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At this point, it is becoming hard to justify the inactivity of the show. For even with a new Dreams of Alice user being introduced, I find myself being pushed toward sleep.

The Evil Witch: Sana, Ayumu, Hatori

CDiiHlUbFM 4YMa45 j UsXFSUsMULB8 c VZLexnZ3Gb0NbK1dAp 6XqIb3ASgNQPhqaMk27qmeR FOzr7B A4zwTbk0k6fuTbk6g1E3w39mc7fDVomr76gA9XImNqyTYxwf6jbL5NDo3wwgPfV4mbUxIBdyP 2TRtYyHW5gac0E6bsyVWqhWusT PnegsKonOhN2UYtNK1PQV4h2xav35v1s4UrHd U Ox6lvfkz 4zt28CfBDM4EzK6Yf6SDaIOxYrIKYPMRABNmBt5OS1KIxRzoUGSx06XpvPpwTHnu2JIkIuK3YEPYM JfgLJ7GnFYuFTv1O JsS77Tm ZzCDzSJcU2qqWKwtRICFRjE13ElQhLwKxrqf RqnUKDYHDWojlEzfW4n2MZpDJrbJFtV4c3k0igWV4s8tX5YNBHEFxdBg9oziljvFcuVQHdGV HYapID7w1Ru8 c37YPg52fjQzq 4s1ztCIllVAwC8jp3Jk0r2A LLUcsXqv4whCGp bBZnXGlNTIx6lsYPdDCrLtzSOYu66qaPUajtMfyHkJOynQCBzWuTrbYNCiKBd2VYxdFoZuweIh3LA5C1I5AW2m5e3vSV9WKcRP 7Ew0WVfhhwuq2w9MivI1 9F4Bd9bbXG0OqWChgSmYPSyJZhF SxNUtHtnCN5fyKL3FZSb8=w1056 h594 no

A new Dreams of Alice user appears, and it seems she got her powers from prayer. For with her parents often arguing about her, she prays for the powers to end their argument. Something which she gets with a caveat. Said caveat being, she can’t use her powers for evil or outright selfish reasons. For, if that is done, it seemingly turns people into puppets, or maybe zombies.

Something she herself is unable to reverse so she finds herself with parents who are shells of their former self. Thus prompting her to run away. However, her friend Ayumu doesn’t let her do so alone since she did participate and take advantage of Hatori’s powers.

EjPQDwn0pHMdXuVglKV 1Kq3ERmkxh5dVnNrp Ii55WV992ru7tVOoY8oYo63331YRja5qyyV1l2mNlY5 pPB4gtak4ZVKT7I1NyIb2 rP0CLtmqa1z0b8A5BIiGUCnsp7271bqfjTSNwxNY6aGijtZURNvmgOlkC1dfY6XRZL6kOVv4mnU5mIxZrbNbU48BKaqMIqU7WffORqUx5C2iXghCDrxY7abJjCnPks sOtrf1uLUZjz7sNXscuyTQ73K0LpzmOVQR0D2qAdRSAwoCrUxwACrrQzPgXyJrteOsGd r 4RAKGXVj7GH X mA5f3aSadU8Vb1OeM qpgvP k9w NQCaYD 8kLZIgIe82N 6lFKkEh810fx8JB6FY0SqvOIFYfDKl5ncfG6LOwGxIqT6JnuHU3ucCmGKzaGXOpgQDOJ M P5 JnE6Jp7qAmVLHygPUmOA69unwldGlfih xzWxTgAxG8NdT85pTre9kCIz8WtezQkPU7DmWMaIcL7xHVqKtbkYHQhsrwwhkwa3fVhjKztoYixcZZOf7nZvSaLGSRjoEUICaBKeEWWRqk1p6I poVOkTcufKK MHUOoNSp81VePtO7ZpDJ7 D0HVvnaKjMF5eFKyTWag5D22kDHoMYdCNKpw 12OQXN97eNRoDJDIHCr3EVdAzrcwEQ=w1056 h594 no

But then Hatori uses her powers and it freezes Zoroku, the twins, and other people Sana cares about. Miraculously, these three come face to face and it almost seemed like a battle would happen. After all, the situation is leaving Sana frazzled and she does not like to be frazzled.

However, in the long run, all that happens is Sana takes everyone out of their stupor. She doesn’t get to harm Hatori as she would like nor do we see her hang out with the twins, as planned. She is just left exhausted after running around, undoing Hatori’s mess, by accident, and trying to fight her. So exhausted that she collapses.


gb8BcwXfJN3e1AXtQwKkp5a fTuGWv4h9aWb3SHBl9KYRqk NFlidV42e8fq2 g9DSrDgnvJJdjQSbMq7mnvzIZFLLvCtch35k35I5i6 Ay0Xq9M9eUKO82xyQlDgFRxtMmepKlDyVBjFH0QEbuGQrqYXwKhQoHfjJpWgvScCUGa KgWRwukAVvSfiSJQPi8mG TEr v7NIAJXrtawkcJ8naYZw5H5M g7vCycNn1gj8pdeUH6dbNW3kMU0tfEKnBhpj ojx4LCDj YPmg2NqVinh Lo8s8UfZsREMgkNcrtJR3MGXfT6bQrfDmyJ0Z629HA1tAKZQmMWDjTL vq7WzPdxofP5HOzTmlx4H7TlTltCk3Kd8VQc beKPazf4vl4T GEcP8C7tJfQQ3XCfW ZV58aeNefwZAdI0MRwLItrMlyatNL8PI6MTYrHd9uVilp4Dx7OzHqnQTK5QlXcUarsyeOpAi5vQOiEgpKiF1 xAfjlDLDOJuuEhpb Yd3 lDAfQz1bcFPdzvnZ1NmeegjUavaOXQBBbf3 F2zAiHcCAe64B3GDVCEQCtFWvYX Va6Xmv WL9MhozsJWoLJK6 AomWjpjeeD1IVuq1GSBQdMfzir JU7MbBpSjzSN2IRgib3jv5qD7i0Ms PxETJ ONBwiWBkI082Arngyo=w1056 h594 no

You know, it is hard to know where that line is where you have to admit you are just making excuses for a show. However, I feel like Alice to Zouroku is pushing me toward that line. For while I appreciate the massive bits of normalcy, I need something real to happen. Not this Hatori, “I accidentally froze a city” nonsense. I need a real villain, a real threat, and with there being only a handful of episodes left, I fear a quality villain can’t come about. So, really, outside of finding out the origins of Sana or how people get these magical powers, I don’t see a positive way forward. Well, that and possibly figuring out why there are so many glitches with everyone’s magic.

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