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With Ik-Su providing guidance, Yona begins planning for where her life will head next.

Review (with Spoilers)

After 7 episodes it seems Yona is finally on the path to becoming a bad ass. For after Soo-Won’s betrayal, Hak risking his village and life for her, and her getting embedded with the will to fight, it seemingly is time for her to do so. But, before all that happens, in “God’s Will” we get a few tidbits about the past to finish off Yona’s foundation for the show’s future.

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Topic 1: How I Ended Up Here – Ik-Su

Most of the episode acts as a history lesson, and the first part deals with how the reign of priests, who once were powerful than kings, ended with Ik-Su. The reason behind this was after Yu-Hong worked so hard to expand the kingdom under his father, he didn’t want priest having more influence than even he did. So Ik-Su was banished. Thus leading him to originally try to live in villages, but with his desire to help everyone, and being unable to, it led to him becoming so depressed. Leading to him eventually living a secluded mountain life for it was the best option.


While a lot of questions are answered about how Ik-Su came to live in the mountains, not much is said about Yun. For, as of now, all we know is he is not a priest, that he takes care of Ik-Su, and that he has some knowledge of medicine and sewing. However, how did he come under Ik-Su’s guardianship isn’t mentioned. Though one would assume he was a village boy who saw how Ik-Su suffered, and because of that decided to take care of him.

Lead me to wonder, what will cause Yun to venture out with Yona if he thinks Ik-Su can’t take care of himself?

Topic 2: The (Mythological) History of the Kouka Kingdom – Ik-Su & Yona

With Ik-Su’s history covered, part two of assisting Yona on her own path deals with another visit to the past. This time dealing with how Kouka was created, what inspired the clans, and us getting some background on Yona’s future allies. To begin, the story goes that King Hiryuu, the red dragon god, was the one who found Kouka after he became human and, for most of his life, he had to fight to remain king. To the point he nearly would have died if it wasn’t for his fellow dragons creating these sort of demi-gods [1]. All of which protected Hiryuu until he decided it was time to die. Which, with the death of their master, led them to splitting apart and leaving the clans they found, the ones we have met in modern times, to their own devices.


The immediate thought that came to my mind upon seeing Hiryuu’s red hair was that perhaps Yona was some sort of reincarnation of him, or a direct descendant. For with there not being a clear lineage from Hiryuu to King Il [2], I wonder if it is safe to assume Hiryuu may have blood relatives?

That thought aside, the brief introduction to Yona’s future allies, and the brief history of the kingdom, does answer a handful of questions. However, we remain left unsure whether these beings will feel destined to help Yona, or if they will need to be convinced.

Topic 3: What Lies Ahead – Yona

With all of Yona’s questions answered, from why Ik-Su lives in the mountains, to Ik-Su giving her a bit of information about the warriors she shall seek, she seems ready to head out into the world and find these 4 warriors. However, before she steps away from the safety of Ik-Su’s home, she wants Hak to teach her how to fight. For with his injuries making it so a soft punch from Yun can’t send him to the ground, he can’t really protect her. So, instead, she must protect him.


Since Yona needs to be trained, and with this show having 24 episodes, or something close to that, I fully expect we will not see them venture out for one or two episodes. After all, Yona has to be trained and, hopefully, Yun’s backstory will be gone into before he seemingly goes to join Yona and Hak. But, now with Yona being provided some direction, it leaves you wondering what will the final destination be? Will she reclaim the throne, expose Soo-Won and that be it, or something else? For, with the four top warriors of their world at her command, I can’t see her just leading them around Kouka until she dies.

Also, I’m wondering if we may get anymore flash forwards or if those were truly just done so we wouldn’t give up on the series when it was a bit tiresome to watch?

Things To Note

In Ik-Su’s retelling of the story, the other dragons, who missed and loved Hiryuu, came down from the heavens ready to wipe out humanity. However, Hiryuu didn’t want this for, despite their betrayal, he still deeply loved them. So, as a sort of compromise, since him becoming a dragon again wasn’t an option on the table, 4 warriors were created. One with superior sight, jumping abilities, claws like a dragon, and one with scales like a dragon. Now, how did said demi-gods, who remain alive after generations, come to inspire, or make, the clans of Fire, Water, Wind, and etc? Well, such details aren’t explicitly provided, but with the demi-gods teaching the ways of the god they share lineage with, assumingly they taught the philosophies of their creators to man and that led to each clan’s way of thinking. Which, in the last episode, Soo-Won briefly spoke on when it came to the issues with uniting the kingdom.

We do know Soo-Won is the 11th king so it shouldn’t be too hard to trace things back, if they decide to break things down in the future.

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