Alice to Zouroku: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Cards” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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After a rather tame 2nd episode, Sana faces the members of the facility who want their experiment back.

Episode Focus: The End of Normalcy (Sana, Minnie C, Ichijo, and Zoroku)

It seems not all are born with the Dream of Alice powers. Minnie C got it after her husband died in Iraq and those big arms she fights with? Those are representative of the arms of her husband. Something the facility, through testing, gave her the ability to use so she is forever in their debt. Hence why a grown woman chases after a child and snatches her away from her first taste of normalcy.

Something Ichijo, the one who faced off against Minnie C before it seems, was trying to lock down. However, Minnie C swooped Sana away and seemingly will take her back pressed against the floor of the vehicle, with threats that if she tries anything, she’ll kill her.


You know, with it being noted that Sana wouldn’t intentionally hurt anyone, it leads to the question if the facility is trying to make her snap so she could become a soldier like Minnie C. Though, the problem is, what could they use to control her? The most obvious answer would be the twins and Kureo, the silver haired boy, but that didn’t keep her from taking her chance to escape. The fact they weren’t with her I mean. So what really could keep her loyal and obedient in the future?

Much less, considering Icihijo is a mirror user, does this mean there is a division of the government which uses them for cases? Could it be that she escaped from the facility or honed her powers without them and, upon discovery of the facility, has worked her whole life to take them down?

What about Minnie C? Is isn’t quite clear how she got her powers. All we know if she was overwhelmed with grief due to her husband’s death, even to the point of getting insomnia, but then she suddenly found herself with the mirror ability and here she is. Now she is a soldier for the facility who, seemingly, played a hand in either giving her the power to feel her husband’s embrace or helped her hone them.

But I guess what really needs to be questioned, at this point, is how will Sana be saved unless there is more than Ichijo on the good guy side? Much less, assuming the facility is ever taken down, who is going to volunteer to raise these kids? Based off the way Ryu was talking, there aren’t any willing participants and Zoroku seems like he had enough raising normal children. Imagine him taking on 4 with special abilities which can be quite destructive? He’d get locked up for child abuse.

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  1. I’m finding this show hard to get into. While I appreciate a lot of the ideas, so far the tone and execution feel a little lacking. Definitely hoping we get some explanation as to the motives and relationships between the different groups sooner rather than later.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. I think the main issue with this show is that it either solely focuses on one topic, like in episode 2 with Sana being shown as not having a normal childhood, or it doesn’t give its just due for topics like Minnie C’s husband dying and how she got powers.

      I hope it is the type where, in the end, everything makes sense.

      1. That would be nice and its the reason I’m not dropping it, because there’s enough possibility of it coming together. However, the individual episodes so far have all been a little flat on their own.

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