Hatori telling Sana that she can't understand how she feels.
I mean this in terms of my frustration.

As Sana tries to teach Hatori a lesson, Hatori makes Sana’s magic cancel out. Which leads to consequences which affect them in wonderland but especially the real world.

Punishment, Interrupted: Sana, Ayumu, Zoroku

Sana is really on this punishment kick. She decides to trap Ayumu and forces her to apologize. Which she does quickly and with that Sana ends up frazzled. So she tries to leave but then Ayumu stops her. So she then tries to use her powers to trap her again and escape. Thing is, she made the door to Wonderland where the bathroom was, so Zoroku catches her.

However, not too long after he reprimands her, but doesn’t catch what Sana did to Ayumu, she is gone again. Leaving behind a white rabbit with a pocket watch in the real world as she deals with Hatori.


A white rabbit made by Sana to trick Hatori into coming into Wonderland.

Two more episodes. There are only two more episodes. That is what I kept telling myself as Sana kept getting frazzled over and over. But, to not make this post solely about complaining, I think her getting frazzled makes sense. After all, the lesson here is about good and evil, alongside how complicated people are.

Take Ayumu for example. Due to her association with Hatori, Sana assumes she is evil. Hence why she captures her and pursues punishing her. However, once she gets talking with Ayumu, she realizes she isn’t evil. After all, what evil person would try to help someone? I mean, evil people can but this show is not trying to be complicated. Arguably, it went from something sort of rated PG-13 to PG to straight up G. I mean, I feel like I’m being taught basic life lessons right now.

Trapped In Wonderland: Sana, Hatori, Ichijo, Zoroku

Once Sana figures out Ayumu isn’t evil, she focuses on the one she knows is evil. So, using the white rabbit, she draws Hatori out of her house and into Wonderland. A place she thought she would force her to apologize, admit she is wicked, and so comes Sana’s comeuppance. Well, Hatori knows she is evil, is willing to apologize, but not under the circumstances Sana has setup. But, being that Sana thinks she has the upper hand, since she believes she controls Wonderland, she refuses to let Hatori go. Thus leading to Hatori using her magic, it canceling out Sana’s, and them crashing into a ravine.

A place they seem to be trapped in so all the adults begin looking for them in the real world. Especially since Hatori canceling out Sana’s magic seems to be causing Wonderland to expand. Well, not only expand but apparently give more and more people access to Dreams of Alice mirrors. On top of that, things light giant Ferris wheels are popping up. Thus causing the type of chaos where Ichijo has to get involved and with her calling Zoroku and thinking Sana is involved, he says he is going to help. Because, you know, that went so well before.


This show is probably going to end on a whimper with what could be considered a touching moment. I can see it. Everyone, but the silver haired boy we just forgotten about, taking some kind of group photo. Oh, and of course they won’t mention who Sana’s mom is, or whoever that blonde woman was ages ago. Much less Sana’s origins since we know she isn’t human.

You know, just thinking of all the ways they could have better used these past few episodes is making me frazzled.


As for the topic at hand, I can only hunch at what is happening. I don’t get how people get the dreams of alice mirror, how it fully works, and the show has dedicated hardly any time to that. With that, while a Ferris wheel suddenly appearing I know is a dangerous thing, after all, who knows if it can land or phase through people, at the same time I know this show isn’t going to go there. People don’t die and no one has gotten physically hurt outside of when Minnie C was around. Something which seems so long ago and so different from what we are given now, it almost seems like she was part of a different show. One I may have actually enjoyed watching.

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