Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased): Season 1/ Episode 6 “Grim Reaper” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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In “Grim Reaper” Satoru finds himself accused of another murder, or in this case an attempted one, and while he finds a new ally, there remains a mysterious foe who seemingly has overwhelming resources at his disposal.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Mom’s Confidant (Satoru)

With him suspected of murdering his mother Sachiko, as well as arson/ attempted murder when it comes to Airi, things continue to get worse for Satoru. To the point, it is hard to not wonder if, or when, his rewind powers may come into play? Especially now that he has met his mother’s friend Sawada, who we saw in the past just as children were disappearing.

Now, as for why this man would trigger a rewind, well it is because he seems to be one of the few who has actually, thoroughly, investigated all the crimes Satoru tried to stop. Revealing such things as Kayo being killed by her parents by her being left in that shed to freeze to death; the police ignoring Satoru’s testimony when it comes to Jun Shiratori’s, aka Yuuki’s, innocence; the police relying on the testimony of one of Satoru’s peers; and then this rather odd assortment of suspects which includes Yuuki’s father, and a few names Satoru doesn’t recognize.

All this information pushes the idea that someone is covering up their bad habits and they are using the police as accomplices. However, with evidence planted, and cases built against believable culprits, it seems the mastermind is quite thorough. Yet, it seems between Sawada and Sachiko that said person’s plans weren’t fool proof.

Topic 2: Airi’s Loyalty & Her Final Mistake (Satoru & Airi Katagiri)

As Satoru establishes a new ally, so comes the question if Airi may remain his. First and foremost, her association with Satoru nearly gets her killed. Then, on top of that, reports begin to come to fruition which hint at Airi perhaps being an accomplice in Sachiko’s murder and that, maybe, Satoru was simply trying to get rid of Airi to cover his tracks. All of which are wild ideas, but it seems believable to some, such as Airi’s aunt and uncle.

However, her mother doesn’t believe it. In fact, she helps Airi for after she let herself believe her ex-husband was a thief, and her lack of support drove him away, she seemingly doesn’t want her daughter to repeat the same mistake. Thus leading to Airi trying to meet Satoru, and while she thinks she left the hospital without being followed, she was wrong. Leading to the episode ending with Satoru in cuffs and the man who likely caused this all smiling on the side. With perhaps Satoru’s only inclination of who this man being is Nishizono, the man we saw talk to the manager in the last episode who gives Airi a bad feeling.


The Mystery Builds: With Sawada making it seem like there is possibly one being connecting the kidnappings and murder in Satoru’s past and present, so comes the question: Who is this person out to negatively affect Satoru’s life? Also, with the only suspect right now being Nishizono, someone who Airi notes is likely a councilman, you have to wonder if this man is just another fall guy or the one we need to worry about? Also, could it be possible this man has rewind powers and perhaps has full control over them? Perhaps allowing him to do the opposite of what Satoru has done? Meaning, instead of saving someone, he figures out ways to plant the evidence he needs to damn someone for life?

A Serious Roadblock: As of the end of this episode, Satoru gets arrested, Airi likely will be more thoroughly watched, and that leaves only Sawada as a person who could maybe save Satoru. Thing is, Sawada hasn’t even saved Yuuki who has been rotting in jail for 18 years. So it makes the idea of him saving Satoru, within the matters of days or weeks, almost unbelievable.

On The Fence

What About The Rewind Power: With Satoru arrested comes the question of if the rewind power may come back into play? Also, there comes the question of how far may he go back? Will he go far back enough to not get Airi involved, take another crack at saving Kayo, or will it take him back enough to only save his mother? Lastly, considering his note of the “Grim Reaper” manga idea, should we take that as a hint that this story isn’t going to have a happy ending?

What's Your Take?

Negative Mixed Positive

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