Though Alice to Zouroku’s finale is as boring as the last few episodes, the ending has a sweetness to it. Especially the final moments which may bring you to tears.

The Hunt For The White Rabbit: Sana, Hatori, Ayumu

Hatori and Sana have left the mansion and ended up within another part of Wonderland. Yet, there still remains an inability to escape. That is until they find the white rabbit. A being Sana explains was born in Wonderland just like her. Also, like her, it is playful and curious. So, naturally, upon finding Hatori’s phone, it has been playing with it. It even sent a picture to Ayumu. Something which provides relief for her since it has been 10 days since the girls disappeared.

But upon getting her phone back, it is also discovered that the white rabbit also produced a signal which allows people to communicate across worlds. This allows Hatori to contact Ayumu and get her to try to find them. Something she does, within a half hour, and thus the two best friends are reunited.


Hatori crying

Wonderland remains an utter mystery to me. It is a world which created Sana and this white rabbit and used Sana to gain inspiration. However, it also is strong enough to give people fantasy type powers? The kind which doesn’t just apply in its world, but also the real one? Urgh, I hate the fact the research facility was only in a handful of episodes. For really, there is so much I would love broken down or explained because it is treated like something so common and normal.

But my personal frustrations with the show aside, I found Ayumu and Hatori’s reunion touching. It isn’t the thing which made me cry, but it did set up the dominoes. Especially when you add in that Hatori’s parents were looking for her too.

A Goodbye to Wonderland & The Dreams of Alice Response Office: Sana, Hatori, Ayumu, Zoroku, Naito, Ichijo


Thanks to that little pig, Sanae and Zoroku find Sana and they get reunited. Afterwards, they all take the door which got Ayumu to the real world and find themselves in Zoroku’s house. As for Ichijo? From wherever she was she appears suddenly and is able to leave from the way she came.

Oh, and as for Wonderland expanding, trying to converge with the real world and all that? Well, the white rabbit presents a button and once pressed it fixes all that. As for the new Dreams of Alice users? Well, all we learn about them is that the government is making a special office to handle them. Not in a “Let’s round them up” kind of way, but more so Naito, as well as Ichijo likely, will continue what they do in a more public way.

Perhaps leaving two more things: Hatori seeing her folks and going to the cops to explain what she did and revealing who was that short haired blonde from ages ago. To begin, Hatori’s reunion with her parents is sweet, with her mom hugging her. As for the cop thing? That gets skipped over. Much less Sana’s part in this since she technically kidnapped two minors for days at a time.

But without all these zany adventures, how else would we get adult Sana? Yup, from what it seems, the older looking version of Sana was just that. Which leads to the teary eyed moment. For the episode ends with Zoroku revealing Sana is going to school and us watching, one last time, all the beautiful things Sana hasn’t had until now.


Since I’m doing a season review next week, I won’t summarize my feelings of the show here. What I will say though, is that ending had me in tears. Not the kind which streams down your face and lead to an ugly face. More so just tears welling in my eyes and a droplet escaping. Which wasn’t from the Hatori situation. I still feel the time dedicated to her and Ayumu should have been given to the twins. More so it was seeing Sana as an adult(?) For, in that moment, there was this vibe she wasn’t just saying goodbye to us, or even Wonderland, but perhaps Zuruku. Especially considering the flowers she was holding.

But if I may say, I found it unfortunate we didn’t see a flash-forward for everything and everyone else. Such as how the twins were doing, the grey haired boy, Sanae, and etc. Then again, who knows, maybe the creators are setting up for an OVA or second season? Of the two an OVA would be alright, but I think a second season without a Minnie C type villain or battles would be hell.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So, we just aren’t going to learn what happened to the grey haired boy?
  2. We aren’t going to see what happened to all those people who suddenly got powers?
  3. No explanation on where Ichijo was in Wonderland when she got swallowed by it?

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