Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased): Season 1/ Episode 7 “Out of Control” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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In episode 7, “Out of Control,” Satoru is given what perhaps may be his final chance to right things. For, as seen in the last episode, it seems his adversary has perfectly framed Satoru.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: One Last Revival (Satoru)

As handcuffs are placed on Satoru, and he sees the man who caused it all in the distance, he screams to the heavens for one more chance and strangely is granted the ability to go back to February 1988. Naturally leading you to wonder, what is the general trigger for revivals? For previously it was just about him playing a possible hero, and it was random. Now he calls to the heavens for one more chance and it is granted in a snap? I mean, a part of me wants the revival power explained yet, at the same time, I fear the explanation won’t match the mystique of it.

Topic 2: Who Are You? (Satoru & Kenya)

While most of Satoru’s friends, and his mother, don’t seem to notice the change which comes from Satoru having 18 years of maturity, Kenya is different. He has taken notice of Satoru being more confident and how he is actively helping Hinazuki as everyone else, included him, just took notice but didn’t say a word. With noticing this though comes a bit of jealousy, if not some internalized anger for his own inaction. Leading to him, after Satoru reveals he thinks Hinazuki is going to be murdered, wanting to help.

Of which, the first thing he helps with is keeping Satoru from potentially murdering Hinazuki’s mom.

Topic 3: Last Hope (Satoru, Kenya, and Hinazuki)

Once again it is X-Day, March 1st, and Satoru is doing his best to change what needs to be changed, and maintain everything else so he can redirect fate to his choosing. Problem with this new line of fate he is making, though, is he doesn’t necessarily have an endgame. He knows he has to make sure Yuuki has a proper alibi so he isn’t pinned for the murder, but who is to say there just wouldn’t be a new X-Day like before? Something not yet noted, but which remains a possibility.

Now, as for how to prevent Hinazuki’s mom from killing her, and her mom’s boyfriend from helping? Well, by having her run away and sleep in an abandoned school bus. Somewhere which Satoru thinks will be safe, despite leaving her alone there for hours at a time. But, despite the long periods alone, between Kenya solidifying he is Hinazuki’s friend, and Hiromi getting involved, further pushing the idea Hinazuki has people looking out for her, she seems fine with everything.

Leaving the question of: What are they waiting for? Well, what everyone seems to be waiting for is Hinazuki’s mom to call the police, and for her to perhaps be exposed. Problem is with this idea, though, the episode ends with an adult finding Hinazuki. Leaving us wondering if that is the killer, a teacher, maybe Satoru’s mom, or someone else.


Revival!: In a way, I’m glad this feature has been used sparingly rather than within every episode. For it makes its use that much more special. Especially since now it is being used to save Satoru and was invoked by a strong emotion vs. it just randomly happening at will without Satoru having a lick of control over it. But, with him screaming out for it to happen, it does lead you to wonder if he could do the same thing again? Granted, it seems like this may very well be the final time he gets to use it, but it isn’t like the revival power we were told has any type of rules to it.

Another Go At Saving Kayo Hinazuki: While the present is interesting, what has made this show truly interesting, so far, is Satoru’s life in the past. For while things like who is his dad is missing, and we haven’t been given much in the way of hints of who the killer is, I do feel they have made Satoru’s mom and Kayo the type of characters you want to see survive. Especially Kayo for she seems so sweet and after all she has been through, it is hard to not want to see her make it out alive in the end. In fact, I would probably be so furious if she doesn’t make it that I don’t know if I may cry, curse at the screen, or something in between.

On The Fence

The Unknown Killer: I’m honestly having mixed feelings about not yet really being able to even fathom who the killer is. Every now and then they play with the idea maybe Yuuki is and of course, there is Kayo and Satoru’s teacher, plus the man who was speaking to Satoru’s future manager, but there is nothing concrete. Which is good for the sake of keeping things mysterious, and presenting a real child who isn’t able to do some Cased Closed type nonsense, but it is slightly infuriating that all the suspects are treated as such vague figures. Making me really hope that when all is said and done, either the reveal is jaw dropping, or at the very least we see Satoru take them down in a ridiculously satisfying way.

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