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Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn): Season 1/ Episode 4 “The Wind Clan” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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As the political battle begins, a call for war follows.

Review (with Spoilers)

Things are finally getting interesting on the show. For with Yona now within the safety of the Wind Clan, and the Wind Clan being filled with nice everyday folk, you know only bad things are bound to happen. Of which, due to Soo-Won and his allies, the first signs of Yona being a liability begin to pour in.

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Topic 1: Welcome to the Wind Clan – Yona & Hak


As Hak walks into the Wind Clan city, after being away nearly 3 years, 10 years to some, he is greeted like a beloved prince. As for Yona, with most of the Wind Clan never leaving their town, they have no knowledge of what Yona looks like and instantly take her for Hak’s woman. He corrects them though and says her name is Rina, a court lady in training, who basically wasn’t good at any of her duties.

But, be it the journey, all that has happened, or other things, after her introduction she faints. Leading to her meeting Hak adopted brother Tae-Yeon who helps nurse her. Despite him being young and weak himself.


I’m glad that Yona and Hak are finally out of the wilderness and have gotten to Hak’s village. For not only has it led to Yona being a bit livelier, but it likely means less filler for a couple of episode. Also, it is quite nice to see the various cultures that make up the kingdom and how they differ. For while only the Wind and Fire clan get established this episode, they are seemingly as different as night and day.

I do wonder though, as the Wind Clan learns Yona’s identity, for it seems those of the Wind Clan believe in closeness, and have no issues with being nosey, whether their loyalty will fade? I mean, likely they won’t upon initial reveal, but the previews for the next episode make it seem they are going to suffer quite a bit due to what Lord Mun-Deok did, much less what Hak is accused of.

Topic 2: It’s All Politics – Mun-Deok, Tae-Jun, Soo-Won, and Gang Su-Jin


With King Il dead, and rumor being that Hak killed him and then kidnapped the princess, Soo-Won is looking to become king in order to keep the kingdom united. Something which The Fire clan, headed by General Gang Su-Jin, is for, and another leader who seems indifferent about it. However, when it comes to Mun-Deok, he decides to abstain. Something which bothers Soo-Won for he needs a unanimous vote to become king, and he wants to become king as soon as possible.

So, as Mun-Deok leaves, Soo-Won speaks with Gang Su-Jin about forcing the Wind Clan leader’s hand. How? Well, by creating a dam so the Wind Clan’s river dries up. Things don’t end there though! Tae-Jun, the man who wanted to marry Yona, decides to go further, without his father’s orders, and has it where the merchants who could circumvent the blockade get attacked. Something which is a big issue for the Wind Clan for with Hak’s little brother Tae-Yeon having respiratory issues, without the merchants providing the medicine he is put in bad shape.


As the players of the Wind Clan get established, as well as the backers of Soo-Won, I find myself giddy over the idea of when the first battle may come. For not only has their water supply been cut off, but now the Fire clan has jeopardized the health of one of the Wind Clan’s most beloved members. Which, of course, makes the whole clan want war. Unfortunately for them though, while the Wind Clan is very normal, considering the time period, the Fire Clan seems to be very soldier driven. Meaning, if the Wind Clan were to retaliate, as Soo-Won seemingly wants, it would likely mean they would be wiped out.

But, while thinking about the Fire Clan wiping out the Wind Clan, it does lead you to wonder if the other 3 clans know as much as the Fire Clan? Much less, which clan is Soo-Won from? For while it is noted he is of royal blood, he didn’t live in the castle but visited. So where is his home base exactly? Also, will we see it?

Topic 3: What The Future Holds – Hak & Yona


With Hak accused of murdering the king, and Lord Mun-Deok’s stubbornness, there is a strong threat against the Wind Clan’s future. So, in order to make things better, Hak decides to order Mun-Deok to give his blessing, and then he, Hak, renounces his leadership of the Wind Clan. That way, peace can not only come, and tensions eased, but then Soo-Won’s men, as well as the Fire Clan, would have no need to come to the Wind Clan’s territory and perhaps find Yona alive.


Since Hak is deciding to live his life as an outlaw, it makes you wonder if maybe all the chasing we see in the future isn’t over Yona but Hak. Also, when it comes to Soo-Won being king, you have to wonder what is he going to do with said power? Is he going to take back the land King Il gave away, continue diplomacy, or will we only see him do minor political things as his main focus remains getting Hak and Yona? Well, only time will tell.

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