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Arslan Senki: Season 1/ Episode 2 “Chapter II: Age Fourteen, Maiden Battle” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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As Arslan experiences his maiden battle, he also experiences his first major betrayal. Luckily for him though, he has more friends than enemies.

Topic 1: The Issues with Uncertainty – Supreme General Vahriz, Arslan, and Cavalry Captain Daryun

Topic 2: Hellfire and Dead Bodies – Arslan

Topic 3: A Knight in Shining Armor – Daryun & Arslan

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story (with Commentary)

Topic 1: Before the battle within the Fields of Atropatene, Arslan once more practices with SG Vahriz his swordsmanship. Which, even 4 some odd years later, seemingly hasn’t improved much. But, even without the skills for war, he is called to the battlefield. Though something is amiss. For one, the field which the battle is to be staged gives Pars an unfair advantage, even as a mist casts itself over the field. Thus leading to some, namely Daryun, to question things. But, being that the king isn’t for subordinates who think, and simply wishes to rule, he temporarily demotes Daryun. Though, thanks to Daryun’s uncle Vahriz, he is given a slight reprieve.

Leading to an interesting moment between uncle and nephew in which Arslan’s lineage is questioned. After all, Arslan is nothing like his father, in looks or personality, and it shows, from the first episode, that the queen has been distant from the king for some time. But what seemingly seals the idea that Arslan isn’t Andragoras’ child is the way he treats the boy, and Vahriz asking Daryun to swear himself to Arslan, and not so much the kingdom. Thus hinting, and seemingly Daryun acknowledging, that Arslan may very well be an illegitimate heir of sorts. Making you wonder: Who is the real father?

Topic 2: As Daryun expected, the Kingdom of Lusitania didn’t pick that field to try to show their might and strength for, with Pars having the advantage number wise, it wouldn’t make sense. No, instead they showed their strategic skills knowing King Andragoras III would try to face them head on like a fool, despite the mist. Thus leading to countless men, mostly cavalry, falling into a gorge of some kind, and then learning the gorge is filled with oil. Leading to many men being burnt alive by fire arrows.

It doesn’t end there though. The battle continues to be rather epic for, following the oil trick, comes large pillars filled with archers who fire upon Pars’ army and the slaughter continues. Leaving many dead, including those who were to guard Arslan, but seemingly the King remains alive. Though, when it comes to Arslan, a single cavalry may lead to his doom.

Topic 3: That is, if Arslan wasn’t trained by Vahriz. For while Arslan surely doesn’t dominate the man, at the same time you can’t say he didn’t get off lucky. He gets the final blow and rather than look at his kill with accomplishment, he looks in horror. Making it truly seem that the boy isn’t cut out for war.

Thus leading to what seemingly maybe the boy’s final matchup: Him vs. Cavalry Captain Kharlan, a traitor in the Pars army who doesn’t announce why he betrayed the crown. What is known though is that he has slightly hard feelings about killing Arslan but, being that he is the enemy, and killing him means the end of Andragoras’ lineage, it has to be done. Thankfully though, Daryun comes dashing in and stops what would have become damn near an execution. Though, considering how many Lusitania men surround Kharlan, who knows if Arslan and Kharlan may leave the battlefield unscathed physically.

Collected Quote(s)

“When you believe you are right, your words become anything but charming.”

—           “Chapter II: Age Fourteen, Maiden Battle” Arslan Senki (The Heroic Legend of Arslan)

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