B – The Beginning: Season 1/ Episode 9 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

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It seems all this show really needed was for a RIS member’s life to be threatened to become interesting. Well, that and a compelling villain.

Director(s)Kazuto Nakazawa, Yoshiki Yamakawa
Writer(s)Katsuya Ishida
Air Date3/2/2018
Characters Introduced
KukuriNozomi Kamesa
TakeruNozomi Kamesa

The Angel of Death: Minatsuki, Koku, Lily, Keith, Takeru, Kukuri

So, the twin who decided to take a machine gun and try to kill Koku, Lily, and Keith was Takeru and the twin who threatens Minatsuki with information they have is Kukuri. Which doesn’t really matter much since both die this episode. Koku slashes Takeru in such a way they become dust and Minatsuki, after being threatened, chokes Kukuri to death.


Let’s just set aside how it sort of feels like they’ve just been throwing away people on Minatsuki’s team like rag dolls. I mean, we knew nothing about them besides their names so, basically they were taking out the trash. However, the last pickup had Kukuri mention Minatsuki supposedly having something going on that would upset Regulus. Does this mean that Minatsuki may do something more than sit, stand, look pretty, and be a rather lackluster villain?

Though, considering what is revealed to us this episode, maybe he too is a rag doll, if not a placeholder, while we waited for someone better to come along.

Erika, My Love: Gil, Keith, Eric, Lily

Cutting through the roundabout way it was presented, Keith thinks Gil maybe the head of the Market Makers since that person seemingly has too much of an interest in him. Plus, when he bugged the cigarettes he gave Gil, he heard him speaking to Erika and that was all he personally needed. As for convincing others, presenting this idea he has absolute proof, that is the issue.

Luckily for Keith, being that Eric has faith in him, and seemingly created the RIS to mirror all Keith taught him, and their goal was to expose the Market Makers, he has a team to help him get proof. Granted, they only have one night to do so, before they have to turn Keith in and likely will be disbanded, but a sense of urgency only helps the show.

So, the setup is, make Lily as similar to Erika as possible with these two star tattoos, glasses, and just really mess with Gil to the point they can get the evidence they need. However, Lily screws it all up by playing techno music, which Erika didn’t listen to. Thus snapping Gil out of his trance and catching on to what he figures Keith is up to.


Gil talking to Erika about his impulses.

I can see myself slowly getting into this show now that we have a villain I can believe in. Come to think of it, perhaps that was the issue all this time. Minatsuki has basically sent out his minions for the whole show, while he just sat around and got agitated, and that kind of ruined things for me. However, Gil is much more interesting and twisted. His obsession with Erika, to the point he talks to her ghost, imagines her appearing, that is the slightly twisted program I signed up for. Not villains and heroes who seem like they were inspired by the cast of Scooby Doo. Well, Scooby Doo for an older generation.

You Shouldn’t Play Games With a Twisted Heart: Gil, Lily, Keith, Boris, Mario, Eric

With Gil a bit upset with Keith, since he wants to play with his emotions, it seems he is going to take that out on Lily. First by carving her up and then leaving her for Keith to find. But, of course, Keith wants to prevent all that from happening, Eric especially since, unlike Minatsuki, he doesn’t make it his business to send his people into a situation to be killed.

And yet, he almost loses two people. You see, Mario and Boris were tracking Lily but ended up following two completely different people. In fact, they were Reggies – one being Kamui – who have bombs strapped to them and nearly kill Boris and Mario.


Gil imagining Erika behind him, embracing him from behind.

I’m completely sure now the issue with this show, perhaps since the beginning, is because we didn’t have what I’ll call a traditional villain. We had people who did or do bad things, but they all existed in some sort of grey area and weren’t developed to the point of seeming like heroes in their own story. Koku killed bad people involved with the destruction of the institute. Okay. Minatsuki, because he got brainwashed, killed Keith’s dad and willingly, at the time, because a finger of the Market Makers. I can understand that.

However, with Gil, he is just one twisted mofo. Being that he has known Keith since boarding school, so let’s say high school at the latest, he has probably known and loved Erika for years. Yet, whether human or a Reggie, something snapped in him and he then brutalized her or had someone else do so. Maybe because she tried to leave him? Who knows? The final days and moments of Erika’s life are a bit of a mystery.

Which, considering we have 3 episodes left, there is one thing they can cover.


  1. Gil has presented us with the villain this show has needed.

Low Points

  1. Minatsuki has really become someone who went from being underutilized to just someone who has little to no purpose. A placeholder, as said.

On The Fence

  1. Considering we physically get to see Erika now, will we get to see her in the future episodes? Will she enhance the show, and Gil as a villain, or just make us think the past should have been the focus of the series and the present/future episodes some sort of OVA?

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