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As the team gains the Yellow Dragon, there comes a moment’s peace to plan the group’s next move.

Topic 1: Well Hello Jeno – Yona

Topic 2: What’s Yona’s Next Move? – Yona

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Characters & Story

Topic 1: To much surprise, Jeno, the Yellow Dragon, finds the group and decides to join. Literally without the backstory we got from Sinha, a storyline we got from Jaeha, or even the sense of pride and training which comes with being a dragon that Gija provided. Pretty much Jeno smelled Yun cooking food, appeared, was asked by Yona to join, and said “ok” without much thought being put into it.

Topic 2: With all 4 dragons found, and in agreement in following Yona, the question becomes: What is her next move? Something posed by Jeno, in one of his rare serious moments, for there is either staying on the run forever, or facing Su-Won and getting back the throne. At least, in Jeno’s mind, those are the only options. For Yona though, there is the third option inspired by what she and the group accomplished in Awa. That is, going to place where there is trouble, and ridding the area of it. Thus leading to her asking Jeaha about helping her with sword training, since Hak doesn’t want to, and it seeming that rather than those flash forwards, ways earlier in the season, being aimed at Yona facing Su-Won, it may be outside forces trying to destroy the kingdom.


I guess with Awa representing a major turning point, Jeaha and Jeno had to be sacrificed. Though while we got at least a slight morsel when it came to Jeaha’s story, I find it sad, and sort of insulting, Jeno basically pops up and just skips any real sort of introduction. But with it seeming the show may have serious plans for Yona and her crew next season, perhaps amongst the many battles, trainings, and perhaps new friends, we may get glimpses into the last two dragons’ past.

Though, Yona’s future aside, I do wonder what is Su-Won’s plans for the kingdom? For surely he didn’t tour the whole kingdom to simply introduce himself. For while he definitely needed to strengthen the kingdom, after King Il’s term, you have to wonder if maybe he is prepping for war? For surely, being that he has the prowess for war, and shady advisors, peace certainly isn’t going to last. Especially as the other kingdoms are presented as anything but peace loving, and amicable, nations. And considering Awa’s trading with its neighbor human cargo, here is hoping we may even get to see the kingdoms King Il gave much land away to.

Things To Note

There is talk about finding a sword and shield, but arguably Hak is that person.

The gang returns to see Ik-Su, and he provides enough wisdom to speak where Yona will decide to head next.

Collected Quote(s)

“I wasn’t strong enough to pull myself up, but others pushed me from behind.”

—           “From Now On.” Akatsuki no Yona

“No matter how foolish or incomprehensible, some love cannot be discarded.”

—           “From Now On.” Akatsuki no Yona

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