like what happened after Ange left should be revealed soon.

For more on “Momoka’s Here!” look below.

Topic 1: An Intruder in Arzenal – Ange & Momoka

Somehow, despite being a top secret island, Momoka finds Ange and Arzenal. Also, she is allowed to temporarily stay.


With how Jill and Emma, and others, talk about Arzenal, as something very few humans know about, it does lead you to wonder how in the world Momoka found out about the place? Much less, how she didn’t end up eaten by a DRAGON on the way to the place? After all, it is noted it took her 3 days to find Arzenal and you’d think one of the transporters would have found her and thrown her out the plane.

Also, with her arrival comes the question: what state is the former Misurugi Empire in? Did Ange’s former brother destroy everything, change the name, or what? Also, what happened to Ange’s other family members like her little sister? Are they dead, alive, in hiding, or something else completely?

Topic 2: A Reminder of the Past – Ange & Momoka

With Ange coming to accept she is Norma, and that the ways of Arzenal are her life, Momoka reminding her of her past life is highly frustrating. However, with time, they meet in the middle and Ange allows Momoka to wash her back, and Ange asks of Momoka to stop trying to recreate the past in Ange’s current condition.


As noted in the intro, Ange hasn’t a thing to offer Momoka but memories of how things used to be in the past. So it leads you to wonder what was the draw to Ange? For, as of now, it seems Ange showing her kindness as a child is the source of her coming on this journey. That and maybe having romantic feelings for Ange. Which, might be a bit far-fetched, but with all the fan service on this show, and taking note of Hilda and her crew, who is to say Momoka might not also have homosexual feelings?

Topic 3: You Know Too Much – Ange & Momoka

With Arzenal being a secret, one humans aren’t supposed to know about, it seems Momoka was to get on a transport and be killed. That is until Ange, after wiping out all the DRAGONs herself [1], decides to use the money to buy Momoka. An idea Emma isn’t for, especially since it means Norma can buy humans, but Jill overrules her and says anything can be bought in Arzenal, and that includes people.


The main thing worth talking about here is that with Momoka staying means answers. Outside of that, the only other things of interest is wondering what she will do around Arzenal? Will she cook in the kitchen, offer her services for money, or will she just keep to being Ange’s maid and just get money from her?

Things To Note

  1. Hilda (Red Head), Chris (Silver Hair Braid), and Rosalie (Orange Hair) are still upset Ange breaks formation and goes out to kill so many DRAGONs that everyone else gets jipped in the process. Vivia and Ersha though seem to just be amazed by Ange’s abilities, and happy they stay alive. As for Salia, she is just sick of being undermined and Ange not following her orders.

Episode 7: Salia’s Depression


Ange continues to become less abrasive, especially towards Salia’s role as team commander.

Review (with Spoilers)

As Ange continues to learn how to make nice with everyone, she still has quite a few people left to win over. However, one person who we see her bump heads with for most of the episode is Salia. For never mind Hilda, and her girls, are continuously trying to kill Ange, but with Ange still selfishly flying into battle and collecting all the spoils, not following orders, and undermining Salia’s authority, Salia decides to go off. Though Ange finding out Salia’s secret certainly isn’t helping Ange’s situation.

For more on “Salia’s Depression” look below.

Topic 1: I’m Getting Tired Of Your S… – Ange & Salia

With Ange, as always, killing most of the DRAGONs and leaving little for anyone else, so they can earn a decent enough wage to live, Hilda’s crew is getting really pissed. To the point, Hilda starts questioning if Salia should even be their leader. Something which, with Salia already a bit insecure about her skills, isn’t helping her mental state. So, in order to release some tension, she goes off into a dressing room and pretends to be a magical girl. Something Ange catches her doing and it leads to Salia trying to kill Ange. For with Jill not supporting Salia when it comes to handling Ange, the insubordination becoming too much, and now her knowing Salia’s secret, it seems death was an easier solution. However, all that ends up happening is the girls get into a very weird bathtub fight which includes some fan service like Salia grabbing Ange’s breast.


There is a part of me that wonders if Hilda is eventually going to try to move up in Arzenal by taking down Salia in some way. For with her constant mentions of Zola, as well as talking about taking over and becoming the new captain, I wonder if she is all talk or not?

Topic 2: There Is No “I” in Team – Salia & Ange

After the bathtub fight, Ange catches a cold and she can’t participate in hunting DRAGONs [1]. Thus leading to a reveal of why she goes so hard and tries to take every dragon out. The answer: it isn’t money. If anything it maybe the way she protects herself from further guilt by being part of the reason someone dies. At least that is the theory of one of the paramail technicians.

Theories aside, in the episode the girls who are on active duty meet a virgin DRAGON. Meaning a dragon that has yet to be seen. And with Hilda’s crew not getting much money as of late, and Ange nowhere to be found, they quickly go after the DRAGON and get trapped under its gravity field. Salia and the others get trapped soon as well, and then Ange comes to save them. Though, rather than rush in and be the hero, she finally listens to Salia’s orders to get the job done.


With Ange seemingly now getting along with everyone but Hilda, and now following orders, it makes you wonder: what will the future hold for her and the team? For while the next possible arc is hinted at in topic 3, at the same time Ersha speaks on sending gifts to kids, during a passing holiday, and it leads you to wonder if we may eventually see the family members of the Norma. Much less, learn how in the hell Tusk and Jill know each other. For, early in the episode, most of the higher ups talk about him being around and there is neither disdain nor joy at the mention of his name. However, he is talked about being useful so Jasmine seemingly will contact him.

