Bloodivores: Season 1/ Episode 1 "Bloodivores" [Series Premiere] – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


See this episode as just an introduction, laying the foundation, before the show may just get good.

Main Storyline

Four young Bloodivores, think vampires who can walk in the sun, Cheng Fong, Mi Liu. Win Chao, and Anji, decide to rob a bank. The reason isn’t uncovered but the punishment is. For with somehow them getting the blame for more than a dozen deaths, despite not a single bullet of theirs being fired, they are sentenced to death. This is despite Mi Liu’s father being the head of the BST (Bureau of Special Threats) and him thinking he is getting a wrist slap.

Now him and his friends are going to face the type of gauntlet which will test to see how the accidental birth of a new species may be able to do the world some good.

Low Points

Was Purely About Setup: This episode solely was about saying each characters’ name enough for you to know who they are, establishing how the bloodivore race was born, the prejudice against them, and pretty much that’s it. Any excitement that can be gained solely comes from the preview in which it seems that is when things will really start up.

Overall: On The Fence (Stick Around)

I really don’t feel enough was given to make a judgment about this show. Yes, it gets established Mi Liu is cocky, Win Chao is a hot head, and Anji is Mi Liu’s love interest and shy, but that isn’t enough. Plus with no information on their past, besides who Mi Liu’s dad is, and this robbery having no rhyme or reason, the series premiere feels so bare. Yet, I must admit, the preview for episode 2 seems interesting, and re-watching the trailer leads me to think you should perhaps give this a chance. Though don’t expect the top anime of the season from this.


  1. Episode 1 was a bit ho-hum but I was kind of curious. Episode 2 kind of flattened my curiosity a little bit but I think it might be enough that I’ll still be watching episode 3. I’m really not loving it but I kind of want to see if they can pull something half-decent from it.

    1. A part of me, as I was looking at Episode 2, wanted a Deadland Wonderland type of thing to happen. I figured they have all these vampire types together and they would trim them down to the strongest but no…

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