As our heroes trek through the Fire Clan capital, Yona increasingly grows anxious to learn how to not only defend herself, but also Hak.

Topic 1: Through The Fire Tribe You Go – Hak, Yun, and Yona

Topic 2: Training Time – Yona and Hak

Topic 3: The White Dragon Village – Yona

Review (with Spoilers)

Topic 1: Through The Fire Tribe You Go – Hak, Yun, and Yona

Ik-Su, who seems generally unknowledgeable about where the dragon guardians are, does at least know where one is. Issue is, it requires going through the fire tribe territory to get to them. An issue for Hak since he isn’t fully healed, and also an issue for Yona since she is still untrained. It becomes really bad though when everyone learns the soldiers of the fire tribe are back from Soo-Won’s crowning [1], meaning they are on patrol.


Though it would have made this journey longer, and maybe even tedious to watch, I’m surprised they didn’t try to go around the fire tribe’s region just to be safe. For, as noted in topic 3, Red hair seems to be highly rare in Yona’s world. Add in that you don’t see a lot of spearmen around, carrying blades like Hak’s, and you’d think they would have outright steered clear of the region. However, we learn, as we saw in the Wind Clan, generally those who aren’t considered leaders of tribes, they don’t see the outside world. Yes, they eventually hear news of what happens in the capital, but it is information which trickles down from solders it seems. Making it strange they hid their faces to the point they did, for it is likely some of the soldiers probably aren’t even familiar with Hak and Yona.

Topic 2: Training Time – Yona and Hak

After making it out of the Fire Tribe’s capital city, Yona gets a bit more adamant about learning some sort of means to fight against foes. Issue is, Hak doesn’t want her getting people’s blood on her hands. Nevermind that King Il wouldn’t approve. However, a part of him seems to realize he can’t keep her pure forever, much less can he be the tool and her the wielder. Sooner or later there will come a time, like before, when he will need her to distract, or kill someone. A moment he isn’t looking forward to.

So, for now, he gives her a bow and arrow and delegates her to hunting food. Something she has trouble with until Hak pushes her to think of Soo-Won when she goes to kill something.


Hak and Yona are so adorable. For while their relationship often is like brother and sister, every time Hak hints at having feelings for Yona it is a bit heartbreaking. Though, at the same time, you have to wonder if he may be able to maintain these feelings as Yona leaves this dainty princess persona behind. For with them living in a feudal world, where women aren’t often in power, it does make you wonder if he can handle a solder Yona vs. the princess one. For as much as you can see he likes her, it is mostly due to him wanting to protect her and he seems against the idea of her protecting him. Though, admittedly, it is likely because he just doesn’t want to rely on her emotionally or physically in anyway.

Topic 3: The White Dragon Village – Yona

In a sea of mist we find the White Dragon Village. A place where, largely, everyone has silver hair. Also, they all seem to be archers ready to kill those who discovered them. Including Yona. However, upon seeing the red hair, they realize she is not your regular old intruder, or someone who stepped foot where they didn’t belong. She is someone who must meet their master.


It seems the answer to my question has been found: Yona, due to her hair, isn’t likely to have any issues with meeting these dragons. Well, at least that seems to be the case for now. For while the red hair seems to guarantee an audience, I can’t say that will be all that is needed to convince these powerful warriors to join her. After all, while she has a fire in her eyes, and likely descended from Hiryuu, who is to say these warriors may not need convincing? For with Yona being a girl, you can see there was some shock. So who knows if sexism may play a role in everything.

Collected Quote(s)

“Prodigies don’t understand how the incompetent feel.”

—           “Shaking Resolve.” Akatsuki no Yona

Things To Note

[1] Soo-Won seems to be really taking his role as king seriously for he has his subordinate look into the books in order to check how the royal coffers are, and he sees a lot of corruption which seemingly he is going to fix. Corruption which includes heavy taxes against the kingdom’s people. Something likely caused by the leaders of each tribe.

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