With Gang Tae-Jun chasing down Hak and Yona, with an army at his disposal, you have to wonder how much damage will be done to our heroes?

Review (with Spoilers)

As the action revs up, and Yona continues to break out of her shell, the series no longer is a show in which you see potential unrealized. No, the red haired warrior seemingly is about to be awaken and we are on the verge of meeting her first ally. For more on “Howl” look below.

Topic 1: A Liability, But Family – Hak & Yona


We meet the dozen or more merchants that Gang Tae-Jun’s men assaulted in the last episode, and with Yona seeing the damage she causes she seems ready to go. For, like Hak, she sees her presence in the Wind Tribe can only bring trouble. And with Heang-dea presenting the idea that Yona is now family, she especially doesn’t want any of them to die for now they are all the family she has. So, as Hak tries to sneak away, she stops him and even proclaims some sort of attachment to him which sounds like she may have feelings for him. Thus leading to him, against better judgment, deciding to take her along with him.


The sole takeaway from topic one is Yona, be it to manipulate Hak or confess, says she wants Hak and for him to give himself onto her. For, up until now, it seemed that Hak’s crush on her was one sided due to Yona’s affections for Soo-won. In fact, there were times it seemed Yona and Hak had a sort of brother/ sister relationship. However, I guess him being for her at her lowest of times has perhaps led her to see that he is the one. That, or, she doesn’t want to lose her last connection to her former life.

Topic 2: On The Run Again – Yona & Hak


With Yona convincing Hak to take her on his journey, and Mun-Deok telling them to search for a priest King Il’s brother Yoo-Hong pushed out, they set off for the mountains and unfortunately get spotted by Gang Tae-Jun’s men. Thus leading to Hak taking on 20+ men and coming off like a serious badass. All the while Yona watches and again finds herself in the position of being a liability.


While in the past I have complained about Yona, with this episode I feel the need to put her beside Usagi and really think of how much stress her mind is under after seeing her father die, and then people getting hurt, or almost killed, just because of her existence. And the reason why Usagi is brought up is because you can see, especially with what is mentioned in topic 3, what drives her to change. For while we don’t see the fierce warrior princess this episode, we see the spark which lit the flame. Which is her being sick and tired of being the victim, the damsel in distress, and her wanting to do more than watch the people die around her and wait until the next person comes around to protect her.

Also, I’m wondering what was the exact reasoning behind Yoo-Hong pushing out the priest besides him being close to the king? Was he making Yoo-Hong obsolete? Is he the reason Yoo-Hong didn’t become king? What is it?

Topic 3: The Fire In Her Eyes – Yona & Gang Tae-Jun


After Hak gets shot with a poison arrow, hides Yona, and then attempts to continue fighting off Gang Tae-Jun’s men, Yona decides she has had enough. For with one of Gang Tae-Jun’s men preparing an arrow to kill Hak, she shoulder tackles him off a cliff and then stares done Gang Tae-Jun. Thus leading to a moment in which we see the birth of a leader in Yona. For while she stares down the son of the Fire Clan’s general, there is nothing about her which screams damsel in distress. No, her entire being screams that if looks could kill, Gang Tae-Jun would be set on fire.


I think the moment has come when the old Yona has been laid to rest, and the bad ass in the preview has been born. For with the priest likely being Yona’s first ally again Soo-Won’s rule, and her likely getting trained after this episode to not be a liability, good things certainly seem on the horizon.

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