Topic 3: Meanwhile, Back Home – Ange

After Ange recovers from her cold and makes nice with everyone but Hilda, who still holds a grudge [2], she gets an encoded message from her little sister Sylvia. Thus leading to the question: what really happened in Misurugi?


Being that Norman and humans aren’t allowed to interact, I’m quite curious how this situation is going to be handled. Especially since Emma is so discriminatory against Norma that I doubt she’ll really help Ange get any sort of closure through an easy method. So, it leads me to wonder if perhaps the Norma maybe called in like freelance soldiers to help quell whatever matters Misurugi has, or if Ange may have to try to escape again? Though with Tusk out there, and perhaps making a visit eventually, maybe he might be the key to Ange finding out what happened to her sister?

Things To Note

1. It costs $1 million a day to take off.

2. Despite her seemingly one minute throwing Zola’s eye away, and the next minute praising her leadership.

Episode 8: Bikini Escape


With Sylvia on Ange’s mind, and an opportunity presenting itself, it seems the show is ready for a location change.

Review (with Spoilers)

Upon seeing the episode title, “Bikini Escape,” I was expecting the worse. For between what we have seen from Hilda and her minions, Tusk when he was alone with Ange, and also the first and second episode when Ange was violated, I was expecting nothing but fan-service, bouncing breast, soft-core Yuri, and just ecchi moment on top of ecchi moment. I ended up being wrong, though. As for how, look below.

Topic 1: Festa – Chris and Rosalie

With Norma risking their lives daily and being fined heavily for taking a day off, it seems there is at least one day a year the girls are given normalcy: Festa. A day where, on one of Arzenal’s beaches, the girls can go on rides, bet on racing pigs, eat BBQ’d food, and just enjoy life for once.

Though, amongst this freedom comes the ability to just hang out with those you are close to. Something Chris wanted to do with Hilda and Rosalie, but ends up only doing with Rosalie.


In the episode, we see that as much as there is some sort of exploitation involved, at the same time there may actually be love between these girls. For Ange catches two girls trying to secretly make out, if not have sex, and then there is Chris. With her, I get a different vibe than with Rosalie or Hilda. For with Hilda, I see her just following in her former leader’s footsteps, until what is mentioned in topic 3, and then with Rosalie, I think she has become so used to the way things are she just isn’t fazed anymore. But with Chris, things are different, for I truly believe she loves Rosalie and Hilda. Which I would say was perhaps a sister kind of love but considering the sex it sort of muddles that idea. Yet, at the same time, I feel the need to be reminded that sex is given to Hilda, as it was with Zola, due to power and protection. So while Chris may love her friends, at the same time I can’t say the relationship is necessarily healthy.

Topic 2: Princess Misty Rosenblum – Ange

The princess from episode 1, in which Ange was playing something which, in retrospect, reminds me of quidditch, shows up and reveals her royal family are the administrators for Arzenal. Which of course leads Emma to do backflips for her every whim. Something which includes bringing Ange to Misty since she cannot believe Ange is in her current predicament.

But, at first, Ange doesn’t want to see her and get another reminder of how bad life has turned. Though with Misty presenting the opportunity to escape, and with her having answers, Ange decides to meet her. However, it is after taking down most of Misty’s bodyguards. Thus leading to us learning those of Misurugi are to be executed for hiding Ange, and we also learn that Ange is the reason Sylvia is in a wheelchair due to a horse riding accident.


It was nice to see the whole Sylvia situation get explained, as well as see an old character return, but at the end of the day, Misty’s arrival was simply used to setup what happens in the future. Something which may become very interesting.

Topic 3: Frenemies/ I Was Just Trying To Survive – Ange & Hilda

With Misty bringing a transport ship and making for a good hostage, Ange rounds up weaponry and supplies and is ready to head out on the ship. She isn’t alone, however. Hilda, who has waited for this day to escape, has Momoka as her hostage and is ready to go. Thus leading to a little standoff which leads to Ange and Hilda making nice. First, just so Ange could escape, but then Ange follows through with their truce since Hilda speaks on wanting to escape for her mom. Since, in a rather short confession, she admits that she never was really friends with Chris or Rosalie, and didn’t really feel much for Zola, she was just trying to survive the only way which seemed possible. Hence why, after Zola died, that eye was thrown into the ocean.

Leaving the episode ending with the girls miraculously escaping and while Hilda drives off, on a motorcycle, to the Erderant Union, to find her mother likely, Ange is heading toward home. A place which is crossed off on a direction sign.


In an earlier episode, I mentioned wanting to learn more about the girls, but it seems we may have learned all we may get to. For while I expect we will see the girls again, maybe Hilda more than the others, with them breaking out you know there is going to be hell to pay. For never mind Emma is heavily embarrassed, for she was outsmarted by Norma, but then you have them kidnapping a princess, who was found, and now they are amongst humans. Leading to the topic of Tusk, someone who Jill calls in to find them, making it seem he might be a Norma hunter. For while we have seen many Norma get caught, it doesn’t mean some don’t reach adulthood and are on the run.

Though what I’m most excited for is seeing the state of the Misurugi Empire. Especially after all Ange’s brother tried to do after she was exposed.

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  1. Hi. Nice analysis of each chapter. I’m watching the anime now (reached chapter 15 by now), and reading your comments is kind of refreshing. In every chapter a lot of things happens, and with the pace of the chapters is kind of difficult to think about it a little deeper. So, reading your analysis is a great way to enjoy the show better, and feel all the nuances of the story.

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