Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (Erased): Season 1/ Episode 4 "Accomplishment" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As the episode title notes, there is a major accomplishment for Satoru in the episode. However, there looms a fear that while Satoru’s plans may have worked, they may not have totally fixed the big problem.

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Days Before X-Day (Satoru & Hanuzuki)

With Satoru hell bent on making sure Hanuzuki stays alive, he is doing a lot. I mean, first and foremost, he is all but formerly dating Hanuzuki. He says, around his friends, they are going on a date, tries to talk to Hanuzuki’s mom about it, and his mom helps it get approved. Then, after their date, he makes it pretty well known they are together, he will continuously check on her, and he even goes as far as walking her to and from school.

Question is though, Is it enough? For with Satoru feeling that, largely, he is still on the same fate line that he was before, except now Hanuzuki is in it, does that mean things have changed enough? Also, considering the poster [Below] for the series, could it very well be that instead of changing her fate for the better, he makes his worse? For, based off the poster, it seems what happens is that he ends up kidnapped with her, rather than him saving her from the fate.

Topic 2: X-Day (Satoru and Hanuzuki)

Nothing happens. However, there is the question of, if Hanuzuki doesn’t end up a victim, will someone take her place? Like the girl Satoru sits next to, the one which accused Hanuzuki of stealing? It seems she has lost favor with their teacher, Mr. Yashiro, and her being seen as a spoiled brat might very well be amplified. Add in that Mr. Yashiro knows the would-be killer/ kidnapper and it leads you to wonder if perhaps an innocent conversation about an isolated student became the information required to pick a victim.

Topic 3: The Highs and Lows (Satoru and Hanuzuki)

With X-day come and gone, the birthday party happens. One which Satoru notes is quite different from the one he had in his origin timeline. For now, there are more people there. Originally, it was just him and his mom, since he was I guess friendless in the original timeline, but now all his friends from school, and his little girlfriend Hanuzuki are all there. Making for quite a memorable birthday, and a bit of celebration for not just his and Hanuzuki’s birthday, but also the beliefs that he truly changed something. An idea which turns out might be short lived.

Reason being, after Satoru skips one day of picking Hanuzuki up from her house, she ends up late. Now, whether she is late because she woke up late, was waiting for Satoru, or perhaps Satoru only delayed X-Day, it is hard to say. For what we know, the creators perhaps just made this cliffhanger just to mess with us and she’ll appear soon after him. Either way, we are left on baited breath and wishing this had a preview of the next episode.


My Emotions!: With us getting the full effect of Hanuzuki’s journey from isolated to now having friends, albeit through Satoru, and I guess a boyfriend, it is hard to not get a little teary eyed. I mean, if another anime, this would be the start of a grand love story. However, with this one, you know something bad is going to happen so it makes this setup of you seeing her go from abused to best days of her life, all the more heartbreaking if something bad goes down.

Things To Note

We see that Kayo (Hanuzuki’s) mom does work. As what? Who knows?

What's Your Take?

Negative Mixed Positive

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