Alice to Zouroku: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Something Not Human” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As the show reveals what Sana is, it becomes clear that Zouroku couldn’t care less. For now, she is family.

“Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.” (Sanae, Zoroku, Minnie C, Ichijo, and Sana)

Though Sanae [note]Who we learn is a 2nd year High School Student[/note] and Zoroku [note]Who we learn is 72[/note] may not be weeping, Sanae is distraught and blames herself and Zoroku just wants his little weirdo back. However, Minnie C has no plans on making that easy. After all, she is what allows Minnie C to have access to her husband’s embrace. So none of it is personal, but simply a means to an end.

Yet, Zoroku disagrees. He sees the kid as his family and after Sana teleports him into the truck [note]On the advice of a mysterious woman who looks like she could be Sana’s mom[/note], he gives Minnie C a lecture. One she isn’t for since, the way it was explained to her, Sana isn’t human. She is some being which learned to mimic human behavior and their form. She even argues the child form is a ruse. However, being that Zoroku has made up his mind, he tells Sana he plans to stick by her.

Not too long after that, Ichijo, who picked up on the burst of power Sana used to transport Zoroku, rescues them. Well, she begins the process of doing so. For, you see, they are already on a ship going to the research facility when Ichijo gets to them. So as for how she is going to transport both, especially since Sana has no more energy, should be interesting. Maybe even lead to another battle.


Yes, I used a Lilo & Stitch quote, but the way this show is, I feel like it is appropriate. For there is just something about Sanae losing both her parents and her grandpa raising her, then this odd alien being coming into her life, which brings up old memories. To the point that as Sana was told by Minnie C she was a monster, and was believing it, I was getting teary-eyed. Hell, when Zoroku said he would accept her anyway, those tears were on the verge of escaping.

But with that said, I’m hoping there is a fight in the next episode. Especially since the show doesn’t seem to veer away from blood spilling or violence against children – as seen when Minnie C shot Sana in the leg. Though, more than likely, based off the next episode’s title, if a fight does happen it won’t be the focus of the episode.

Subplot 1: Two Sides On The Same Issue (Zoroku and Naito)

According to Naito, there is a bit of a riff in terms of what to do with the people who have Sana’s type of powers. Being that more are expected, it isn’t clear whether the focus should be integrating or strictly studying them. For the people Naito works for, they’d rather continue the Zoroku experiment to show proof that integration is a possibility. However, the Japanese and American government, who fund the research facility, would rather continue to do experiments to perhaps create a new energy source based off the powers they have thus far seen. It isn’t clear which side is winning in the debate, nor what group or government Naito works for, but it does seem the Japanese and American government are more than willing to be aggressive to reach their goals.


I think this was a balanced episode. We got a bit of violence and a realistic threat from Minnie C, and included showing how dangerous she can be, [note]I mean, she made Sana pee herself[/note], and we got a more touching side to the story. One in which we saw Sanae and Zoroku mentally prep for a new member to their family and Sanae fear she maybe losing a family member as quickly as she got them.

But, one thing not expected was a peek into the purpose of hunting Sana and the players involved. On top of that, I was surprised to hear that there is an expectation of more people like Sana showing up. Pushing the idea that, eventually, we may not meet a kid or adult under the thumb of the three major factions. We may get a true, and likely rogue, villain. Which, to me, will be quite interesting. Especially considering the destruction we have seen these beings capable of.

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