Episode Overview

A young man named Eiji made but one wish and he learns, as the old saying goes “be careful what you ask for.”

Episode Rating:
Stick Around

Trigger Warning(s):
Blood from impaling

Review Summary

Despite having likable characters, there is something very bland about the world we are introduced to.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

It has been 10 years since the world wasn’t necessarily destroyed, but was definitely hit with a devastating attack. One which killed possibly millions and also led to the rise of the orders. Said beings are those with almost god-like powers and, according to one man, there maybe 2000 or more of them. All of which, like our lead Eiji, had but one wish granted and now they are god-like.

As for the story of Big Order however, it began with simply Eiji being an order who had no desire to use his power. All he wanted was his sister to get better and move on with life. However, some organization out there sent an assassin and with her threatening Eiji’s life, and his little sister Sena, so comes the need for Eiji to remember what his power is and how to use it.


Likable and Interesting Characters: With a supernatural being named Daisy, who seemingly awakens the powers of the order, Eiji who is a sympathetic and basic protagonist, combined with the recycling of the Yuno character from the studio’s Future Diary (it’s not the same character but they sure act and look similar), you’ll definitely remain entertained.

On The Fence

Something About It Seems Bland: Ignorance is bliss is a saying often used as a life motto, but I’m starting to think for those who watch a ton of media, it also applies. For while there is nothing inherently wrong with Big Order, something about it just seems bland. I mean, maybe it is because they have this crazy girl come out of nowhere, Eiji’s first crush, and make her into a crazy assassin hell-bent on revenge. Maybe it is the sick sister which pushes you to give Eiji sympathy, or perhaps it is the case of yet another program having it where there is this secretive and evil corporation who, despite the talents of its members, just seems too incompetent to take down one single teenager. Either way you slice it, while there is nothing wrong with Big Order, it does present itself as something similar to many other anime of the past and with that comes the type of familiarity which makes it seem bland.

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