While Yona is in pursuit of proving herself to captain Gigan, she seems to impress more than just her.

Topic 1: Up On A Cliff With Hope, Perseverance, and Ambition – Yona

Topic 2: You Like Her, Don’t You? – Yona, Hak, and Jeaha

Review (with Spoilers) – Below

Topic 1: Up On A Cliff With Hope, Perseverance, and Ambition – Yona

With Yona trying to prove herself to captain Gigan, she risks her life moving on a narrow cliff for this magnificent herb known as senjuso. Something which is a bit of a miracle herb which greatly expedites healing injuries. And being that Yona wants to prove her worth, she, while crying and shaking, moves down the cliff and cuts up her hands to get this plant.

Then, to really impress Gigan, despite Jeaha saving her, and him saying to not mention it, she gives props to him and vows to get senjuso on her own next time. Something which impresses Captain Gigan and makes her laugh.


Every time Yona forces herself out of her comfort zone, and sort of shocks someone in the process, it sort of loses its affect to me. If only because I’m comparing it to when she stared down the son of the Fire Tribe’s general and seemed really fierce. Yet, as I look at Captain Gigan, I realize the reason why perhaps I take the moments in which combat seems to be imminent to be more powerful is because Yona is gaining duel strength. She is slowly gaining the strength often associated with men, which deals with physicality, but also the strength of a woman which deals with mental fortitude. Of which, naturally the physicality one is more visually appealing and entertaining, but the mental fortitude is what really shows her growth as a character. For while she still cries, and yet still pushes on, we are beginning to see she is able to take more and more damage to her body without it stunning her in fear. Meaning she is truly growing and adapting to all that is needed and expected of her.

Topic 2: You Like Her, Don’t You? – Yona, Hak, and Jeaha

While Kumji’s navy is on the horizon, trying to protect a lucrative human trafficking deal, we watch as Hak finds himself trying to aide Yona by helping her with the cuts on her fingers, and Jeaha slowly coming to admire this woman who doesn’t ask a thing from him, and yet he wants to perhaps give her everything.


Due to the dragon’s blood inspiring love, loyalty, and admiration, it is hard to often take any of the Dragons’ affections for Yona seriously. However, when it comes to Hak, and seeing him lick honey off her hand [1], we are reminded that while he is a bit of a caretaker, and has formerly had a brother/ sister relationship with her, things are slowly changing. But, as Jeaha notes, there is distance between them. Perhaps because Hak cannot get over her being a princess, and Yona wanting him to be the keeper of the knowledge that she formerly is one. Thus, perhaps, leading to him constantly dismissing his feelings for maybe he thinks of himself as unworthy. For while he has the strength, ability to be affectionate, and has an attachment to Yona, there will always be this question if perhaps she may see something in him too. Thus slowing down which either is the inevitable, or leading to us seeing that Hak truly just wants her to be happy. Whether it is with him or without him.

Things To Note

[1] To take thorns out, apparently you can either use a hot needle or honey.

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