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Akatsuki no Yona (Yona of the Dawn): Season 1/ Episode 2 “Torn Bonds” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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We pick up where we left off and learn why Soo-Won betrayed the king.

Review (with Spoilers)

Am I the only one who finds it odd these long-haired princesses, torn from their life of luxury, then become total badasses with short haircuts? Is having short hair supposed to be a clear sign you are not to be messed with? Either way, as we get to know the reasons behind Soo-Won’s uprising, you are led to wonder how in the world did Yona go from this privileged child to the woman we saw in the first episode? For while in Cross Ange we can understand how Ange went from novice to bad ass, you can’t really see that with Yona. But, when it comes to the catalyst which started it all, you can read more about that below.

Topic 1: Political Backstabbing – Soo-Won


Soo-Won explains the reason behind him murdering King Il is due to King Il murdering his father. For, you see, Soo-Won’s father, Yoo-Hong, was the oldest child of the former king, Junam, so naturally, he was next in line. However, for some reason, Il was chosen over his more accomplished brother. Though, to make matters worse, rather than let Yoo-Hong continue to be the great general he was, Il decided to murder his brother. Thus leading to the day where Soo-Won would avenge his father.


Something tells me that sooner or later we’ll get an additional flashback as to why King Il killed his brother. For with Yoo-Hong being one of the top generals, and gone for months at a time; there always being the potential of an invasion from the northern or southern kingdoms, and Yoo-Hong seemingly having no issue with his younger brother being king; it is hard to understand why Il killed his brother. Though, at the same time, it is hard to understand why Junam had Il be king. Was Il better at diplomacy than Yoo-Hong; less war-prone; or was there some sort of political game played which led to Il gaining the upper hand? Either way, it makes Soo-Won’s murder of King Il look justified. Though with his associate Kye-Sook, who looks like one of the Naruto villains, wanting Yona dead, it seems more than vengeance may be sought in the long run.

Topic 2: A Servant’s Sacrifice – Hak & Min-Soo


With it seeming Soo-Won is ready to murder King Il’s whole family line, it means Yona’s life is threatened. Thankfully for her though, despite the majority of the guards betraying her, Hak is still on her side. Thus leading to a one man army defending her. However, it is her top servant, Min-Soo, sacrificing himself which leads to her and Hak getting to escape.


A part of me feels there should have been an episode or two more made to build up the grand betrayal. If just because it would have added to the shock of it all and Min-Soo’s sacrifice. Yet, as I write that out, I am reminded how I didn’t like Yona much in the first episode. So perhaps it would have been better if this episode was completely in Soo-Won’s point of view up until the slaying, rather than half way. And, during his side, we got a bit more about Min-Soo to further appreciate his sacrifice.

Topic 3: A Reminder of What Is To Come? – Yuna & Hak


The episode ends with us seeing an older Yona, with Hak, and what maybe the four generals that formerly protected Kouka. They kill off a slew of what I assume are Soo-Won’s men and it makes it seem that either Yona is ready to fight for her throne, or is simply trying to carve out a new piece of land for herself.


Quite honestly, I have mixed feelings between us getting to see Yona become this bad ass, to us just skipping the majority of her journey and maybe just getting flashbacks every not and then. For while I’m sure cool stories can be crafted about how she met, or re-met, all the men who fight alongside her, at the same time I see Yona to be so much like Usagi. To the point that I don’t know if I want to deal with her and Hak arguing back and forth as he trains her just to see how she met everyone.

Though if they do go down the long road, I’m hoping this series only ends up being 12 episodes max. For as cool as Hak seems, as well as the other generals, I can’t just have these reminders that she’ll end up a bad ass being the only thing keeping hope alive.

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