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Home Anime Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn): Season 1/ Episode 21 “Spark” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn): Season 1/ Episode 21 “Spark” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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This episode seemingly is the one before Yan Kumji will face off against Yona and her men, that is if they get to her in time.

Topic 1: Patiently Waiting – Jeaha, Sinha, Gija, and Hak

Topic 2: Striking Fear Into Enemies, And Inspiring A Nation – Yona & Yun

Characters & Story

Topic 1: Yona’s men wait in the distance with anxiety making sleep not an option. Though once Yan Kumji’s ships launch, they spring into action and fight off his men and mercenaries one by one. All the while waiting for the fireworks signal.

Topic 2: With Yona and Yun captured, they find themselves amongst women captured and held for at least two weeks. But before they are to be sold, Yan Kumji comes to appraise them and seems quite taken by Yona. If only because he recognizes her. Thankfully though, being that Yona’s skills of adaptation are superior to how they used to be, she fools him into thinking she is not herself. What really helps push this idea though is the fierceness in Yona’s eyes which intimidates him and leads to him thinking she is just a random beautiful girl who will make him a fortune.

From there, Yona tries to rile up support, but it seems no one wishes to stand. That is, until they are on the ship and Yun and Yona take one guard down and then one girl, Yuri, decides to stand alongside them. Leading to them trying to get to the deck, but temporarily failing. However, thanks to Yun taking a few hits for the team, by revealing himself, Yona eventually is able to get his firework shot off.


While I admire Yun’s sacrifice, and mention he is becoming like mentor Ik-Su, a part of me can’t get over how Yona somehow got past at least 5 men and someone got that firework lit up. After all, she has never been spoken of for her speed and agility, just for improving archery skills. So how in the world she ran past two men, and didn’t get captured by the three over Yun, is something I don’t understand.

That aside, there isn’t much to comment on here. Jeaha seems to slowly be coming around to liking Yona, and it would seem he will join them when all is said and done. Though, I gotta admit, I am wondering if, between the captain and Kumji, someone may die before this is all over. For Jeaha may have the most exciting, and comical, of introductions, but it really does lack the emotion of the people introduced before him.

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